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What are you eating during pregnancy and what are you craving?

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Cbd333 Sun 21-Feb-21 22:39:28

I seem to have unlocked an extra area of my stomach as I literally don't get full anymore. If you're pregnant, what have you eaten today and what have been your cravings during pregnancy?


Breakfast: avocado on rye toast with bacon, halloumi, grilled tomatoes and hash browns

Lunch: Moroccan aubergine, pepper and tomato with giant cous cous which had feta, tomatoes, herbs and courgette in it and a dollop of Greek yoghurt on the side

Dinner: roast pork, broccoli, runner beans, dauphinois and gravy and then half a pack of Lindt dark mint chocolate while watching tv. Also my portion control is slightly out of control.

First pregnancy I craved chocolate and cinnamon swirls, this one it's burgers!

Ps this is meant to be a light-hearted thread with other people who cannot stop thinking about food so no shaming please smile

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3scompany Mon 22-Feb-21 06:37:17

I know what you mean!

I have a meal stomach and a wotsits stomach. And they are not the same! My wotsits stomach is never full. 😂 xx

LuckyFlash Mon 22-Feb-21 07:37:57

Your day sounds absolutely delicious! I’m managing to eat pretty much as normal (it’s helping that DH is on a health kick to try and lose a few pounds before the baby arrives). However I have a massive uncontrollable sweet tooth and chocolate has been my downfall. It would appear that if you eat enough creme eggs, you will become one! 😂

FTM91 Mon 22-Feb-21 07:49:55

Can you come and cook for me, OP?! sounds delicious 😄

For me it's cereal, never used to be bothered by it before (eggs or smoothie type of breakfast) but now I'll have it morning noon and night. Specifically M&S Nutty Crunch which is going to break the bank soon blush

MrsB2019x Mon 22-Feb-21 07:59:14

Oh my gosh you are eating so healthily! I’m not going to write my daily food diary on here.. blush

My portions have got smaller since becoming pregnant but I’m definitely snacking a lot more often, mostly salt and vinegar rice cakes 🤤

gretagreengrapes Mon 22-Feb-21 08:03:30

Revels & jaffa cakes 😁

And salad repulses me!

lustforlife Mon 22-Feb-21 08:06:05

Bland carbs. Things like crisp sandwiches blush beans on toast, poppadoms. Although yeaterday I branched out and had some smoked salmon with Philadelphia on crackers grin

PurBal Mon 22-Feb-21 08:14:56

Salad, eggs and fish repulse me along with basically most my pre pregnancy diet. So I've been eating cereal and cheese sandwiches, things I would never have in the house before. Also eating soup, bolognese, and curry because DH is doing the bulk of the cooking. I managed to eat an avocado for the first time in ages last week, so going to try and reintroduce things.

xoxochellexoxo Mon 22-Feb-21 10:15:43

Im utterly addicted to slushies!!! Could easily have them everyday but have tried to restrict myself due to the amount of sugar in them lol! I have noticed im eating alot more some days than others i guess it just depends how i feel when i wake up as i suffered with HG early on

Cbd333 Mon 22-Feb-21 12:27:24

@MrsB2019x I think yesterday just sounded healthy. Friday was bacon sandwich for breakfast, chicken burger and potato waffles
For lunch and a Dominos for dinner 😂

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Cbd333 Mon 22-Feb-21 12:28:46

Glad I'm not the only one repulsed by certain things. Just the thought of cucumber at the moment makes me want to spew.

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Tarantallegra Mon 22-Feb-21 12:35:44

Doughnuts with a side of doughnuts followed by doughnuts grin

Catlady21 Mon 22-Feb-21 12:42:58

I'm eating a really healthy, low carb diet due to GD but I'm craving sugar!!

LouJ85 Mon 22-Feb-21 12:43:37

Big Macs confused

ashsplash Mon 22-Feb-21 12:48:34

First trimester was beige food..... now its CAKE!!!! I've put on a stone since Chrismtas 🙈 it's so bad!

MrsB2019x Mon 22-Feb-21 12:57:01

@Cbd333 That’s more like it 😂 I have been obsessed with potato waffles!

Peach1204 Mon 22-Feb-21 13:00:39

3am this morning I was having marmalade on toast! I was so hungry! 39+5 right now so hoping the midnight snacking stops 😂

froga Mon 22-Feb-21 13:07:09

This is my 2nd pregnancy. I remember in my first I was obsessed with chip shop chips.

I am very early days with this pregnancy, around 6 weeks . My toddler is full of energy , go go go all day. I am so tired . All I could think about yesterday was subway I ordered 2 in one day! I woke up and I was 10 stone 7 I am usually 10 4. I Need to stop eating so much.
Today I had cravings for pre grated cheese 😳

Nesski Mon 22-Feb-21 13:30:30

Deli meat so have stuck to eating a pack of ham every two days due to the amount of salt!!! M&S stuff only aswell so ££££ oh and with some form of bread i.e. crumpets, hot cross bun (sweet and salty anyone), normal tin loaf. Can't stand sourdough these days, I wish the bakeries would offer more of a normal variety, I want my white loaf!!!!

Chelyanne Mon 22-Feb-21 13:56:23

Too many carbs that is all I want to say lol

MrsF111 Mon 22-Feb-21 14:03:47

I’ve gone from not wanting to eat anything in the very early weeks to being constantly hungry at 9 weeks.
Breakfast:porridge and fruit today
Lunch: veggie lasagna, I’m on my second helping now!
Dinner: not sure yet, my nausea kicks in then. Yesterday was mainly banana bread and cereal for dinner....

Grognonne Mon 22-Feb-21 14:38:16

So much chocolate. I’ve never had a sweet tooth before, but I can’t stop!! Getting through a big bar of Tony’s Chocolonely every two days, it’s out of control. Not to mention all the mini eggs...

Cbd333 Mon 22-Feb-21 14:44:20

I feel like I've found my people on this thread 😎

One thing I've become pretty addicted to is bonne maman creme caramels, having never tried them before. On the whole I'm wondering if this is a boy though as craving salty things and also hot and cold on the same plate (basically Greek yoghurt or Mayo with everything). Spend lots of time eating or thinking about McDonald's too.

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AlackAlasAlackaday Mon 22-Feb-21 14:47:20

I was on the Big Mac diet during my last pregnancy (in my defence we moved house into a building site when I was seven months along, and had no cooking facilities). DD (now 3) is a big fan of "Old McDonald's" grin. This time round it is very early days but I've had to stop intermittent fasting and actually eat breakfast to avoid blood sugar dips, so trying to eat healthily(ish) the rest of the time. So far lots of veggie curries and dhals.

LauEli Mon 22-Feb-21 15:04:26

@Cbd333 cheeky maccies my 3 Yr old calls it, I've been there 4 times in the last 10 days 👀 I really really want chippy chips with loads of salt and vinegar. Pot noodle I wanted Saturday, toast has been a huge craving aswell, with brown sauce on 😂
Definitely savoury cravings though, all the carbs. I fear I'll resemble a whale by 9months, I'm only 8 weeks 🙈

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