9 dpo, is this an early bfp?

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Babydust250888 Sun 13-Jun-21 06:31:15

This is my first time trying to conceive, I'm 9 days away from my period.
My period was on the 24th of May and my ovulation day was on the 5th of June. Me and my husband had sex on the 4th of June and I've felt a bit weird since the other day, heartburn, slight nausea and just generally off. I've taken a clear blue ultra early test and I'm convinced I saw a slight positive line but I'm aware I'm way too early. I'm wondering if you can see it too and if there's any advice?

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Babydust250888 Sun 13-Jun-21 06:36:36

It won't let me add the picture

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Worriesome Sun 13-Jun-21 11:00:07

Are you new? If so it can take 48 hours before you can add a pic x

Babydust250888 Sun 13-Jun-21 11:14:44

I am new yes. Ah right okay thanks for letting me know

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