Anyone else around 5 weeks pregnant?!

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pearlsandpetals Sat 01-May-21 15:27:01

Hi all, just wondering if there are are others on here around 5 weeks pregnant? I found out on Monday and I am sooo happy and excited but also a little bit anxious as it is my first!

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Daisyrobin123 Sat 01-May-21 18:33:07

@pearlsandpetals Hi! I'm 4 and a half weeks at the moment, we found out on Tuesday! It's my first too. I'm trying to be anxious but also very nervous!

Daisyrobin123 Sat 01-May-21 18:33:40

Oops that meant to say 'trying to be positive!' Definitely not trying to be anxious!!

pearlsandpetals Sat 01-May-21 18:53:45

@Daisyrobin123 yay, congratulations! I've taken so many tests because I can't believe it. I haven't really had many symptoms yet just some mild nausea, I actually wish I would have more symptoms just so it feels more real!!

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Chloejaynexx Sat 01-May-21 18:54:05

I'm about 5 weeks too! First baby aswell!! We can be nervous together 🤣

pearlsandpetals Sat 01-May-21 18:57:27

@Chloejaynexx congratulations!!! How are you feeling? I'm naturally a worrier so trying to stay positive is a big task for me at the moment!!

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Daisyrobin123 Sat 01-May-21 18:59:54

@pearlsandpetals You won't be saying that when they start ha ha. I've had nausea for the last week and now evening (not morning) sickness has started already! Although today hasn't been too bad but I don't want to speak too soon...! Congratulations to you too! Are you going to have an early scan or wait until 12 weeks? I think we are going to book in for one at 7 and a half weeks. I thought the 2ww was bad, now we have to wait for the scans!!

@Chloejaynexx Congratulations!

pearlsandpetals Sat 01-May-21 19:02:12

@Daisyrobin123 yes you're probably right!! It would be more reassuring when I start feeling more pregnant though, I think! I've booked an early scan for two weeks time. By then I should be around 7 weeks. Have you told anyone yet? I'm not sure whether to tell family or wait until after I have had the scan...

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Chloejaynexx Sat 01-May-21 19:03:29

Omg I am a huge worrier too! We have been trying so long so for me it just doesn't feel real!! The only symptom I have is sore boobs! Started to have nausea in the morning last week but only seemed to last a few days!! What about you?

I'm not even joking I probably did about 20+ tests hahah.
I think we are going to have a early scan at about 8 weeks. Hoping it makes it feel more real to me x

Daisyrobin123 Sat 01-May-21 19:06:47

@pearlsandpetals Yes I totally understand what you mean. I've felt fairly ok today which has meant I'm now worried in case my symptoms disappear. Who would have thought we would be wanting sickness?!!!

Oh fab! I think I'll feel better when we've booked ours and got the days to count down to.

Told my mum yesterday and we are planning on telling OH's parents next weekend. We weren't sure what to do but if the worst did happen, we'd want their understanding and support. I've told my TA as I'm a teacher and I need her to step in if I feel rubbish. Plus we spend everyday together so I think she would work it out! Apart from that we won't tell anyone else until the 12 week scan I think. It's hard isn't it because it's still so early but I keep thinking that the chances are - everything will be ok!

pearlsandpetals Sat 01-May-21 19:07:06

@Chloejaynexx same here we had been trying for quite a while, so this was the best surprise. I have been feeling pretty normal so far, aside from some mild nausea and I do seem to be a lot thirstier. You sound exactly like me haha, I have tested so many times I think I need to stop now! Good luck with the scan in a few weeks time, I've got one booked for 7 weeks so hoping everything will be okay!

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pearlsandpetals Sat 01-May-21 19:11:15

@Daisyrobin123 Haha, I know, never thought I would be wishing sickness on myself! I think we are planning on sharing the news tomorrow with parents as like you have said, we would want their support if anything happened. I am pretty positive things will work out as the odds are that we have a healthy pregnancy but that doesn't stop the anxiety. It's so nice to speak to others in the same boat!!

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Daisyrobin123 Sat 01-May-21 19:18:15

@pearlsandpetals My mum's reaction just made everything so much more real so enjoy telling your parents! We sneakily filmed it and I'm so glad I did because watching it back is so lovely!

Yes completely agree about speaking to others in the same boat. How old are you if you don't mind me asking? I'm 28 but nearly 29 x

pearlsandpetals Sat 01-May-21 19:23:11

@Daisyrobin123 oh that sounds so lovely and makes me more excited to tell them! I may also secretly film.
I'm 27! I love how we are almost the same age and currently around the same stage of our first pregnancies!

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Chloejaynexx Sat 01-May-21 19:45:19

Guys I am 27 in July!! We're all so similar!! Xx

Chloejaynexx Sat 01-May-21 19:46:28

I told my partner in the cutest way, I did notes all round the house like a treasure Hunt and at the end was a box with a baby grow and test! His reaction was priceless, we have told immediate family and my work and that's it. Good luck with the scans both of you, you will both have them before me! Xx

Daisyrobin123 Sat 01-May-21 20:56:06

@Chloejaynexx Ahh you're so right about us all being similar! Aw that's so lovely what you did for your partner! When is your scan booked in for? Xx

Chloejaynexx Sat 01-May-21 23:30:30

@Daisyrobin123 aw thank you! I thought because we had been trying so long I didn't want to just throw a test at him 🤣 I haven't booked one yet, It doesn't feel real so I don't want to jinx it haha. I sound mad! When is yours booked for? Xx

Aquarius93 Sun 02-May-21 07:25:07

Hey, congratulations to you all! I’m 5 weeks + 5 days. It’s my first too so I’m feeling the anxiety! I just keep having to tell myself that I can only do my best to look after myself and the little bean!

There’s a thread for people due in early January too if you want to join. How are you all feeling so far? I’m just tired and thirsty - no other symptoms!

Ps I’m 28 too!

Chloejaynexx Sun 02-May-21 10:23:43

@Aquarius93 congratulations!
I just have sore boobs but no other symptoms at all! Makes me worry haha x

Daisyrobin123 Sun 02-May-21 10:37:12

@Aquarius93 Congrats! I've got nausea on and off all day and have had evening sickness a few times. Despite this I'm still really anxious about it all. I don't think its helped being on this forum as mc's are spoken about a lot on here!

@Chloejaynexx I know what you mean! I haven't booked yet but hoping to get one on the 22nd when I'll be 7 + 4! Let us know when you book one if you do 😊

Chloejaynexx Sun 02-May-21 14:29:45

@Daisyrobin123 ohh exciting! See I'm really irregular so not 100% sure on dates so I don't want to go and be earlier than I thought and not see anything, so I think il book in a few weeks when I'm about 8 weeks!!
Ohhh I feel for you with the sickness x

PT8998 Sun 02-May-21 15:05:48


I am 5w today!

I started spotting 24 hours ago, so a bit worried about that! It's light, so far, and doesn't appear to be worrying, but I am still a little concerned!

It's going to be my first too, this is OH's and I's first round of IVF and e managed to fall very lucky and have it work first time for us. I just hope that all is well due to this spotting!

letsmakethishappen Sun 02-May-21 16:23:25

5 weeks and 2 days today! Cramping and sore boobs. Am a nurse so always buys at work trying not to think too much . Xx

Aamina Sun 02-May-21 17:56:34

Congratulations guys!! It's my first, I'm roughly 5w 2d. I'm so nervous! We've told my parents and siblings & OH parents and siblings as we were so excited

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