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6/7 week scans

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Sarah5678 Mon 22-Feb-21 18:55:52

Could anyone show me their 6 or 7 weeks scan pics please?

Went for an early scan at the fertilitt clinic today...according to my LMP I should be 6+6 but baby wasn't measuring to size so I am either less then I think or it has stopped progressing. She thought she could see a flicker of a heartbeat so getting another scan in a week.

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Moominmiss Mon 22-Feb-21 18:58:50

This was my 7 week scan.
Try not to worry, unless you’re certain of your ovulation date then it’s really not unusual for dates to be out a bit. It’s still so early.

Moominmiss Mon 22-Feb-21 18:59:33

This was my 6+2 scan

Brightspark12 Mon 22-Feb-21 20:13:15

This is my scan 8+1 judging by my LMP but baby measuring 6+1.. said I probably ovulated/implanted late. Can’t really see the baby 😂

Chelyanne Mon 22-Feb-21 20:32:06

This was our twins measuring 7wk, that was 6 days behind lmp but they caught up by their dating scan. They're almost 6yr now.

PippityChippity Mon 22-Feb-21 21:15:10

This was mine at 6+2, measuring at that size too. Now just fighting the anxiety to try and not book another scan this week!

Please try not to worry if your dates aren’t what you thought at this stage. When you ovulate has a massive effect at this stage.

Chica1990 Mon 22-Feb-21 21:19:32

Mine was 6 weeks and looks super early but saw a heartbeat! I had a ten week scan on Friday and the difference is shocking

birdbybird Tue 23-Feb-21 19:22:18

I’m frantically googling what happens when you measure small at a 6/7 week scan.
It seems to be a mixed bag of results.
My LMP was 7w5d ago and although there was a heartbeat detected, it’s measuring only 6w3d.

Brightspark12 Tue 23-Feb-21 20:00:45

@birdbybird me too... although like someone said unless you are 100% on your ovulation dates then there’s room for error. All the stories I’ve seen to read that have ended badly are people that are certain on ovulation dates either the baby was IVF or they were tracking. I’m not sure on mine so I’m trying not to panic. I’ve booked another scan for 2 weeks to check the baby is progressing

Sarah5678 Tue 23-Feb-21 20:04:00

She didn't even tell me what I was measuring, got another scan booked in next Monday. I have a retroverted uterus and she found it difficult to even see baby x

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Wateringcan27 Tue 23-Feb-21 20:05:15

Good luck OP, try not to worry. I had a very early scan (unsure of dates and I didn't get a photo) and nothing was really to be seen so I paid for private scan when baby was nine weeks and there was a healthy and happy baby there.

Tryingtobehelpfulmama Tue 23-Feb-21 20:47:58

My private early scan dated behind but my NHS scans were bang on. There must be some margin of error, or of course it could be that you implanted late.

Sweetpea12 Wed 24-Feb-21 21:54:25

This was my 6 weeks and 6 day scan

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