Pregnant after 2 miscarriages

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Freddiesmummy1993 Wed 14-Apr-21 03:15:02

Hi! So it’s 3.14am and I can’t sleep due to worrying sad.
To cut a long story short last year in august and December I had two missed miscarriages both around 11-12 weeks. And now I am pregnant and stressing incase it happens again. And the doctors Can’t do anything about it until I’ve had 3 unfortunately.
As I was having pains I was sent to the EPU last week and scanned and there was no baby..? But my bloods are saying my progesterone levels are rising and I’ve had postive tests.
They told me I’m either very early, ectopic or miscarrying again sad.
Both me and my partner have children from previous relationships so I know we can have kids.

Has anyone experienced this before? Have you had a successful pregnancy after 2 of more? I just got want some sort of comfort everything might be ok


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LadySB89 Wed 14-Apr-21 04:58:49

Hi - back in early 2019 I experienced two miscarriages back to back. It took further 1 yr TTC and just before starting IVF I've fallen pregnant. I'm now 27 weeks and we are both doing well.

I would say, try stay calm and positive, and let it be naturally.


EXA1912 Wed 14-Apr-21 06:58:04

How many weeks do you think you are? It could just be too early, I’m currently in the waiting too to see if it’s early pregnancy, ectopic or miscarriage....on Friday I had bloods and been told to come in if I have pains (I have been but they’re not extreme) but otherwise they’ll take bloods again on Friday to see if my levels have risen and take it from there. Sorry to hear about your losses, it’s really hard to be positive when you’ve been through it all before especially at 11/12 weeks I can imagine you won’t actually relax till you get past that point. Xx

Chelyanne Wed 14-Apr-21 08:24:47

Currently 22+1wk with baby number 6 after 2 mc's (8 & 9wk) and a few chemicals. Our 2nd child also followed 2 mc's (12 & 8wk), our 3rd followed 1 (8wk). I've never been offered testing etc, all the same father.
I think when you have a new partner you can't presume that you both having kids will mean there shouldn't be issues. Good luck with current one, fingers crossed it's just a slow grower or you ovulated later.

Freddiesmummy1993 Wed 14-Apr-21 19:46:13

Hiya, congratulations on your pregnancy smile. Thank you I’m trying my best to not stress x

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