My waters have gone at 30 weeks

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BananaHammock23 Mon 07-Jun-21 00:44:37

I'm currently on the labour ward, unable to sleep and worried. I've had a normal, easy pregnancy then today out of nowhere my waters broke, I'm 30+2. I'm being kept in for monitoring for now. Can anyone share any experience of this?

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AlmostSummer21 Mon 07-Jun-21 00:47:47

No, but you're in the best place and you're safe, so try to sleep now for both your sakes. You'll cope much better with whatever needs to happen tomorrow if you've had some sleep xx

Kollamoolitumarellipawkyrollo Mon 07-Jun-21 00:50:32

Mine did at 33 and they gave me steroids to help with developing the baby’s lungs. I went into labour shortly after and the baby stayed in the new natal unit until the equivalent of 37 weeks when he came home with us. I have heard of people who go on weeks after their waters break, taking antibiotics to prevent infection.

BananaHammock23 Mon 07-Jun-21 00:56:43

Thanks @AlmostSummer21 - I feel shell shocked tbh but going to try and sleep.

@Kollamoolitumarellipawkyrollo how long was it before you went into labour? The waters went at about 6.30pm and ive not had any cramping or anything, so kind of hoping the baby might stay put but. I've been given antibiotics and will stay here for a whole to see if anything changes I guess. I feel so emotional and scared 😟

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Doyouwantanothercuppa Mon 07-Jun-21 01:00:45

I also have known women to last weeks after their waters have broken. And 30 weeks is already a good point to have reached.
It is a shock when an easy pregnancy suddenly requires lots of monitoring and hospital visits. I really feel for you.

Kollamoolitumarellipawkyrollo Mon 07-Jun-21 01:04:35

Within 12 hours. 30 weeks is early and a worry but well within the neonatal team’s area of confidence. Of course you feel emotional! That’s perfectly understandable. Remember, whilst 30 weeks is for most women completely unexpected, there are experts in that hospital for whom 30 weekers are their speciality. flowers

Doyouwantanothercuppa Mon 07-Jun-21 01:17:26

Tommys baby charity have an excellent book, I think it’s called A Guide to Prematurity (something like that!) our Neonatal unit had several copies for parents to borrow. Or their website is very good.


AlmostSummer21 Mon 07-Jun-21 01:49:21


Shhhhh, it's understandable that you're scared, but you need to sleep- it'll do you both much more good than staying awake fretting

Get comfortable and plan all the lovely things you want to do with your baby. Think about names if you haven't decided. Think, plan, dream.

30 weeks is already a good viable size.

Sleep x

UpToMyElbowsInDiapers Mon 07-Jun-21 01:54:18

My midwives have another mum under their care at the moment whose waters broke at 29 weeks. Very stressful. She’s been in hospital now for 3 weeks and miraculously still hasn’t gone into labour and the baby is doing just fine, monitored daily. I gather she’s a bit bored of it all now. :-) I know this is not what you planned, but as PPs have said, 30 weeks is within the level of competence of most NICUs to cope with. And every day you can keep the baby inside at this point is bonus. Hang in there and good luck!

Greenbks Mon 07-Jun-21 01:56:47

I’m sorry, it is a horrible shocking thing to happen. do you have anyone with you?

If it helps I went into premature labour well before 24 weeks and sadly my son didn’t survive. In this pregnancy (currently 25 weeks) everyone I have spoken to have said the golden milestone is 31weeks when the chances of survival and no health complications is almost 100% due to the amazing neo natal team and advanced technology. So please feel assured that you are in the very best place being closely monitored.

Definitely ask if you will get steroids to help the baby’s lungs develop- they usually give 2 rounds I think 24 hours apart

Also magnesium sulfate to help develop baby’s brain. Sounds positive if you’re not having cramps/contractions and like others have said on here some women go weeks without actually giving birth but I know that it depends on the reason your waters went in the first place. Which they may not have an answer for but will try to rule out things like infections etc.

Do keep us updated & feel free to post on here even if it is to just calm yourself. X

Silkiecats Mon 07-Jun-21 04:18:46

Hope you have managed to get some sleep.

I've no experience of that early, mine went at 36 4 days with my first and no contractions etc, they waited for 37 weeks exactly to induce and kept me in, took 3 days to get her out. We spent a week in nicu then home, she had jaundice and was small for dates but otherwise healthy and been fine ever since. Hope she stays put but they are amazing with nicu care and you are in the safest place for you both.

EveryFlightBeginsWithAFall Mon 07-Jun-21 04:26:14

Mine went at 31 weeks with ds3. He was born a week later at exactly 32 weeks although I had an emcs as he was really high up and sideways so I had a cord prolapse

He was in nicu for 4 days then he came up to me on the ward. We left hospital when he was 10 days old.

BananaHammock23 Mon 07-Jun-21 05:24:30

Thanks for all your words of wisdom! It's lovely to know that there are people out there who have experienced similar,

I managed to sleep for a couple of hours last night but it's bright and loud on the ward. There are a couple of chatters up early and I'm trying not to be grumpy but I feel totally exhausted.

I'm having some mild cramping this morning which is worrying but I suppose to be expected. I had my first steroid injection last night.

I also keep thinking what I've done wrong. I had the Pfizer vaccine on Thursday and my rational brain is telling me it's nothing to do with it but my irrational brain is going off on one!

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Vintique Mon 07-Jun-21 05:50:31

Hi @BananaHammock23 sorry to hear you’ve had this shock and glad you got a few hours sleep at least. My waters broke just before 32 weeks and I had a c section about 3 days later at 32.1. I didn’t go into labour. My daughter was in neonatal care unit for a few weeks but didn’t have any major problems apart from being small, it was extremely stressful though. We had steroid injections as pp mentioned, I can’t remember what else as it was a long time ago now - I do remember it helped that the doctors were very communicative about what was happening and I hope it’s the same for you. I don’t know why it happened in the first place - I know definitely didn’t have any vaccines in the lead up though. Sending best wishes and good luck x

Inthesameboatatmo Mon 07-Jun-21 05:57:19

Hi op ,mine went at 28 weeks at the Tesco checkout of all places.
I had steroids for to help his lungs and I was monitored continuously I had to go in every day, I couldn't stay in as an in patient as I had 2 other children at home.
They managed to keep him in until 32 weeks when I got an infection, he was only in the NICU thank God for 10 days then was home.
He was massive though for that gestation, filled up the incubator, he was 5lb 11 oz .
Try not to worry xxx

Lullabymummy17 Mon 07-Jun-21 05:57:41

My waters started trickling at 31 weeks and I'm being induced today at 35+3. I had steroids for babies lung development but didn't start labour. Did your waters gush or was it trickling?
NiCU can do marvellous things nowadays so don't worry. Speak to the midwives and see if they can give you a tour of the NICU so its not a shock if babies come and you have to go in there.
Sending lots of love flowers

Secret12345 Mon 07-Jun-21 06:00:00

Mine went at 32 weeks with my second DD. I was hospitalised and given steroids. I had to have daily blood tests and was given antibiotics but they managed to keep her in until 36 weeks! She was 5lb 13ozs and perfect. Never needed any extra assistance. Hope you’re ok. Don’t worry they will look after you.

rainbowstardrops Mon 07-Jun-21 06:50:49

I don't have any experience but I just wanted to wish you luck thanks

MrsB2019x Mon 07-Jun-21 06:51:34

Oh @BananaHammock23 recognise your name from the August board - what a shock!
You are absolutely in the best place for what’s happening right now. NICU teams are incredible for what they can do for babies.
I hope you are holding up okay flowers

THATbasicSNOWFLAKE Mon 07-Jun-21 07:31:36

Bless you op this must be scary!

I have no personal experience but wish you and your baby all the best flowers

JewelGarden Mon 07-Jun-21 07:48:14

Aw good luck OP. Maybe sure to keep drinking plenty of water and stay really well hydrated

Melitza Mon 07-Jun-21 07:53:29

Good luck. flowers

AnxiousAnnie86 Mon 07-Jun-21 07:57:04

@BananaHammock23 I have no experience with this so can't offer much advice sad just wanted to send thoughts and love xxxx

Springchickpea Mon 07-Jun-21 07:58:17

A friend delivered her baby at 31 weeks earlier this year. It was really stressful, but baby is almost 6 months now and doing really well!

Positives: you haven’t gone into Labour immediately so there is time for steroids and prep, and also the NICU team will be waiting and ready. Baby might not come just yet, and it depends on lots of things, like whether it was you whole waters, or e.g. just part of them. The team are the best to advise of your individual circumstances, but if baby doesn’t put in an appearance spontaneously then watching and waiting is an option.

It’s obviously not what you planned, and that’s hard to deal with, but hopefully things are going to be ok flowers

stackhead Mon 07-Jun-21 07:59:32

I had PPROM at 33 weeks. Didn't go into labour. With a bit of negotiation with the Dr's and some careful monitoring we kept my DD in until 36 weeks when I was induced and had an eventual c section.

If there's no sign of infection and baby looks good they will keep her there. Otherwise a 30 weeker with the extra steroids should be absolutely fine.

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