Anti c antibodies and HDN - any experiences please?

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SamoyedFan123 Fri 11-Jun-21 05:45:53

Hi Ladies

I'll try to keep this short, but I'm very worried so any reassurances would be hardly received!
I'm currently just under 36 weeks, and at my 31wk MW appointment was told that my routine 28wk bloods had picked up anti c antibodies. The MW didn't really know what this meant so she called haematology and was apparently told it wasn't an issue but I would need to make the hospital aware when I went in to deliver incase a blood transfusion was needed. (I could only hear the MWs side of the phone call).

Fine, fast forward to consultant appointment yesterday where I mentioned it because it had been playing in my mind a little and we were discussing birth plans. He hadn't spotted it in my notes and was unaware but seemed concerned and he also called haematology to try to understand the results better. This time I could hear both sides of the conversation and it turns out that anti c antibodies are one of the strong risk factors for HDN, and that the original blood result requested a repeat sample every few weeks which needs to be sent to the Welsh blood service so that the levels of anti c can be measured on an ongoing basis. If they rise over time apparently it means that my baby is likely to have HDN and could possibly need an intrauterine blood transfusion. They took blood there and then to be sent off as an emergency but its obviously far too late now to determine whether the levels are rising because noone acted on the results of the 28wk tests and I'm now booked in for an induction two weeks on Monday (due to baby measuring very large).
Sorry for the ramble but is basically like to know if anyone had a similar issue with anti c or had a baby with HDN and everything was OK please? I've barely slept since I (stupidly) googled HDN and my head is now full of stories about still births and neo natal death.

Thanks for reading x

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SamoyedFan123 Fri 11-Jun-21 21:16:27

Bump - anyone?

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Firstbornunicorn Fri 11-Jun-21 21:18:36

Sorry OP, I have no experience or expertise, but I’ll give this a bump for you. Big hugs.

Nellie2007 Fri 11-Jun-21 23:33:15

During labour my daughter was found to have little c antibodies but my grandson was absolutely fine at birth. From what she’s told me it affects subsequent pregnancies more and as she s now pregnant she is having her bloods done every 4 weeks until 30 weeks when they will be 2 weekly. Unfortunately the midwives don’t seem to have much understanding about it. If you do a mumsnet search for discussions on anti c antibodies there are a few historic threads and I believe one of them gave a link to a Facebook group. Please don’t worry too much, I’m sure everything will be fine, it’s unfortunately the worse case scenarios that we always find when we google!

toastjam Sat 12-Jun-21 00:11:27

Hi there's a very helpful and informative Facebook group called support for antibodies in pregnancy. You'll find all the answers you need there. It can be quite complicated to fully understand and I found the group so helpful.

I had antibodies too and my baby was affected by HDN. I was induced at 37 weeks and had fortnightly bloods in the weeks running up to it. Baby spent 5 days on lights and 12 weeks being treated for anaemia and made a full recovery.

toastjam Sat 12-Jun-21 00:16:16

Should have given a bit more info - the 5 days on lights was for severe jaundice caused by my antibodies, and she was treated at home for the anaemia. Some antibodies are more harmful than others, I had anti D, C and G.

SamoyedFan123 Sat 12-Jun-21 06:17:49

Thank you for taking the time to reply ladies. It's true that the midwives don't seem to know much about it - even my consultant had to Google and most of the info we got came from the haematology dept.

@toastjam i'm so pleased your LO was okay - I've read that severe jaundice and anaemia are likely outcomes. My antibodies are little c and possibly E too. They told me that little c is one of the worst ones 😳

@Nellie2007 i hope your next grandchild arrives safe and well xxx

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toastjam Sat 12-Jun-21 07:05:26

Yeah my midwives didn't know much about it and my consultant wasn't sure either! I did a lot of research myself and even emailed the consultant research papers etc, which is why they made the decision to induce me at 37 weeks.

My baby didn't need a blood transfusion although there were times when I should maybe have pushed for it, but she got better after a couple of months which is the main thing. If I had any more children then it would be the same issue.

Definitely join the Facebook group, there are some very knowledgeable people on there and you will find everything you need to know.

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