Handhold please - planned section tomorrow - nervous!

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Bobbots Mon 03-May-21 21:22:10

I feel all funny. Doesn’t help that I didn’t get everything organised today that I’d hoped to - stupid stuff like putting clean washing away. My 2 year old has already woken up hmm and she basically cries until I bring her into our bed which I have now done because I have no backbone and now I’m sat next to her in the dark worrying about tomorrow.

I’m nervous about the spinal. I’m nervous about whether something will go wrong or whether baby will be ok. I’m worried about leaving DD1 and if she will be ok without me overnight, I’ve never left her before. I’m worried baby will be poorly at birth like she was. I feel guilty for leaving her.

Please can people distract me with positive stories/funny anecdotes/cute pictures of puppies?!

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JayAlfredPrufrock Mon 03-May-21 21:23:51

Good luck. Relax. Enjoy your two year old tonight. All will be well.

bunburyscucumbersandwich Mon 03-May-21 21:26:28

I loved my caesarean. And I'm a massive wuss. I faint at blood tests or injections! It was such a lovely calm experience. Dd didn't even cry when they took her out. She just looked around as if to say where am I? She only cried when they were weighing her and cleaning her up a bit.
The radio was on and it was radio 2. I even answered some of the questions on pop master.

disneymad85 Mon 03-May-21 21:27:34

Everything will be ok. Remember you will be in the best possible hands.

Try and get some sleep, can you stick some headphones in and listen to some mediation on YouTube? Always helps me if I'm feeling anxious about something.

Best of luck for tomorrow and only a few hours and you get to meet your baby

bunburyscucumbersandwich Mon 03-May-21 21:27:52

You will be fine. Enjoy your cuddle with your little one tonight. And, I know it's hard. But try not to worry. Get a good nights sleep.

Sunny1112 Mon 03-May-21 21:35:15

Cuddle your LO extra hard tonight. Your giving her the best gift of a sibling!

Good luck for tomorrow everything will be fine!

Bobbots Mon 03-May-21 21:35:59

Thank you everyone. @bunburyscucumbersandwich I hope they let me have the radio on but I’m terrible at pop master so maybe i should ask for a different station!?! Although I’m sure that the dulcet tones of Ken would relax me.

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bunburyscucumbersandwich Tue 04-May-21 11:38:54

I hope it goes well for you. I had no choice in the matter, the radio was just on in the theatre! It was an odd experience, but on the whole it was positive. And at the end you'll have another beautiful baby!

mummysharkk Tue 04-May-21 22:29:16

@Bobbots how are things?

Only just seen this but hope you are both ok.

jobsagudden Tue 04-May-21 22:40:47

I was in exactly the same position as you 2 years ago OP.

Had never left 2 year old before and was having planned C-Section. Felt so guilty on my 2 year old.

She was absolutely fine, it was actually the one and only time she has ever slept through the night. I was only away for one night.

C-Section was amazing, they know exactly what they are doing and they are extremely calming. I would go as far to say it was a relaxing experience.

DD1 & 2 now 4&2 adore each other and have so much fun together. It will all be worth it!

Good luck daffodil

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