6 weeks and worrying

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KJW00 Fri 11-Jun-21 08:18:55

Ugh basically just need to write this down as I have no one to talk to.

I am 6 weeks tomorrow and I am so worried for my scan on Wednesday sad

I literally have 0 symptoms of being pregnant and the clear blue digital is still saying 2-3 weeks when it should be saying 3+ now ahhhh.

I don’t even want to go and get the news I’m dreading.

I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year where they removed my right tube so I am lucky to have fallen pregnant so soon but can’t help think something bad has happened sad

I know if I am going to miscarry nothing can be done but those clear blue tears and have just made me panic 24/7 now!!

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Sparklingwine1 Fri 11-Jun-21 08:28:12

No advice but just wanted to give you a supportive bump thanks

Allthingspeaches Fri 11-Jun-21 08:31:25

It is very hard, try not to worry though. Some people don't have that many symptoms early on. Hoping for the best for you!

MoreAloneTime Fri 11-Jun-21 08:33:21

I didn't have a thing at this stage and then it all started out of the blue around 7-8 weeks. Fingers crossed for the scan

Kiki275 Fri 11-Jun-21 08:35:54

Gentle congratulations OP. Ignore the clear blue dating, take home message is that it's positive. The date is a guide at best, not a diagnostic. I totally understand the worry following a loss but this is a new pregnancy and a new hope. Good luck for your scan xx

raepri89 Fri 11-Jun-21 11:14:07

It's so hard not to worry.

I had a mc in November after being diagnosed with a PUL at an early scan after bleeding - they said it likely to have been ectopic & miscarried naturally.
I found out I was pregnant again on 16th May.

I had a scan on Tues @ EPU at what I thought would have been 8 weeks calculated from my LMP only to be told its more likely I am 6 weeks due to measurements and no heartbeat.

I have got to go back on 15th for a re-scan to check viability & dates. I have a recent diagnosis of PCO so they are assuming I may have ovulated late.

I am sure everything will be absolutely fine but try not to worry if they don't see as much as you hope in case you are slightly earlier. I am genuinely convinced I am earlier than my LMP dates so am trying to stay as calm as poss till Tuesday.

Wishing you lots of luck x

Sophiederuges Fri 11-Jun-21 11:38:35

I’m 6 weeks too and my symptoms are almost non existent, except for some fatigue which started when I took cyclogest/progesterone so I think that’s due to that. I have a viability scan next week too. I have no advice but know you’re not alone. I won’t even tell you not to worry because I’m not able to stop thinking about it. I had an mmc before and it’s made me anxious.


Kiki275 Tue 15-Jun-21 16:40:42

How did the scan go today @KJW00? Hope everything looked promising for you x

Kiki275 Tue 15-Jun-21 16:41:40

Sorry just realised I've lost track of days!
All the very best for tomorrow @KJW00, keeping everything crossed x

KJW00 Tue 15-Jun-21 19:00:21

Thank you all for messages flowers

@raepri89 sorry for your loss. it’s so hard after a loss isn’t it. The anxiety and worry it’s just so much.
how did you get on with your scan today?

@Sophiederuges sorry for your loss. How are your symptoms now? Mine are still just bloated and heavy boobs! Have you had your scan yet? Hope it goes well!

@Kiki275 yes it’s tomorrow and I am absolutely dreading it and can’t shift this negative feelings sad can’t wait for it all to be over and me know! Xx

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KJW00 Wed 16-Jun-21 11:50:55

Just an update ladies!

Had my scan and they saw a little heartbeat smile ahhhh so relieved!!!!

I know it’s still early and not out the woods yet but woah I feel relieved right now grin

Thank you all for your comments xx

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Kiki275 Wed 16-Jun-21 12:46:17

@KJW00 that's brilliant news. Keeping everything crossed for your little rainbow x

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