Anyone just got their BFP and due in Jan 2022?

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zeromango Fri 30-Apr-21 19:54:21

Hi all!

Just got my BFP! Approximately 3 weeks and 6 days. Due date calculator has put me to give birth around 8th January. Feeling so nervous, have had two MCs and then thankfully a much loved DC. Symptoms currently are extremely sore boobs, mild cramping, and upper hip / thigh pain on my right leg! Would love to chat to others who've just found out and want somewhere to refer back to!

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Mich86ellen Fri 30-Apr-21 20:05:43

Me too!! Ans congratulations!!!
I’ve literally just signed up to this website, got a shocking BFP last night.
Due date should be early jan.
I’ve got 2 older children already ages 12 and 10 so it seems like a lifetime ago this happened. We have been trying for 18 months and to be honest, decided early this year it wasn’t going to happen and we kind of just got on with it, so feeling absolutely shell shocked right now xx

zeromango Fri 30-Apr-21 20:10:59

@Mich86ellen oh how lovely! Huge congratulations. It's definitely still sinking in over here too - can I offer you a glass of alcohol-free gin? grin Will be lovely just chatting over symptoms, scans etc. Definitely feeling a bit shivery and shaky! Our first month trying too, just wasn't expecting it so quickly at all!

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Mich86ellen Fri 30-Apr-21 20:17:48

Wow that must have come as a shock!! We were trying for a while and nothing happened so we decided beginning of the year to just let go of the idea... so it’s a huge shock to us too as we thought it just wasn’t meant to be. Now we are quite literally gobsmacked xx

Mich86ellen Fri 30-Apr-21 20:18:17

But, yes! Would be lovely to have someone to chat to 😃

zeromango Fri 30-Apr-21 20:23:18

@Mich86ellen have you already phoned the GP? We only found out tonight so obviously can't do anything until Monday anyway but feeling really daft as I honestly can't remember what to do grin especially with covid! How are you feeling having a baby in a pandemic?! It hasn't quite hit me yet haha.

How are you feeling in yourself? Will you be having any early reassurance scans? We're thinking if no bleeding etc early on we might go for one at 9-10 weeks (we did this last time and it was such a relief! Seeing a heartbeat at 10 weeks apparently reduces the miscarriage risk significantly) I'm a real worrier so I'm trying to take it easy!

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Clarkey86 Fri 30-Apr-21 22:47:31

Congratulations!! I found out a few days ago I’m pregnant with my second smile

There’s a few others which recent positives who have found each other over on another thread if you want to join us?

bages1977 Fri 30-Apr-21 22:51:15


I had my BFP a few days ago. 4 weeks and 5 days today. I had a MC quite recently which was my first pregnancy so currently soooo anxious!

Currently got really tender boobs, period like cramping about 3 times a day but only pays about 10 mins. Also needing to pee so often.

Think I'll get a reassurance scan at 8 weeks all being well 🤞🌈

bages1977 Fri 30-Apr-21 22:51:52

*Only lasts 10 mins 👆

DoesTheQueenOrderChinese Fri 30-Apr-21 22:57:35

I am due early January, around the 3rd we think smile

Time seems to be dragging... we found out 8 days ago and it feels about 4 weeks ago grin

Does anyone have symptoms yet? I've had slight sickness and today my boobs are a tiny bit sore but other than that's it.

With previous pregnancies my boobs hurt straight away and from around week 6 I was constantly sick!

bages1977 Sat 01-May-21 00:08:56

@DoesTheQueenOrderChinese my due date will be the 3rd of Jan too I think.

My symptoms hit the day after I found out so that would have been Tuesday this week.

Drl94 Sat 01-May-21 01:01:19


Found out this evening that I'm pregnant. Due on the 2nd Jan!
This will be my first child!! Although, had an ectopic pregnancy in December so extremely anxious right now!!

TinyTickler Sat 01-May-21 06:47:31

Tentatively joining... period due today but have had 3 VERY faint positive tests over the last 24 hours... I ovulate late in my cycle so would only be 11 days DPO so would expect it to be faint but still. Literally obsessing over pregnancy tests and waiting for my husband to get up so I can go get a different brand of test!

Firsttry132 Sat 01-May-21 07:10:34

I got my BFP on Wednesday! Due around 6th Jan ish! This will be my first baby 🤍 I had a miscarriage in October around 6 weeks ish so I’m very anxious but trying to stay calm. Congratulations everyone 🥳

Clarkey86 Sat 01-May-21 08:56:58

@TinyTickler Congrats, I’ve been Amazon Primeing FRER’s like a mad woman 🤪

zeromango Sat 01-May-21 09:25:09

Hi @TinyTickler! Exactly the same with me - now a blazing positive when AF was due! It's awful worrying so early on isn't it!

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zeromango Sat 01-May-21 09:32:54

Officially 4 weeks today which feels lovely! A little poppy seed halo Jut need to get through each week as calm as possible. Which pregnancy app are we all using? Today's symptoms - loose stomach (sorry!) cramping and sore boobs.

Thanks @Clarkey86! Will check it out  and congrats!

@bages1977! Welcome lovely, congrats and so sorry to hear about your MCs, I'm exactly the same and the worry is just constant. Had two previously and the only thing I did different in my last pregnancy was take baby aspirin until 36 weeks - no idea if it helped but baby stuck! Symptoms are the same as mine, will have lost a stone by next week after all the running up and down stairs to the loo 

@DoesTheQueenOrderChinese those symptoms sound promising! Boobs are killing and period cramping but that's it really over here! Time is 100% dragging it's like you spend weeks waiting for find out and when you do it's like ... damn now it's a whole 9 months of twiddling thumbs 

Hi @Drl94 so sorry to hear about your loss and huge congratulations - would you mind sharing the symptoms you had if possible? It's something I've never experienced but always worry about. Fingers crossed this will be ok, will you be getting an early scan this time round for reassurance?

@Firsttry132 congratulations!! You're definitely not alone in the panicking it seems many of us have had a MC thanks it will be great to have somewhere to hand hold and chat about things as we all progress. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 9 months!!

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zeromango Sat 01-May-21 09:34:05

Also chronic knicker checkers are welcome grin every time I feel dampness I run to the loo but it's just lots of wet CM! Ahhhh well only a mere 8 months to go grinAnyone else the same?

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TinyTickler Sat 01-May-21 09:34:50

@zeromango went and bought a diff test and looks like it's a positive 🥰

Drl94 Sat 01-May-21 09:39:20

@zeromango congrats on your BFP!! Exciting times ahead.
So I had a pain in my shoulder blade that was like a sharp stabbing pain but I just thought it was from the gym (still not convinced it wasn't). I had a bit of bleeding and then a sharp, excruciating pain on my right side. No like a pain that makes you flinch - I was keeled over screaming. Wasn't pleasant but I came off the pill and ovulated straight away and got pregnant literally the day or a couple of days after my pill, and my consultant said that probably played a huge factor in it.

But we are staying positive that it won't happen to anyone on this thread 😇 xx

Drl94 Sat 01-May-21 09:40:15

And yes @zeromango booked an private early scan at 1.35am this morning in two weeks😂😂

zeromango Sat 01-May-21 09:48:01

@TinyTickler that's a beautiful BFP!!! Huge congratulations, now get yourself comfy with some of my off brand non alcoholic gin gringin

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zeromango Sat 01-May-21 09:51:18

Oh @Drl94 that sounds absolutely dreadful I'm so sorry you had to experience that thanks But thank you so much for sharing, that's really helpful for anyone who might have the same symptoms. Did you have to have surgery?

Oooh yay! Love how late you booked too, that's the sort of thing I'd do! grin How many weeks will you be at your private reassurance scan? Do they let partners into the private ones? Can't wait to hear how it goes, so exciting!

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willithappen Sat 01-May-21 09:58:16

I'm going to tentatively join you ladies although I'm super nervous.
Did IVF and had a frozen transfer, got my BFP on Monday (I tested early) and will be due 6th Jan. Hoping and praying for a sticky

I'm also the same in that I felt wetness and thought period all yesterday. Convinced myself that it was all over before it began. Did a test again this morning though and came up pregnant 2-3 so phew!

I should get a scan in 3 weeks through our IVF clinic. Not sure how I will cope! I don't feel a whole load of specific symptoms which is why I keep thinking nothing is there

TinyTickler Sat 01-May-21 09:58:48


*@TinyTickler* Congrats, I’ve been Amazon Primeing FRER’s like a mad woman 🤪

Not going to lie I've used like 6 in the last 24 hours...

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