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Nashsophie13 Fri 30-Apr-21 06:43:55

Hi all. I know this is going to be a very divided chat. But I'm wondering what everyone's views are on being pregnant and having the vaccine? I really didn't want to have it done and i haven't been called for it yet as I'm 33. Previously had a miscarriage so this time round I'm even more skeptical of things. I'm now wondering whether I should get it when I'm asked. It's a hard one isn't it

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Oly4 Fri 30-Apr-21 06:49:07

The recommendation is to discuss it with your GP but all the studies so far show no evidence of any problems with the vaccine in pregnant women.
Covid can affect young women and women in pregnancy (you only need to google stories where pregnant women have died) plus there is the risk of long Covid. But this is entirely a personal choice and may depend on factors like your job, who you interact with etc. A GP or midwife would be better placed than us to determine your individual circumstances.

TheGlitterFairy Fri 30-Apr-21 08:48:34

Prob depends on your personal risk level OP ie if you’re public facing in your job or wfh and can be relatively “safe” until baby is here or if you have any underlying medical conditions that would be worse if you contracted Covid rather than having the vaccination. For me I’m 27&5, due in July. I’ll be waiting til baby is here before I have my vaccinations (over 40 so could go now) but very much a personal choice. Fwiw I’ll be having it as soon as I’m able to post birth!!

DinosaurDiana Fri 30-Apr-21 08:51:37

It depends upon your risk and personal choice.
I would personally, but it’s your choice.

Smurftastic Fri 30-Apr-21 10:29:00

I'm 34 and can't wait to have my vaccination. I read about it quite a lot, I'll be giving birth in a big hospital and I'd feel much better having had at least one dose. I don't have any pre-existing conditions but get very ill with respiratory diseases. I'll be end of second trimester/start of third when it's my turn, I'm not sure if I'd be happy to have it in first trimester of pregnancy.

Cap89 Fri 30-Apr-21 10:39:48

This webinar run by Stella Creasy MP and pregnant them screwed had medical experts sharing info on pregnancy, Covid and the vaccine. Very informative. For me, the slightly increased risk of getting very ill with Covid for third trimester pregnant women is a good reason to get vaccinated, plus I like the idea of baby having some immunity in the early days. So I will happily have it if offered.

You can watch webinar here:

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Fri 30-Apr-21 10:51:02

I've had the vaccine and might be pregnant, very early stages if I am. Like PP's, the risk of falling ill with covid in the 3rdtrimester outweigh the risk of the vaccine for me

HowCanYou Fri 30-Apr-21 10:56:56

I've had the vaccine too, I'm 37 weeks pregnant now and due to be induced on Monday due to underlying conditions (which is also why I had the vaccine). Also was going to recommend pregnant then screwed on facebook/instagram if you have either, they recently did an event with experts around this subject.

shivawn Fri 30-Apr-21 11:50:41

I had the pfizer vaccine in early pregnancy before I knew i was pregnant, I live in Ireland so I was able to get both doses 3 weeks apart. I'm a nurse and I was working on a covid ward with ventilated covid patients (also before I knew I was pregnant).

Knowing the new risks of miscarriage due to the UK variety I'm really glad I got the vaccine when I did. I'm 18 weeks now.

I think you just need to weigh up your own risk and exposure. Coronavirus-related infection of the placenta in pregnant women is a real worry.

MF1981 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:28:48

It's completely down to your own personal circumstances. I was shielding but turned the vaccine down to start with back in Feb when I was very early in my pregnancy. I wanted to wait until I'd seen my consultant - his advice was due to my underlying conditions to take it, especially as I'll be in and out of hospital a lot for extra scans etc. He did say to wait until after the 13 weeks point but I was already there at that point. The guidance then changed the following week to say pregnant women are recommended to have the vaccine but only the Pfizer or Moderna. I had to really fight my GP surgery to get them to facilitate the choice so do your research and know what their duty of care is before you start the conversation. I had to get my local MP involved but eventually was offered the Pfizer last week and will be given my second dose in 3 weeks so I'm not having it during my third trimester.

Seahawk80 Fri 30-Apr-21 12:39:56

@shivawn I'm in v early pregnancy (5 weeks and over 40 - just) and haven't found any useful information so it was good to see your post. I didn't know about the increased risk of miscarriage with covid so I'll look into that. It's so hard to know what to do and after 3 losses I just don't want to get it wrong!

Smurftastic Fri 30-Apr-21 12:45:16

Can I ask what are the problems with getting the vaccine in third trimester?

shivawn Fri 30-Apr-21 12:51:11

@Seahawk80 I was very very early when I got vaccinated, just after ovulating when I got the first dose and then the second one 3 weeks after that. Suprise pregnancy so I had no clue.

Sorry to hear about your 3 losses flowers. I understand its very hard to know, maybe discuss it with your GP if you're uncertain. As far as I know its not recommended to get it before 14 weeks anyway. Take care of yourself xx

positivebex Fri 30-Apr-21 12:57:46

I’m 34 and still don’t know what I’ll do I’m 16 weeks. At my booking in appointment which was 8 weeks ago they said they wouldn’t be advising pregnant women to get it but today i remembered to ask my midwife at my 16 week appointment and she said since the research has started coming through, in our trust they are now advising all pregnant women who are offered a vaccine to get it as they had seen a lot of women in later pregnancy really ill with covid.

mrssunshinexxx Fri 30-Apr-21 13:17:57

I've just had my text to book vaccine this morn and was really shocked to get it
Only 28 no health conditions 13 weeks pregnant
Does the type of vaccine make a difference ?

Svensk10 Fri 30-Apr-21 13:20:52

I saw my midwife this morning and she said they're recommending you get it if you're front line or healthcare worker (i.e. more likely to be exposed to covid).
I think it very much comes down to personal circumstances - i.e. are you at more risk of exposure if you're out and about in shops, seeing friends and family and going to work..

shivawn Fri 30-Apr-21 13:29:42

@mrssunshinexxx Does the type of vaccine make a difference ?
Yes, you should get one of the mRNA vaccines, Moderna or Pfizer, they're recommended in pregnancy.

Cinnamama Fri 30-Apr-21 13:29:52

I had my Pfizer vaccine this week at 35 weeks pregnant. Feel fine but arm a little sore- no worse than whooping cough vaccine for me. Pfizer and Moderna are now recommended by NHS- the updated information from RCOG is here I decided based on the fact Covid risks are much higher than vaccine risks. I’ll feel safer for this last month of pregnancy and the first months with a newborn.

mrssunshinexxx Fri 30-Apr-21 13:30:09

Thanks @shivawn it says Pfizer in my text x

Seahawk80 Fri 30-Apr-21 13:44:48

Thank you @shivawn
I think it's definitely recommended after the first trimester and the negatives / risks of getting covid later in pregnancy are quite high. Can't find much about whether to have in first trimester or to wait. Would welcome any info / insight that anyone has! I will of course speak to my GP / midwife but I don't have much confidence after I asked when I could drive after my c section with my son and the DR googled it and read a mumsnet thread!!

shivawn Fri 30-Apr-21 13:56:51

@Seahawk80 I know what you mean. I've queried it myself at every appointment I've had but truth is no one really knows at this stage. All they can say is they have no evidence that it would cause problems.

If you're in a position to take precautions and socially distance for the next couple months then I'd probably wait for the second trimester in your position.

bages1977 Fri 30-Apr-21 14:43:29

I had the vaccine in early March when I didn't know I was pregnant. Unfortunately I had a MC but was nothing to do with the vaccine. I am not pregnant again and trying to decide if I should have my second jab.

The only problem is, when I had the first jab it made me really unwell for 2 days. My temperature was 38.5 and I felt like every bone and muscle in my body was hurting. I think I will not have the second vaccine this time round just because of that. I also had covid last week during this pregnancy and the only symptom I had was loss of smell and taste. I think my chances of getting it again are probably quite low

bages1977 Fri 30-Apr-21 14:44:30

That was meant to say I am now pregnant again 👆

Amrythings Fri 30-Apr-21 14:48:33

I got the AZ one at 28 weeks because they opened to 35-40 in Northern Ireland and that was what they had at the centre.

Not ideal, but having spent six weeks begging to be vaccinated because of the third trimester risks and being passed from pillar to post (and told by the Department of Health that pregnancy isn't a risk factor!) because nobody would take responsibility, I took the first chance I got.

Might not manage the second one before baby arrives, but at least half protected is better than not at all.

MF1981 Fri 30-Apr-21 15:00:05

@Seahawk80 I was advised by my consultant, GP and midwife to wait until after the first trimester so that all the main development of the baby is done. I think this is what RCOG advise as well. I was also advised to have before the third trimester because the risk of becoming seriously ill from covid during the third trimester increases. Also I'm expecting twins who may well come early so they wanted me to be fully vaccinated well before they arrive.

Pregnant women should not be given or be expected to accept the AZ vaccine - Pfizer or Moderna only. Your GP should facilitate this choice.

Would genuinely advise anyone thinking about the vaccine to read the latest information from RCOG and arm yourselves with the knowledge in this letter that was sent to all GPs last week because I really had to fight hard.

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