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Bright red spotting at 18 weeks

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Fleecy Sun 04-Nov-07 19:32:34

I'm 18 weeks pg and had some bright red spotting on Friday morning. I called the midwife who referred me to the GP and he sent me up to the hospital. They gave me anti-D (I'm rh neg) and did a scan and the baby seemed fine.

I haven't had any bleeding since but this evening I've got some bloody mucus when I wipe (TMI - sorry!) and I don't know what to do.

Should I see how it goes or should I call the GP/midwife again in the morning?


ClaphamLauren Sun 04-Nov-07 19:35:54

I have no experience of this apart from bleeding very early in pregnancy which is a bit different. However, it is obviously concerning you enough to post on here so I would call the GP or midwife first thing.

Do they have any idea what might have caused it?

Hope everything is ok, try and take it easy

mumtojames Sun 04-Nov-07 23:15:25

Hi, i have been bleeding since 18 weeks and i'm 23 weeks now! had scans and also fine, i'm also rh neg and already had anti-d injections (ouch!!) bled also earlier in preg (about 10/11weeks and 14-15weeks).
finally after pushing i'm going to see consultant tomoz, this is my third baby and not had this problem before always been midwife led before
anyway will report back with details after appt tomoz.
but i'd still report it to mw in am if were you. good luck xx

ExplosiveScienceT Sun 04-Nov-07 23:20:35

It may be a cervical erosion.

dd666 Sun 04-Nov-07 23:24:21

you could call the ward again and see what they suggest they might want to check you over try relax although its very hard to do when every possibility is running through your head iv had bleeding but not mucus sorry

gigglewitch Sun 04-Nov-07 23:26:30

had 3 DC and bled at various points in pg with all of them, all had early bleeds, 1 had 15 wk huge bleed, other two had them at 20/26 wks. and i am rh neg too. how lovely is that anti-d?! had loads of scans to check placenta etc, i had haematoma (blood clot /bruise) with two of the pgs which just sat there and caused me worry but no really big probs in the end, just something they need to monitor.
In response to your OP, a bit of blood can go a long way, and sit around just waiting to scare you for ages. i found that after the 'scary' bleeding had stopped i had pink sticky stuff (you did ask blush) for a while after, apparently randomly.

best advice is, if worried, contact midwife or GP.
good luck!!

overthehill Sun 04-Nov-07 23:37:09

I had some bleeding & mucus with ds at about 15 weeks and it turned out to be a polyp, which they removed painlessly, & then enerything was fine. Hope it's a similar story with you, Fleecy.

TwilightSurfer Mon 05-Nov-07 01:28:26

Please excuse my intrusion but I'm 9 weeks (DC2) and having bleeding issues myself. (TMI) It's like I've had regular AF for six straight days. Scan on first day of bleed showed baby was high, fine and had strong heartbeat. It just scares me as it seems completely WRONG to bleed during pregnancy. Based on the posts here it must happen much more than I'd ever expected. How did you all remain calm?

AussieSim Mon 05-Nov-07 01:51:16

I had a bleed at week 11 and read up on it, and it said bleeding in 1st trimester normal - 50% of cases will be OK, but bleeding in 2nd and 3rd trimester more serious and should be thoroughly checked out! I would definitely take action if I were you. HTH.

dd666 Mon 05-Nov-07 16:46:16

fleecy did you get it checked out are you ok?

Caz10 Mon 05-Nov-07 17:38:42

I've just had a bleed at 34 weeks, very small amount, and brown not red (sorry TMI). Got checked out and they said it is probably a "pregnancy related cervical erosion" = baby fine.
Fleecy did they examine you internally when they went in? If so that might make a bleed a bit worse for a couple of days. Let us know how you are.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fleecy Mon 05-Nov-07 20:49:01

Thanks for all your messages - I had no idea how often this happens!

I called the midwife and she said spotting on its own shouldn't be a problem. If there's any heavier bleeding or tummy pains then it needs to be checked out right away but for now, it's okay. Apparently it's fairly common to have spotting on and off, even right up to the birth, with no ill effects on the baby.

I've got my 20 week scan in a couple of weeks and if I get worried in the meantime, the midwife said I could go in to have the heartbeat checked but there's not a lot else they can do. (Although I didn't have an internal exam so I don't know if it's cervical erosion.)

Unfortunately, if the spotting carries on, I will have to anti-D injections every ten days so that's not too fun. But as long as the baby's okay, I don't mind.

Thanks again for your posts - TwilightSurfer, how are you getting on?

gigglewitch Mon 05-Nov-07 21:35:53

hmm at anti-D every ten days?? I understood that it lasts six weeks? Maybe different dose or ?
any MW people around to explain?

TwilightSurfer Tue 06-Nov-07 01:04:13

Fleecy you are so right about how common this is. I'm okay...still bleeding...but fine. Thanks for asking. I guess that's just the norm for me right now. Best wishes to you and your little one.

looneytune Wed 07-Nov-07 22:17:18

Fingers crossed all will be fine It's just a worry though isn't it - I'm only 7 and half weeks and had bleeding every now and then for a week or so and was a wreck having miscarried before. Was convinced all was over and was so surprised when the scan showed a heartbeat!!!

<sorry for hijack> I'm also RH neg and have a question as confused.....I had a MC before ds and it started as spotting and lasted a week and half before I MC - I was just put on bed rest, that's it. Should they have given me an Anti-D then? The only times I've had anti D (not that I want it more as it f'ing hurts!!) is after ERPC and having ds. I just want to know in case my spotting comes back this time (as had some bleeding at times). Thanks and sorry to hijack!

gigglewitch Wed 07-Nov-07 23:27:39

i was given anti-d within 72 hrs of starting a bleed, but not if another occurred within 6 weeks (does that make a word of sense?)
basically got anti-D every six weeks cos had so many incidences of spotting etc. bum and leg bruised to bits throughout all three pgs. not having a fourth - they claim that i'm a walking antibody now, although they said that after DS2 and i managed to produce DD (pos blood group) after that hmm so i never believe a smiling medic. the thing that kn@ckered me was 3 mc's with no anti=D cos nobody appeared to know that it was an issuesad

walkingwomb Thu 08-Nov-07 10:30:24

Are anti d injections more painful than normal injections? i have this yet to come and don't normally mind injections

nimnom Thu 08-Nov-07 10:37:53

I bled from 24 weeks on with ds1 and everything was fine, although a bit stressful.
Good Luck smile

Caz10 Thu 08-Nov-07 17:01:43

They are not painful walkingwomb but not pain-free either. Nippy is probably the best word! But only for a few seconds.

gigglewitch Thu 08-Nov-07 21:14:50

WW - they are thick stuff which has to be given injected in to muscle. I have had totally painless ones and very ouch ones, i think it depends who does it and which muscle they go for. just remember to relax all of your muscles (tho not easy in the situation i know) and it will be much better.

youngmum2b Wed 10-Sep-08 20:22:31

hello i was just wondering im 13 weeks pregnant and i started bleeding bright red blood yesterday but without cramps.. i got really scared after a dark mucusy clot came out. but my bleeding is now spotting and is dark red/brown..(sorry) i also bleed at 4 weeks and it started off with extreme cramps and they told me i lost my baby but a scan a few weeks later showed everything was normal but im so scared. i had another scan just a week ago and everything was fine. im also rh negative

southeastastra Thu 11-Sep-08 13:00:41

bumping for you youngmum

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