May babies - anyone else due soon?

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LittleTiger007 Sun 02-May-21 18:03:31

Hi ladies, I’m due on the 20th but think I will be early. How is everyone doing?

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Nat4392 Sun 02-May-21 19:09:22

I’m due 27th, also think I’ll be early!

Sparksflyxo Sun 02-May-21 19:57:38

I’m due 19th but having a feel I will go over, really hope not! 🤞🏻Definitely getting more uncomfortable now and needing to pee constantly.

PlanBea Sun 02-May-21 20:18:22

I'm due on the 6th, every twinge or wriggle is met with great suspicion these days! Currently have a section planned for the 7th as he's breech. Hoping it gives him time to sort himself out and I get sent home instead but it's not looking likely.

Moorelewis Sun 02-May-21 21:14:58

Second baby, due 12th. Think I will be late!

HowCanYou Sun 02-May-21 21:23:06

I'm due on the 17th but being induced tomorrow! Which is strange for me as the last 2 I was 42 weeks. So nervous now.

mouldygrapes Sun 02-May-21 21:25:31

Due 21st, plan is for induction on 17th at the moment pending a further growth scan (baby is a bit small).
Nervous! It’s my first

AyyX Sun 02-May-21 21:49:04

I’m due on the 9th, so in exactly 1 week. Thought I would go into labour early.. we’ll see.
My first was 41+4 😬

HaNNaHC92 Sun 02-May-21 21:54:58

I was due yesterday (1st) but this baby is being stubborn. This is my 3rd baby and my other two children (DS 3y and DD 19m) were both 9 days and 10 days overdue. Hopefully this one will make an appearance sooner than later!

LayingLow Sun 02-May-21 22:20:53

I'm due with baby number 4 on 22nd! My other 3 were 40+6..40+6 and 40+3 though so I'm thinking I'll be going over again 🙄

bump2677 Sun 02-May-21 22:27:19

I'm due on the 29th, but my daughter was three weeks early so they think it could be the same this time. So potentially just a week to go! Though he's so low my dad and sister seem convinced I'll deliver before the weekend. I'd much rather make 37 weeks so full term so every twinge is freaking me out a little.

Bobbots Sun 02-May-21 22:32:27

I’m officially due on the 17th but got a planned section booked on Tuesday when I’ll be 38+1. Potentially got less than 36 hours to go now! Have to be on the ward at 7.30 and then I’ll find out if I’m going first second or third on the list. If I’m third they won’t take me down until 1pm! I really hope I don’t have to wait that long. I’m nervous enough already.

Having said that it will be a small miracle if I make it til Tuesday without baby popping out, I have been having contractions on and off for a few days now and my first DD came at 35 weeks so everyone is surprised I’ve made it this far!

RosieGirl27 Sun 02-May-21 22:44:24

I’m due on the 7th. First born was born on his due date so I’m hoping this one appears before or on Friday as I am sick of being pregnant now. I really hope I don’t go over due. I wasn’t allowed to last time and had an induction booked for my due date but I was already in labour then.

LittleTiger007 Mon 03-May-21 10:10:38

It’s getting real now! I feel so very uncomfortable now though... last night was the worst. I had a foot under my ribs much of the night and a head pressing on my bladder. I hope the baby will drop soon to ease the reflux/indigestion although that will just shift the discomfort to down below I guess! This is my first.
@HaNNaHC92 I hope you don’t go too far overdue! Fingers crossed that things start soon!
@RosieGirl27 you could have a gorgeous bundle very soon too! Second babies usually come quicker they say...
@Bobbots it sounds like you will be the first of us to pop! Please keep us posted and post a picture! Praying that all goes well and baby Bobbot comes uneventfully in the next 24 hrs!
@bump2677 keep your legs crossed til next week! Hoping all goes well, well done for making it this far if your babies usually come early!
@LayingLow it sounds like you have a few weeks to go. I bet your other DC are excited?
@AyyX I hope you don’t go over this time! The 9th is my brother’s birthday, so it’s the one date this month I don’t really want. Mine is due on the 20th which is my late grandma’s birthday which would be nice.
@mouldygrapes it’s my first too and def nervous! Excited too. Ready to meet baby tiger now in terms of discomfort, but I have a lot to do in the next couple of weeks work-wise!
@HowCanYou induced tomorrow! I hope all goes well and it happens gradually and not too suddenly. Good luck and let us know how things go!
@Moorelewis maybe things will be quicker second time around and you won’t be late! Here’s hoping!
@PlanBea you could be holding your little bundle of joy very soon then!
@Sparksflyxo I hope you don’t go over either! They pile on the weight so quickly at this stage that I’m drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea to try to make sure I don’t go over. Fingers crossed for you.
@Nat4392 why do you feel you will be early? I’m an older mum with an odd shaped womb (bicornuate) so they expect me to run out of space and go into labour early. I’m 37 weeks and 5 days so all’s well so far. I’m kind of hoping to make it to 39 weeks...
praying for good outcomes for us all xx flowers

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AyyX Mon 03-May-21 10:16:38

I just bought raspberry leaf tea yesterday too! 😂
Going to drink it today, I was too scared to drink it yesterday because no one was home haha.
I have so many family members that have birthdays this month! 1st, 3rd x2, 6th
Hoping my baby doesn’t come on any of those days tbh, don’t think he would like to share his birthday with anyone in future 😆

LittleTiger007 Mon 03-May-21 10:20:36

@AyyX May is a lovely month for a birthday! We don’t have to be pregnant through the hot summer months and baby will hopefully have nice weather for parties in the garden. The raspberry leaf tea apparently takes weeks to build up in the body so you need a few cups a day over the last few weeks and whatever is in it helps tone the uterus so that labour is shorter. I’m drinking three cups a day now - it’s not great stuff! Pretty yuk but if it helps me have a swift labour with a more toned uterus then I’m in!

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HowCanYou Mon 03-May-21 10:21:26

There's no beds available until 4pm so it's a day of waiting around and feeling nervous now. Just want it to over with now

LittleTiger007 Mon 03-May-21 10:22:24

I’m also going to start eating a few dates a day (4-5) apparently that helps thin and tone the cervix for speedier labour and less tearing (again I’m in,) medjool dates are yummy too

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LittleTiger007 Mon 03-May-21 10:23:19


There's no beds available until 4pm so it's a day of waiting around and feeling nervous now. Just want it to over with now

Oh goodness, how frustrating! Will be thinking of you today and hoping all goes well. flowers

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Countrylane Mon 03-May-21 10:23:54

Due in three weeks and feeling like an elephant...

AyyX Mon 03-May-21 10:24:37

@LittleTiger007 I’ve been meaning to buy it for weeks now, couldn’t find it in the supermarkets but yesterday happened to be near a Holland and Barrett and remembered I wanted to get some. Well I guess it’s not going to make too much of a difference since I’m only starting now and a week away.. hopefully it does help in some way though 😭

My friend said drinking it helps bring on her period! She gets irregular periods and read up that raspberry leaf tea helps bring it on.

AyyX Mon 03-May-21 10:25:36

Also, yeah I am so glad I’m giving birth before summer because I don’t know how I would be able to cope in the heat! Being pregnant in the summer is not the one!

AyyX Mon 03-May-21 10:27:06

@Countrylane 😂😂😂 I feel your pain!
My hands and feet are starting to swell up
Flip flops everywhere now unless it’s raining 😬

LittleTiger007 Mon 03-May-21 10:28:40

@AyyX it could still help tone your uterus in a week, I’d have 4 or 5 cups a day to get it in your system if you can stomach it. I can see why it would bring on periods, apparently it tones the uterus and makes small painless tightenings and contractions to help tone it ready for the big day... it cant hurt at this stage I’d have thought. (Although I don’t think you’re supposed to take it if you know you are being induced or c section) it’s also packed with vitamin c and iron which all helps xx

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AyyX Mon 03-May-21 10:31:33

@LittleTiger007 oh that’s good to know! Thanks for the information grin
Hope you get to meet your baby soon and everything goes smoothly! Xx

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