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Too much discharge

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Julybaby2021 Tue 23-Feb-21 19:28:02

Hi all
Wondering if anyone can help or has experienced something similar.

I have been having alot of discharge (Sorry if TMI) lately. Like running out. Feels like i im slightly weeing myself. My pants be soaking.

Is it normal to have alot of discharge or is there something wrong?

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Shireslass Tue 23-Feb-21 19:39:18

I remember feeling the same and worrying. All was well.
My advice, any worries- get in touch with your midwife.

TheFoz Tue 23-Feb-21 19:39:25

It’s part of pregnancy I’m afraid. Time to stock up on panty liners!

SnooperTrooper12345 Tue 23-Feb-21 22:55:42

How far along are you?
If you're further along.. Could be your waters leaking slightly?

Julybaby2021 Tue 23-Feb-21 23:48:15

Thanks everyone for your comments

@SnooperTrooper12345 i am just over 20 weeks. Could they be leaking as early as this😮

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Lille4 Wed 24-Feb-21 08:18:58

I had that with my first pregnancy. Discharge would gash out when I stood up especially first thing in the morning. Running down my legs. It was. A LOT. Sorry tmi. Had that pretty much from second trimester till I had the baby. My midwife said it happens with some pregnancies and to wear pads. I hated it.

Luckily, I'm pregnant with baby number 2 now and I've not experienced the discharge again so pretty relieved tbh😅
Good luck OP

Julybaby2021 Wed 24-Feb-21 09:20:30

@Lille4 yes i can imagine🙈 this is the same. Im just glad its happened to other people as well & it doesnt mean theres anything wrong🙏. There was me excited not to have to look at pads or have them near me for 9months🤣😩

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PippityChippity Wed 24-Feb-21 09:51:29

I’m only 7+1 but experiencing very much the same thing! 🙈 from what I understand, it’s totally normal, just not very pleasant! A pantry liner has definitely helped with this, just doesn’t stop the unpleasant sensation when you stand or move!

starfishy Wed 24-Feb-21 09:58:16

Yes I had this with my last pregnancy. Had to put pants and a liner on immediately after getting out of the shower!

SnooperTrooper12345 Wed 24-Feb-21 10:57:56


Thanks everyone for your comments

@SnooperTrooper12345 i am just over 20 weeks. Could they be leaking as early as this😮

I'd imagine it's possible, yeah.

But as others have said, it's also a normal discharge too.
I've currently got it but worried its my waters leaking as they did with my first and I had to be induced.
Every time I stood up. Felt almost like a period at times when it gushes out a little. Other times were just trickles

MintGreenLife Wed 24-Feb-21 11:13:03

I feel like I have the opposite problem - I'm 17 weeks and I have hardly any at all. Is that normal also?! Keep wondering when it's going to start as everyone seems to go on about having loads.

SnooperTrooper12345 Wed 24-Feb-21 11:36:14


I feel like I have the opposite problem - I'm 17 weeks and I have hardly any at all. Is that normal also?! Keep wondering when it's going to start as everyone seems to go on about having loads.

There is no exact 'normal'. Its all normal. What's normal for one person, won't be for the other

BlueberryPancake21 Wed 24-Feb-21 12:53:43

OP, definitely worth contacting your midwife. They'll want to know if it smells (especially later on you can wet yourself without realising - nice!) and what colour it is - if clear could be waters, white more likely to be discharge. It is rare for it to be waters and watery discharge is completely normal thing but they will probably want to rule it out if there's a lot because of the risk of infection. They just do a quick swab - a bit like a smear test - results in 10 mins. It's almost certainly fine but worth the effort to be sure.

FeistySheep Wed 24-Feb-21 12:56:40

Absolutely get it checked out! Do NOT listen to well-meaning people on the internet. My cousin leaked fluid from 21 weeks and thought it was 'probably just discharge'. It wasn't.
Checking is easy. Losing your baby, not so much.

Julybaby2021 Wed 24-Feb-21 15:32:58

@FeistySheep thanks for your comment. I had a rescanof my 20wk scan today. The radiographer noted that everything was fine & there was the normal amount of amniotic fluid (i didnt mention the d/c problem to her as thought it would be more of a midwife question). With everything being fine & normal do you think i should still call my midwife?? I didnt need to go back to maternity today as it was just a rescan of measurements i needed

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FeistySheep Wed 24-Feb-21 16:03:10

Yes, still call your midwife. it's a simple test to check if it's amnio fluid or not and they won't mind doing it.
My cousin didn't leak much at first (so I doubt they would have noticed on a scan as it wouldn't have showed lots of waters missing). Hers was like a teaspoon a day I think.
If it is amnio fluid and you catch it early they can do stuff about it. If you wait until an infection has got in (easy once the fluid is leaking) you'd be in more trouble.
Not trying to scare you, it's likely you are in the majority and it's just discharge. But please please make sure!

BlueberryPancake21 Wed 24-Feb-21 16:29:04

Definitely call the midwife or your local day unit. I've had this twice and it's been fine both times but they did want to check both times and said I did the right thing by calling.

HerringGull Fri 26-Feb-21 11:02:13

@Julybaby2021 how are things going? Hope everything is okay x

Julybaby2021 Fri 26-Feb-21 11:10:10

@HerringGull Hi. It's still very much the same. No heavier, no lighter. I rang my local maternity until yesterday & they said if its a slippery cloudy texture then its just discharge and nothing to worry about but if it gets any heavier and more just like clear water to ring back and they'll check it out. So just keeping a close eye on it. Xx

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HerringGull Fri 26-Feb-21 12:55:11

That's good, glad they're taking it seriously and you've got support x

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