Gaining days at ultrasound

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Zazi3 Sat 12-Jun-21 10:16:24

Hi there,

I hope this isnt a silly question, but I went for an early scan at 10wks +1 the sonographer also agreed on the date after I had told her my last period date. During the ultrasound she said I had gained 5 days. And ended my report with 10+6 can anyone explain this? As it was all very calculated so I know the exact date of my last period smile

Thank you

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Chelyanne Sat 12-Jun-21 10:26:24

Babies have growth spurts.
You will get your official EDD at your dating scan with the hospital.

Zazi3 Sat 12-Jun-21 10:56:43

I am aware they do, but does that mean I'm 5days further along or not? As technically I wouldnt be 11 weeks till tomorrow but if I got by the ultrasound I'm already 11 +4

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Daffodil21 Sat 12-Jun-21 11:01:14

I also knew the exact date I ovulated. Had several early scans that were as expected then at dating scan it jumped ahead by 4 days. I don't think it's an issue though!

Halo1234 Sat 12-Jun-21 11:01:44

I gained a week at my 12 week scan. They said the baby was measuring 13 weeks. So moved my due date forward one week. My son was 11 days late. But I knew the date of my last period and going by that he was 4 days late. Point is it doesnt really matter tbh he/she will be born when they are born. It just changes the due date a bit.

Moonshine11 Sat 12-Jun-21 11:03:44

As pp they can grow quicker by afew days but also you don’t know when implantation was.
I would until your 12 NHS scan as go by their date.

Chelyanne Sat 12-Jun-21 11:09:15

When do you have your dating scan? This is the only one that counts for dating the pregnancy, just stick with lmp dates until then as that's what midwives do.

Our twins were pushed back 6 days at an early scan but moved back in line with lmp by their dating scan. The dating scan edd was the one used for everything. Current baby was moved forward 4 days ahead of lmp.


Sweetpea12 Sat 12-Jun-21 11:22:12

At all my private scans they put me ahead but told me to stick with my original EDD as that was taken at 12 weeks. When I went for a 4D scan last month it’s the first time the dates matched up and hospital and private scan had said the same thing

4PawsGood Sat 12-Jun-21 11:24:11

I think around 12 weeks growth is reliable, ie they don’t have growth spurts, which is why they date from then. Far more likely that your ovulation date is different than expected.

MissingTheMoonlight Sat 12-Jun-21 11:30:27

Happened to me too! I googled all sorts and got worried which was ultimately pointless.
I think it is common for these scans to be out by up to 5 days.

plowlom Sat 12-Jun-21 11:33:19

Dates by LMP are a guide. The dating scan is used to calculate your definitive due date

K10f1 Sat 12-Jun-21 11:51:57

I had ivf so literally can tell you the exact hour that embryo went in. My EDD still moved earlier by 4 days at my 12 week scan. It’s really nothing to worry about. The way I see it we’re not baking here. It’s not a case of it needs 20 mins exactly at 180 degrees. An estimated due date is just that, estimated. The babies will come when they are ready but for monitoring purposes they have to have a rough guide to work too and that’s all the due date is. I’m using the date they’ve given me at my 12 week scan. It’s 4 days earlier than ivf dates give me but I’m the grand scheme of things those 4 days don’t really mean a lot.

TakeYourFinalPosition Sat 12-Jun-21 11:59:38

Ignore the private scan date. Use your dating scan date from the NHS. I was measuring four days ahead at 10+1, by 12+1 I was measuring perfectly.

You might find the same, or you might be a few days ahead - but the private scan won’t be taken into consideration, they’ll measure you from your 12 week scan alone.

Congratulations smile

Zazi3 Sat 12-Jun-21 13:04:35

Thanks so much everyone.

As long as baby is healthy that is the main thing and my dating scan is just over a week away so I will wait til then.

Just after telling work but had bee confused as to if I tell them I was 10 or 11 weeks. I went with 11 but now they know so that's the main thing smile

Thank you all do much for everyone taking the time to reply to me today.

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