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Yellow/orange cm at 5 weeks 4 days

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mabelelsie Tue 23-Feb-21 18:11:07

Is anyone getting yellow/orange when they wipe? I’ve had it a few times and just wondering it is normal. Thanks.

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Cafeaulait27 Tue 23-Feb-21 19:18:31

I had yellow for a while but it seems to have gone white again now. It didn’t smell and wasn’t lumpy, I was going to get tested for an infection but it’s stopped now so I’ve just left it. I googled it loads because I was worried it would turn brown and then red, but apparently lots of women get yellow discharge in early pregnancy.

Is yours lumpy or smelly? That could mean an infection xx

mabelelsie Tue 23-Feb-21 19:33:54

I only really get it when I wipe hard ( sorry). I am slightly concerned it’s an infection now, as I’m mostly getting white milky discharge? I am wiping lots as I feel wet and keep checking so maybe my ph is imbalanced! Gosh everything is a worry 🤣 How far gone are you?

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Cafeaulait27 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:29:38

Lots of discharge is totally normal in pregnancy, and apparently it would smell really bad if it’s an infection. I think yours might just be normal but you could ask your gp to be swabbed?

I’m 6+5 today xx

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