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Am I crazy or did I feel movements 12weeks?!?!?

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Booboospud Tue 23-Feb-21 23:11:45

Hi all. I’m
STM and currently over 12 weeks. I’m in higher risk category due to being quite over Weight. But whilst laying down with a very mildly warm water bottom on tummy I felt a definite movement in stomach and the bottle wobbled. Was really weird. I have a noticeable bump already but surely it can’t be baby moving. So what could it have been? I’ve searched online and can’t find other suggestions for what could have made a definite
Movement. It was just below belly button area

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RiverSkater Tue 23-Feb-21 23:18:29

Twins, Triplets?

PutOnAHappyFace Tue 23-Feb-21 23:28:09

I felt movement this pregnancy at 12 weeks, but it's my 4th so possibly why but Google seems to think it's not that uncommon and most of the time it's just missed in the early days because you are busy/not sure of the feeling.

PutOnAHappyFace Tue 23-Feb-21 23:29:31

Oh just read it was just below belly button, this would probably be stretching as its too high for the baby.

CatherineCawood Tue 23-Feb-21 23:33:56

I felt my second child at 8 weeks. I told the midwife and thought she would laugh in my face. She didn't, she had had the same experience. It happened occasionally like that for a few weeks becoming more regular at 17 or so weeks. Posterior placenta.

With my first child I felt movement about 23 weeks thought it would never happen! Anterior placenta.

Chelyanne Tue 23-Feb-21 23:35:40

It may have been digestive related that hight up.
I felt the 1st movements of this one before 12wk (number 6), now 15 weeks and they're getting stronger. Even with our twins all movement I felt was fairly low down around 12wk.

hassletassle Tue 23-Feb-21 23:38:17

I did with my second , deffo . 12 weeks x

rhowton Tue 23-Feb-21 23:39:46

I'm very jealous! Didn't feel first until 24 weeks and my second at 18 weeks! Bloody anterior placenta.

indemMUND Tue 23-Feb-21 23:40:52

At this stage of pregnancy your womb is still tucked down in your pelvis. Baby is so small that it's extremely unlikely to make a hot water bottle move on the surface. It's hard to feel a kick from there until over 20 weeks minimum. Sorry OP, but the best is yet to come.

ivfbeenbusy Wed 24-Feb-21 00:09:24

Yes your crazy HTH 🤣

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