Nail varnish for csection?

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MrsM21 Sun 13-Jun-21 15:38:29

Hi! I’m due to have an elective csection on Tuesday, the midwives haven’t mentioned anything but I’ve read to not have nail varnish on for the procedure. I usually have gel nails on my fingers and toes, does anyone know if I need to remove it from both?
I’m taking it off my fingers just incase but I’d rather leave it on my toes if I can! (Mainly because I can hardly reach my feet now 😂)

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Redtartanshoes Sun 13-Jun-21 15:42:28

It’s for oxygen saturation levels. You’ll need one bare unfortunately. Not so nail varnish is ok but gel too thick

Redtartanshoes Sun 13-Jun-21 15:42:39


GU24Mum Sun 13-Jun-21 15:46:49

You need to take it off and especially so if it's gels as they won't be able to remove it quickly if they want to (which they could do with normal polish)

Greybeardy Sun 13-Jun-21 16:55:24

It’s fine to leave it on. (DOI: anaesthetist).

Checkingout811 Sun 13-Jun-21 16:58:25

I had gel on finger & toenails for all 3 of mine

rainbowsandfairydust Sun 13-Jun-21 21:05:18

I had gel polish on my fingers and toes for my c section


Sceptre86 Sun 13-Jun-21 22:29:58

I'm in Scotland and in my area they say you have to take it off Check with your midwife what your local policy is.

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