Boy or girl?

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Chitaufree Fri 07-May-21 13:31:00

Can’t tell

krj2688 Fri 07-May-21 13:29:29

@summerhillgang not sure if those two are any better for nub theory

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krj2688 Fri 07-May-21 13:28:53

Not sure if these are any better? I went on the skull theory with my other two and both were correct

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summerhillgang Fri 07-May-21 10:42:10

You can't see the nub, have you got a better picture?

jade0881 Thu 06-May-21 21:03:48


Icantrememebrtheartist Thu 06-May-21 15:29:28

I’m saying a tentative boy 😊

krj2688 Thu 06-May-21 12:21:00

Boy or girl?

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