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Hayley36 Wed 05-May-21 05:33:25

Hi I'm 14+1 weeks pregnant and lately my discharge has stopped is this normal.

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MintGreenLife Wed 05-May-21 09:58:39

@Hayley36 I'm 27 weeks and can't say I've experienced an increase in discharge like everyone else seems to, I hardly have any to be honest x

Hayley36 Wed 05-May-21 10:02:25

Yeah I mean at first I had loads but I've had not had any now for about 2 weeks if not may be a little bit longer I had 3 scans so far and everything's fine just bit panicking after the loss of my other child but thankyou that's made feel a whole lot better congrats by the way. Xx

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Chitaufree Wed 05-May-21 10:05:23

Honestly (and I know this is hard given your history), the sooner you learn to not worry about every little thing, the better and the more you can actually enjoy the experience.
What’s the worst thing that could happen as a result of less discharge?
Every woman is different and as long as you’re not in pain or bleeding, it’s almost certainly all good especially after 3 healthy scans

MintGreenLife Wed 05-May-21 10:07:10

@Hayley36 it's most likely down to fluctuating hormones, the discharge I have had has changed loads going from quite watery one day to thicker the next, think it's normal to get more at certain points and less at others x

Hayley36 Wed 05-May-21 10:17:25

@Chitaufree yes I've been very paranoid this pregnancy but I try not to worry as much thankyou so much x

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Hayley36 Wed 05-May-21 10:21:02

@MintGreenLife yes they do some days I dont feel pregnant at all at one point I had no symptoms at all boobs were gone sickness gone but now my boobs are bigger not as soon not feeling sick no more well I do gag some days then theres the no discharge but I do get tired and my appetite has come back but they do fluctuate I heard around your second trimester I had no symptoms what's so ever with my first or second the second is the one I lost x

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Chitaufree Wed 05-May-21 10:22:40

I’m really sorry for your previous loss flowers just remember if you feel really anxious that there are professionals out there who can help if you need it

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