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Doyles1 Wed 17-Feb-21 18:14:08

Hi everyone,

I found out I was pregnant last week and believe I am 5-6 weeks along. I had the initial tender to touch boobs, skin breakout and peeing more in the night. Then my symptoms started to come and go.

I had a few very fleeting moments of nausea, last night being the last time, and I’ve been having mild cramps, however today I have nothing?

My boobs have stopped being so tender over the past few days, they feel heavy and definitely different but not so tender to touch.

It’s my first pregnancy and I’m probably doing the typical panic here and I know I shouldn’t be worrying about not being sick but part of me wants the reassurance that the nausea brings. Is it normal to be perfectly fine one day? Should I be worried now if I haven’t felt any symptoms today?


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Slk3558 Mon 21-Jun-21 13:12:01

@SamBass I’ve just seen on another thread it was a MMC I’m so sorry.xx

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