Christmas Baby's 2021

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HPmagic Wed 14-Apr-21 09:30:20

Would anyone like to Join me for some support in these early stages and to discuss symptoms.

I am age 30 and this little one is #2. I had a mmc at 12 weeks a few years ago so naturally worried this time. Also have PSOS.

Due date of 21st December 2021. Currently feeling mild tiredness, small cramps and slight nausea although I'm saying bring on the symptoms.

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titchy13 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:40:25

Hi @HPmagic
Thanks for starting the thread and congratulations flowers

I'm 30 too with first baby. Have you been trying for long?

Getting so many different due dates because my cycle is so irregular. Earliest being 10th Dec and latest 24th. I definitely ovulated on 1st April on cd28 though.

I have some mild tiredness but nothing else. I'm looking forward to having symptoms as I'm terribly anxious.
Trying to stay calm, I have a scan on the 8th May booked to reassure.

Cheesesteak Wed 14-Apr-21 11:08:19

Hi both!

Thanks for the new thread OP.

@titchy13 I ovulated on the 1st too by CD 21, well that's when my CB digital gave me a peak.

Christmas present babies all round 😍.

My boobs are driving me mad and I like a nana nap in the afternoon after work. I never really got any symptoms before af that I noticed because they were so irregular.

Sadie95 Wed 14-Apr-21 12:37:41

Hey everyone! I'm due 23rd December and this is baby no.2! Hoping this baby sticks ❤️

Inthecanyon Wed 14-Apr-21 20:28:51

Hi everyone,

I just got my BFP today and the online due date calculator gives a due date of 26th December. Not entirely sure how accurate they are though.

Going to contact the GP tomorrow although at this stage I’m not entirely sure what the process is or if this is the right thing to do.

Feeling very happy and excited but also very anxious about it all.

Will any of you go for an early private scan?

Sadie95 Wed 14-Apr-21 20:42:21

@Inthecanyon hey! I rang my GP, I'm going to have bloods done tomorrow to check my levels due to having 2 miscarriages last year! EPU said last time when I had a miscarriage that if I ring up they would give me an early scan.. if not I will go private! I had one with my LG at 8 weeks, little blob which looked like a little bean baby with a heartbeat, it was magical!

titchy13 Wed 14-Apr-21 22:37:52

Congratulations @Sadie95 @Inthecanyon

I have a private scan booked, originally on 8th but I've moved it back to 15th as I should be 8 weeks by then.

I called my GP and they told me to book in with the midwife which I have done.

Hope all goes well with your bloods @Sadie95

HSX8 Thu 15-Apr-21 00:39:43

Hi girls, found out today I am pregnant! It looks like I am due in December too around the 19th

ActonBell Thu 15-Apr-21 07:29:17

Hi, I’m 37 (feel old!) and this is baby no 2. We have problems ttc with no answer as to why. We tried for over year, fell pregnant in December and then in January it turned out to be ectopic. It ruptured and I haemorrhaged internally and had to have emergency surgery to remove my Fallopian tube. So it was all very traumatic.

We decided to take a break from our rigorous ttc regime but not to use protection in the meantime. Low and behold I got a positive test last week. I am beyond nervous and have to wait until 6 weeks for an early scan. I’m 4+6 today and would be due mid-December if this works out.

Spoken to GP and EPU and they’ve both been really blasé about the whole thing and don’t want me to contact them until I’m 6 weeks so feeling a bit down about that.

I’m getting occasional mild spells of nausea, a bit of tiredness, slightly sore boobs, loads of discharge (sorry - tmi!), and I’m really bloated. Sometimes I feel completely normal though and then I panic a bit! I was really, really sick with DS so I’d prefer to avoid that but also want some stronger symptoms!

Good luck everyone!

HPmagic Thu 15-Apr-21 08:11:54

I know how you feel it's so terrifying in these early stages I'm on 4+2 and so scared. I had a mmc last time at my 12 week scan (heartbeat stopped at 8 weeks must have been a day or so after I hd a 8 week scan actually) so paranoid about that so don't want any scans until 10 weeks just to reassure me before the 12 week scan.

What is everyone taking or doing to help things along so to speak. I'm on high dose folic acid, still taking inositol, not sure what else really.

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ActonBell Thu 15-Apr-21 08:20:19

I’m so sorry to hear about your mmc. That must be heartbreaking flowers

I’m just taking pregnacare vitamins.

titchy13 Thu 15-Apr-21 12:10:32

Welcome @HSX8 and congrats!

I'm sorry to hear about the ep and mmc ladies.
This is my first ever pregnancy so I have nothing to compare too and still anxiety is through the roof. I cannot imagine the levels of anxiety you're going through flowers

Thank goodness someone mentioned discharge, I was walking the dog yesterday and thought I'd wet myself in the middle of a field. I had to look up whether it was normal or not.

I've started on the pregnacare vitamins.

PollyBlue6 Thu 15-Apr-21 12:19:25


I found out I was Pregnant on 13th April. Its really early days. Not missed my period yet!

I'm 31 (32 next month) and this is number 3 for us. Its been 8 years since I was last Pregnant and I don't know where to start. It's all very new, with new guidelines, prams, car seats etc.

Ordered some Folic acid and b12 which is arriving today. Already take iron and vit D.

Any advice would be great.

HPmagic Sun 18-Apr-21 12:25:18

How is everyone coming along. Tiredness setting in more and more nausea.

@PollyBlue6 I am the same and there is so many more new things.

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ActonBell Sun 18-Apr-21 13:26:38

Slept 9.5 hours last night which for me is a lot. Luckily my 3 year old slept through. Still going to need a lie down this afternoon!

HPmagic Tue 20-Apr-21 08:17:23

I was extra tired the past few days. Was bit worried last night that my boobs were no longer as sore as they have been and don't feel as bloated. Took a clear blue which has moved into the 2-3 weeks but still anxious about it all. I am actually hoping I get more symptoms even sickness just to feel like things are working ok.

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Pongo101 Tue 20-Apr-21 08:22:56

Hi everyone. Congratulations on the good news! Based on my dates I am due December 12th. However I had an early scan and my gestational sac is still empty and my doctor told me not to get my hopes up just yet.
Have another scan in two weeks so fingers crossed this one sticks.

HPmagic Tue 20-Apr-21 08:55:30

Congratulations @Pongo101
Are you going back for a scan in a few weeks then. I was going to try and hold off but might go for one at 7 weeks if I make it.

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Nic2020 Tue 20-Apr-21 10:38:03

Hi Everyone

I hope you don’t mind me jumping on here? I just got my bfp and then calculator puts my due date between 27-29th this is my first baby so I have no idea what to expect!

I just filled in my online referral form to the midwife, my biggest issue at the moment seems to insomnia at night which is not helping me stay awake at work haha


gizmo167 Tue 20-Apr-21 11:56:33

Hi all, I just found out couple days ago at approx 11dpo with faint line on IC! I'm CD30 and AF would be due today. I have had 2 mc in the last year, the last one in February so this is just the second cycle after. My cycles would be 29-31 days so calculator gives me date of approx 28th December, if this one sticks!

I should point out I am 43 so definitely on my last chance!

Pongo101 Tue 20-Apr-21 12:58:06

@HPmagic yes I have a scan booked in for two weeks time so hopefully we will see something by then. If the sac is still empty it will mean I'm not progressing with the pregnancy so I've just got my fingers crossed tightly.
I guess that's the pros and cons of early scans, if you see something you get your hopes up, if you don't see what you want to see you worry, but it also let's you mentally prepare for the worst too

Tryingandhopeful Sun 25-Apr-21 19:38:19

Hey @HPmagic Congratulations and thank you for setting up this thread!! I think it’s so nice to be able to share our experiences especially as we are all due the same time!!

This was our 3rd cycle trying for baby #2 and I got my BFP on Thursday!! I should be due around NYE 🎉 my first was born a month premature so this little bean may come early too 🤷🏼‍♀️

@gizmo167 I’m sorry to hear about your mc 😔 I have everything crossed that all of our little babies stick 🙏🏻🤞🏻

@Nic2020 I did the midwife form on Friday and I think that’s when it actually sunk in that I’m pregnant!! I’m complete opposite to you - soooo much tiredness, I’m napping for England atm 😂 also does anyone else have some serious bloating going on?!! By the evenings I look like I’m 4 months gone already 🙈🙈

Tryingandhopeful Sun 25-Apr-21 19:40:18

@Pongo101 oh no I’m sorry to hear this!! How come you went for an early scan? I hope your little one sticks!!! How are you feeling?

HPmagic Mon 26-Apr-21 10:46:38

Good morning everyone. I am 6 weeks today and the nausea is increasing a bit more (my gag reflex hit me this morning when I smelt something weird), tiredness if manageable at the moment.

Constantly knicker watching and I'm not complaining about the symptoms it's providing me some reassurance after mmc last time (I didn't notice the loss in symptoms and just thought I was having a breezy pregnancy) although my pregnancy with dc1 was plain sailing. I feel sicker earlier this time so not used to that 😊.

We are holding off for a private scan at 10 weeks all being well. Dc1 keeps saying have you a baby in your tummy or I hope so, even though we literally haven't mentioned it, but no doubt she's noticed me being tired and her Dad asking her to be careful if she try's to jump on me. ( she's 6 btw)

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philadelphiafreedom Mon 26-Apr-21 11:11:44

I’m 30 and expecting baby number 1. Technically should be 8 weeks. Had an early scan at EPAU due to cramping and seem to be about 6, it seems that I ovulated late. That means I’m now due on December 19th, I don’t think I’ve been this excited for Christmas since I was a kid!

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