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Lola19 Fri 03-Dec-21 13:23:39

Hi @wannabeamummysobad,

I ended up going for the Cybex in the end! As expected our baby is getting quite long at 4 months now. He is still in the bassinet and I have seen other mums with the Icandy and while it is a beautiful pram it definitely wouldn’t last long for our baby. The Cybex bassinet is significantly bigger and longer, although I don’t know how much longer our little one will get out of the bassinet I reckon at 6 months he will be ready for the seating attachment! I think all tandem buggy seats are fairly close together but the Cybex definitely had the most room for two children out of the prams we saw. Overall we are really happy with the Cybex, I haven’t obviously used the other attachments yet but we bought a package deal and paid extra for another seating attachment just incase it was discontinued in future for a newer model as we definitely want to try for another one soon as I also am 35! Overall I would say it is a very sturdy, robust pram and I think it looks expensive and great quality. I also love attaching the car seat to it, it’s so handy for popping into the shops and I don’t need to wake him up! Also the storage space underneath is fab. I pop into Tescos and just put my shopping in the storage space underneath and can carry loads! I haven’t actually used the basket yet as I don’t like the idea of having the bassinet so low down (the only way you can position it with the basket) however I think I will use it more once he is in the chair attachment! Overall I’m really glad I went for the Cybex and really love my pram!
Oh and also my husband is 6ft 4 and the pram is a good height for him, some of the others were too small for him! Hope my opinion helps!

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glasspaw Mon 29-Nov-21 12:19:43

@wannabeamummysobad yeah there’s far too much choice out there and it’s hard to trust reviews when you see how often items are gifted or sent to influencers for PR purposes. We ended up driving to quite a few stores just to try out everything on our ‘maybe’ list. It was quite a slog but we do feel much more confident in our decision as a result smile

wannabeamummysobad Mon 29-Nov-21 11:13:41

@glasspaw thank you for the update. Honestly it's a minefield - so difficult to know what's best and add to that spending a fortune for the pleasure.

I'll need to have another think before buying anything. Luckily we won't be buying anything until after Xmas so we still have time

glasspaw Mon 29-Nov-21 05:52:39

We tried the gazelle because we were initially keen on the idea of it converting to a double, but in all honesty the seats were so close together that unless you had two very young children it seemed like it would be very uncomfortable. We have a 3 yo nephew and there is no way he would fit in it once it’s in double configuration. It’s also very chunky so if space is an issue for you then it might not be the one (particularly with the carry cot).

We ended up just going for the smaller balios from cybex and conceding that either we would have to replace it with a double or wear the baby if number 2 comes quicker than expected.

wannabeamummysobad Sun 28-Nov-21 20:42:56

@Buttons294749 nope, the cybex gazelle can parent face with two toddlers seats.

I won't need it for two toddlers though- we want a single to double for future proofing. I'm pregnant with our first at 35years old so if we are lucky enough to get pregnant first time again we are hoping that I'll get pregnant as I return to the office at 10months-1yr so we'll have two under 2.

Buttons294749 Sun 28-Nov-21 18:55:39

Does the cybex only face outward with 2 toddler seats? I rejected the seats where the child furthest from you had to be low down and facing out as i felt they were too exposed (as ime some dog owners allow their dogs to get in my DC face if they are positioned like that ime.

I have the peach (amongst others) and love it but agree thr space between them is not big. Although it lasted me as a double til mine were 3.5 and 2 but they were both petite.

wannabeamummysobad Sun 28-Nov-21 18:43:58

@Lola19 which did you go for in the end? We too are expecting a tall baby, will try for a 2nd in quick succession and are trying to decide between the peach and the gazelle. Thank you


Lola19 Thu 13-May-21 16:37:31

Thanks @Chica1990 I’ve looked at the ICandy convertible ones and my first thought was when compared side to side with the Cybex Gazelle it seemed a lot more compact which is a good thing but I felt the babies chairs/cots were very close together, slightly cramped so the baby on the bottom might feel a bit claustrophobic?? Beautiful pram though and I’m not knocking it. My partner preferred the way the icandy looked. However the only other thing is myself and partner are over 6ft so expecting rather long babies lol and my friend said she knows 2 people who’s babies have outgrown the icandy and had to resell and buy another as the seats/cots are quite small made?
The gazelle is definitely a larger and more spacious pram when compared side by side. So good for storage as well and the babies would have more room. But maybe a larger pram is more inconvenient to push?

Apologies if anyone has the iCandy, I don’t mean to be rude about it! Just comparing it to the gazelle!

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Chica1990 Thu 13-May-21 16:24:21

Also from my understanding the gazelle is a new pram so there might not be too many people who can give you a review as yet!

Chica1990 Thu 13-May-21 16:17:32

I did look at this but decided against it as I couldn’t find one in store to test and probably won’t have another for 4 years.

The only other one I’ve seen double up is the icandy orange I believe? I would definitely go for a double up one now if you know you will have another soon

Lola19 Thu 13-May-21 16:06:58

Thank you. Yeah the fact it’s convertible to a double is the main reason I’m interested in it. Just wondering if anyone already has it and what their opinion is on it?

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teaandlotusbiscoff Thu 13-May-21 15:39:31

The Gazelle DOES convert to a double so if it’s the pram you want go for it smile

Lola19 Thu 13-May-21 13:26:05

Hi everyone,

Very close to buying the Cybex Gazelle pram. I first saw Mrs Hinch had it and I liked all the different positions you can place the seats/carry cot etc
I’m currently expecting baby no.1 but my best friend recommended thinking about going for a pram that converts into a double as she knows I would like another baby fairly soon due to my age. She said she ended up having to sell her original pram for a double one a couple of years down the line. Seems like a good idea to me! Anyone got this pram and have any reviews? Thanks

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