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Pregnancy After Miscarriage Part 5 - TTC graduates

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BecsterG Mon 15-Feb-21 12:27:38

Hi Ladies, loving that we have e Pugh success stories and chat for part 5!

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SunnySideUp2020 Mon 15-Feb-21 12:56:37


MilsCookie Mon 15-Feb-21 13:09:00

Hey everyone 👋

@TerribleImagination I bloody LOVE MAFS Australia 🙈😂 I'm a bit behind on the series that's on e4 at the mo but Ines!!! 🤬🤬🤬

Ejb86 Mon 15-Feb-21 16:01:24

I'm hooked on MAFs too! @MilsCookie there's loads more drama to come!

Thanks for the new thread @BecsterG.

Just been for my 37 week growth scan and consultant appointment. All went well, until I've checked my phone and had a missed call from the consultant and now I'm anxiously waiting for him to call back again. He's provisionally booking me in for a section if she's still not arrived at 40+11. Hoping he's just calling to tell me that he's done it.

BecsterG Mon 15-Feb-21 16:02:54

@MilsCookie @Ejb86 @TerribleImagination what's MAFS?

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MilsCookie Mon 15-Feb-21 16:14:49

@BecsterG Married at First Sight Australia... it's totally trashy but so addictive!

@Ejb86 wow... can't believe you're 37 weeks now, time has flown! Fingers crossed that's what he was calling about 😊 if the growth scan all went well try not to worry although I know it's easier said than done xx

BecsterG Mon 15-Feb-21 16:16:38

@MilsCookie ahhh. I've seen the British one but not the Australian one. Maybe I should take a look 😂

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Whiffle77 Mon 15-Feb-21 17:55:44

I love This is Us too @BecsterG @TerribleImagination! I started watching it when I went on mat leave at the start of November, and gave finished all 5 series!! I regularly get tearful at it, which is not like me at all - I suspect hormones!! Also loved little fires everywhere @ChampooPapi. Not got much on the go at the minute, any recommendations welcome! Not tried Married at First Sight so maybe that should be next on the list!

Can you believe our babes are 12 weeks old @MilsCookie (or almost for me!)?! It has both flown by and dragged! Glad you are getting out of the fog, how is the new formula?

@SunnySideUp2020 sorry you had a scare, glad that everything is ok!

@AlviesMam what a beautiful picture and thing to do, sending you lots of love!

Gosh @Ejb86 I cant believe you are 37 weeks, not long till more babies for this thread!! Hope all ok with the phone call.

Not much romance for us either, although we did get a takeaway pudding!! Just an excuse to eat lots, altho I dont need much excuse for that at the minute. I seem to have put back on a lot of the weight I lost after the birth 🙈 whoops!!! Trying to be better this week but its pancake day tomorrow...hard to not eat cake all day when you're tired and there is nothing else to do!

Little one is chunking it on and growing so fast, hoping there is now some light at the end of the tunnel and people can actually meet him soon! Both sets of grandparents have been vaccinated and DH has his tomorrow. The lighter evenings and sun being out today has also made me feel a bit more positive, but its hard!

Whiffle77 Mon 15-Feb-21 17:57:19

And thank you for the new thread @BecsterG!

TerribleImagination Mon 15-Feb-21 19:17:24

@BecsterG Oh me too, I think most episodes are emosh enough to warrant some tears! 😆 Some WAAAAY more than others!

@MilsCookie I’m still catching up I think... not sure what episode I’m on but YES Ines is INSANE!!! 🤣🤣 Also Elizabeth putting pizza in the toaster to warm it up... totally random spot by me, but it blew my mind 🤣 I can’t figure out if it’s genius or madness?! 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

scrumdiddly123 Mon 15-Feb-21 20:51:57

Thanks for the new thread @BecsterG!
@Ejb86 not long for you now! How are you feeling? Why will they give you a section if you go over? Hope the consultant got back to you x
@SunnySideUp2020 I’m about to write my list now for my bag. It’s hard because my last labour I had the baby within an hour of arriving at the hospital and was home the same day, so all I really needed was my wash stuff and a change of clothes! Obviously this labour might be very different so should probably prepare for more eventualities!
Can’t remember if I said on here but I’ve moved my mat leave forward by a couple of weeks, got this week off as it’s half term then will only have 3 more weeks to go! Cannot wait to finish! Hoping my own children will
Be back to school by then as well so I can drop them off and then relax/watch trashy tv between the hours of 9 and 3 😂

mlax Tue 16-Feb-21 11:35:45

Thanks for the new thread @BecsterG

Ejb86 Tue 16-Feb-21 12:47:35

@scrumdiddly123 section is my choice. Think I'd rather not be induced, but may change my mind closer to the time. Also had a section previously, and I think I'm probably more at risk of scar rupture if labour is brought on artificially, rather than naturally.

Feeling fine, just fat, frumpy and achy. Hoping she will decide to make an appearance sooner rather than later!

Still waiting for that consultant call!

BecsterG Tue 16-Feb-21 13:39:55

@Whiffle77 I've just watch season 5 episode 7 that was just released. I hate that they are going to release one a week. Release them all is what I say!

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Whiffle77 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:21:35

Yes @BecsterG its so weird not having the next one ready to go! I cant remember the last time I watched anything a week at a time...

I think they got really behind on filming because of covid so that doesnt help, not sure if they managed to film the full season 🤞

BecsterG Wed 17-Feb-21 14:25:04

@Whiffle77 I hadn't thought about that being the reason! Ha ha too caught up in my own little world! 😂

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scrumdiddly123 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:37:34

@Ejb86 ah ok, was just curious! Sometimes I think I’d prefer a section to induction! Hoping it won’t come to that for me 🤞🏻 Ah well I hope you’re not waiting too long! Keep us updated x

Leok83 Thu 18-Feb-21 17:09:13

Hey ladies! I'll have to start watching all these shows on tv now I've the time.

My maternity leave (well annual leave really for next 2 weeks) has started very badly unfortunately.
My mums/sisters (they live together) dog collapsed on Saturday morning after me finishing up on Friday. I was doing an online antenatal class so my colleague had to see her and she seemed to recover pretty fast although she wasn't sure what had caused it as bloods were all normal and she was back walking almost straight after she was seen. Yesterday morning she then had a seizure and collapsed again so they brought her straight in without telling me they'd gone in. My colleague did an abdominal ultrasound and she was bleeding internally from abnormal spleen so she called me. So I went back into work and we operated and removed her spleen but there was a tumour that had spread under her liver and was sitting on a large blood vessel so we had to euthanase her during surgery. Was absolutely gutted but even more so for my poor sister and mum as she was their life (sisters a year older than me and has had it rough after her long term partner broke up with her after 10 years a couple years ago and now she's back living at home and no prospect of meeting anyone new with covid and my Dad passed 2 years ago and when my sister is away she was fantastic company and security for Mum). I'm normally better at controlling emotions at work but I cried a lot ..pregnancy emotions did not help😢

Anyways hopefully the rest of my mat leave improves! Started watching Bridgerton yesterday after I got home and was good to start off my binge watching and will follow on to all of your recommendations then!!

scrumdiddly123 Thu 18-Feb-21 17:31:59

Oh @Leok83 that’s so sad, so sorry for you and your mum and sister 😢

MilsCookie Thu 18-Feb-21 19:42:01

@Leok83 I just got tears in my eyes reading that... I am so so sorry 😔 that must have been awful. I really take my hat off to you for the job you do, I don't know how you do it. ❤️ so sorry for you losing your dad too, he can't have been very old. Sending you a huge cuddle 💕

BecsterG Thu 18-Feb-21 20:01:58

So next episode of This Is Us is available. Apparently they will release one every Thursday! 👍🏻x

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BecsterG Thu 18-Feb-21 20:03:32

Aww @Leok83 that's so sad 😢

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SunnySideUp2020 Thu 18-Feb-21 20:49:18

Aww no. I am so sorry to hear.
My mum and i experienced something similar couple of years ago. All my sympathy to your family. It is so hard. Especially when the dog is a member of the family and keeping everyone sane and happy in tough times 😔

Hope you are ok x
We do get so emotional towards the end as well. Sending hugs 💕

I started bridgerton but honestly didn't like it...
It was a bit too cheesy for me. I am more of a dark stuff person 😅
BUT i started this is us (season 1 episode 1) yesterday and it was good! Cried already though...

Whiffle77 Fri 19-Feb-21 07:37:30

Oh @Leok83 I'm so sorry! Thats so awful. We have always had dogs and it is so gutting when they pass. Especially when it seems like its before their time. You poor things, I hope everyone is ok.

Yes @BecsterG I'm hoping to watch it today! I also really didn't like Bridgerton @SunnySideUp2020, I dont mind a bit of cheese but I just thought it was rubbish! Killed some time though!! Good lucknwith This Is Us.

Leok83 Fri 19-Feb-21 15:54:53

Thanks ladies, they're doing ok but I did break restrictions yesterday and invited my sister out to my house for lunch and a walk to take her mind off it. I think we've decided that when baby is born anyways we'll be letting her and my mum visit straight away so will prob just make bubble with them now I'm finished at work.

Now ye have me really looking forward to this is us I never asked is it on Netflix?? Hope it is!!

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