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Ovulating 5 days after surgical management of misscarriage or DNC is this normal

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Mummybmari Tue 23-Feb-21 22:39:40

I had my dnc or surgical management of misscarriage on the 18th feb 2021

Today is 23rd feb 2021 I decided to take a ovulation test I’ve never used these before and it’s positive not faint but a dark enough peak day line

Is this normal can I ovulate so soon?

Also I’m still spotting from my misscarriage surgery

I don’t understand this

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Spottybluepyjamas Tue 23-Feb-21 22:43:49

You'll still have hcg in your system for a couple of weeks after the surgery - this shows up as a positive when you do an ovulation test but doesn't necessarily mean that you're ovulating. I wouldn't try to use this time to try to get pregnant though, even if it did - you'll have a much higher chance of infection at the moment unfortunately. Take the time to heal, physically and emotionally. Hope you're ok thanks

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