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SCAN AT 14 WEEKS, Can they tell the SEX OF THE BABY ???

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sweetbean Tue 20-Nov-07 11:53:10

Having my first scan on Friday and will be 14 weeks exactly, so just wondered if there was any chance that they might be able to tell what sex the baby was even if there no 100% certain ?

Thanks for any replies x

scorpio1 Tue 20-Nov-07 11:53:51

i think they an tell, but may refuse to tell you this early. im sure they knew at my 13 weeks san, but would not say when i asked.

lemonaid Tue 20-Nov-07 11:56:13

They can't tell reliably at that stage. In the UK, IME, most places won't even try to venture a guess until later on, although in the US you are more likely to be given a best guess along with advice "not to paint the nursery yet".

sweetbean Tue 20-Nov-07 11:57:27

ok will have to try gentel perswason or crying and stamping my feet Thanks scorpio1 x

lulumama Tue 20-Nov-07 11:58:22

it can be hard to tell at 20 weeks + , so 14 weeks is quite soon, but you never know. you can ask, but it is more than likely you won't be told, and if oyu are, it will not be with a lot of certainty

sweetbean Tue 20-Nov-07 11:58:55

Dear god forgot to do the spell check !! blush

belgo Tue 20-Nov-07 12:00:14

After her three month scan, my sil told everyone she was having a boy. 6 months later a little girl was born....

lulumama Tue 20-Nov-07 12:01:33

i went with a client to her a scan at 16 weeks, a 4 d scan, and the obs. doing it, the clinical lead obs for the hospital would not say either way as he wasn;t sure.. can be really hit and miss.. i thought boy, but she had a girl !!

kindersurprise Tue 20-Nov-07 12:05:54

We were able to see clearly that DS was on his way. I was quite shock actually. I think it depends on the machine and the how good the person doing the scan is. And it is easier to see if it is a boy, they often won't say for definate when they think it might be a girl.

I had a different gynae for DD and she refused to tell us as she said that the scan was not Baby-TV, it was a diagnostic tool to check that the baby was ok. [meany emoticon]

She also said that she would not say as she had once had the situation that she had told the parents what they were having and they had gone home and painted the baby's room pink. Then they had a boy.

sweetbean Tue 20-Nov-07 12:06:25

So dose anyone know of someone who has had a positive ID at 14 weeks??

sabinar Tue 20-Nov-07 12:10:49

nope. when we had our scan around that time the consultant said that he'd guess 60% that it was a girl. At our next scan the lady doing the scan said that if it wasn't a boy then she shouldn't be doing that job... I hope it's a boy, we've put even less time into girls names than we have into boys!

sweetbean Tue 20-Nov-07 12:12:18


How many weeks where you when you saw your DS ?

bethoo Tue 20-Nov-07 12:14:26

i do not think so as little boys genatalia do not drop til later so would be hard to know. you will know atthe later scan.

turtleye Tue 20-Nov-07 12:21:15

I found out at 16 weeks but they can tell at 14 - my friend is a songrapher - they can make it out more clearly if its a boy and their 'parts' are easier to identify! Good luck - I hope you can find out!

hunkermunker Tue 20-Nov-07 12:29:47

They'll be able to tell you for absolute certainty that it's either a boy or a girl.

The sonographer we had (after making it clear we didn't want to know) said he got annoyed with parents who came to scans desperate to know what sex their baby was - those who got cross with him for not being able to tell if the baby was lying in an awkward position - because his job was a lot more serious than being a predictor of nursery colour.

FioFio Tue 20-Nov-07 12:31:41

Message withdrawn

kindersurprise Tue 20-Nov-07 12:32:59

I do not know for sure, but I think I was about 14 weeks. Will ask my mum if she remembers.

I wish the sonographers would get over themselves, I really do not see what the problem is with telling parents the sex of their baby.

hunkermunker Tue 20-Nov-07 12:35:18

Um, this sonographer was talking about parents who come in desperate to know and get cross with him when he cannot see - not when he knows 100% and won't say.

Fio, I agree.

To OP - hope your scan goes well, don't get hung up on knowing the gender of your baby because it doesn't matter.

FioFio Tue 20-Nov-07 12:36:45

Message withdrawn

FioFio Tue 20-Nov-07 12:37:35

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Tue 20-Nov-07 12:37:44

Fio, I agree grin

<cue a bazillion posts saying "don't say cock or fanny about baybees">

kindersurprise Tue 20-Nov-07 12:41:46

Oops, sorry Hunker. Did not read your post properly.

I am obviously still a bit annoyed at my gynae. blush

Obviously the main emphasis should be on the medical checks, but my doc refused to have a quick look to see if the baby had a willy or not. We were so excited about finding out and were disappointed to be told we could not.

futurity Tue 20-Nov-07 12:43:05

we found out at 13/14 weeks at the nuchal scan for DS2. We asked at the end when all the important checks had been done not really believing that they would be able to tell but she said "well it might be wrong but it is a boy"...I said "how can you tell!" (duurrr!) and she zoomed in the picture and showed us! Even I who is rubbish and looking at scan pictures could see he was a boy!

hunkermunker Tue 20-Nov-07 12:48:00

KS, some places have a policy of not telling parents - two of the three hospitals near me won't, for instance.

coby Tue 20-Nov-07 12:51:14

Well, my sonographer made it pretty clear what she thought we were having at my 11+1 week scan (I didn't ask). Have to say it was pretty obvious something was there as little nugget was sitting directly face on with legs wide apart grin.

That said, I'm going to have to wait until May to find out if she was right. I will ask for an opinion at my 20 weeks scan on new years eve.

I can't understand parents who get upset when the sonographer gets it wrong. I totally agree that there are more important things for them to be checking but I don't see anything wrong with asking their opinion on the sex (and I always have). I would never dream of holding them to it or getting humpy just becasue the baby is keeping their 'privates' private.

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