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Aversion to hot (temp) food

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Firsttimemumm31 Sun 21-Feb-21 13:47:17

Ok this is odd but I'm hoping I'm not the only one I suddenly can't eat warm/hot foods without vomiting! I'm 17 weeks pregnant and all I can tolerate is salads, fruit from the fridge, yoghurt and cold water/juice!

Anyone else??

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UnCoffreDor Sun 21-Feb-21 14:02:30

I used to be like that as well, the colder the better! It was just a phase though, thankfully!

Funauntienowmummytobe Tue 23-Feb-21 20:11:52

I am fine with hot food but cannot stand any hot drinks! Some of my aversions to food I used to like is wearing off so hoping I'll enjoy a tea again at some point!

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