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First baby - due later this year

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GWhiteley Wed 10-Feb-21 16:50:32


I was part of another thread and for some reason it got closed. I found it so helpful to be able to talk to other pregnant women, so I thought I would start a new thread where anyone pregnant is welcome!

I'm currently 10wks & my 12 wk scan is on the 22nd. I'm both excited & scared as having had a mc last year I'm worried everything will be ok.

How are you getting on with your pregnancy? Have you, like me, suffered badly with feeling/being sick?!

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casade13 Wed 10-Feb-21 16:57:00


I'm 12 weeks and scan is on Monday! I'm alright - this is my second baby! My son just had his 10th birthday so bit of a gap but hoping he will be my big brother helper 😂

The nausea has worn off mostly but I just try to eat something however small to get rid of it!

I feel like the size of China 😂 but other than that good

ftmum94 Wed 10-Feb-21 17:25:21

Hi! I’m 17 weeks today with my first! I haven’t had any physical sickness. Had some dry heaving, nausea in the first trimester and sometimes have the feeling I’m being sick in my mouth. Now eagerly awaiting 20 week scan!!

GWhiteley Wed 10-Feb-21 17:51:19

@casade13 good luck with your scan on Monday! I can't wait for the day when the nausea goes away, continually feeling sick is something I truly hate.
Doesn't help that my sense of smell has sharpened quite a lot & my taste buds have changed dramatically. My husband keeps telling me it's mind over matter, I'm going to lamp him one of these days!
My step daughter is 8 so we're hooding when we tell her she'll be excited & take on big sister duties too!
@ftmum94 I've not been physically sick either but the dry heaving happens a lot for me...I'm hoping it disappears soon. Are you going to find out whether it's a girl or a boy or would you prefer for it to be a surprise?

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casade13 Wed 10-Feb-21 18:13:25

Ah thank you. You will definitely have a little helper! I have two step sons too! Full house of crazy boys to assist or drive me bonkers!

Sense of smell is so strong so 100% lamp him 😂 The worst one for me is giving my dog his tinned meat in the morning - have to hold my nose 😂

Hope the scans go well - will let you know how it goes. Are you both going to find out gender?

ftmum94 Wed 10-Feb-21 18:24:25

@GWhiteley I initially wanted a surprise but now we are leaning toward finding out! Do you think you’ll find out?

GWhiteley Wed 10-Feb-21 18:54:49

@casade13 oh god that must be awful. Thanks god we haven't got any pets! This is going to sound weird & sorry for grossing you out but I can't stand the smell of pee. I have to hold my nose every time I go to the toilet 🤢
My husband wants to find out but I'm still not sure, I've always been adamant I'd like it to be a surprise. He got railroaded the first time so wants more of a say this time 🙄
Cause of covid I don't know if he'll be able to come to the 20wk scan, if he can't I might ask the sonographer to write it down & fold it over & then I can always decide later 😂

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casade13 Wed 10-Feb-21 19:32:20

Pee 😂😂😂 I know what you mean! My partner was smoking but moved to vaping 6 weeks ago - the smell of smoke was vile but normally it wouldn't overly bother me!

I also feel nausea much more at night - like now! Weird

Me and my partner have 3 boys between us so we will probably find out as partner is convinced it's a girl obviously 🙄 I don't mind. Girl would be nice to have some support but then I know where I stand with boys! What's important is a healthy baby!

Has anyone seen the post on MN where the lady guesses gender by your scan picture? She is pretty accurate!

GWhiteley Sun 14-Feb-21 11:29:01

Yep pee, and cooked chicken & my husbands body spray & the shower gel I always use, the hand soap we always buy, brown bread, broccoli. The list goes on! Also brushing my teeth makes me gag every morning & I eat a tonne of crackers to help settle my stomach 🤦‍♀️
Have either of you struggled with sleep at all?

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AdventuresAwait Sun 14-Feb-21 12:09:53

Hello! Can I join please?
@GWhiteley, I was on another thread too (due Sep 2021) and a new one wasn't started & miss being about to chat!
I'm 10+2 and it is my first. I have had two private scans but do not have my 12 week scan date yet. We had two scans as wanted an early one & then had another at 10 weeks, as my husband isn't allowed to be at the 12 week scan.
I've not been vomiting either, but have nausea and dry heaving. I also have sore boobs, lower back pain & I'm so tired!
Congratulations and also to @casade13 and @ftmum94!
We are definitely going to find out the gender... really excited to find out smile.

AdventuresAwait Sun 14-Feb-21 12:13:36

@GWhiteley, I just saw your question about sleep.. I have really struggled with sleep. I've been so tired but just kept waking up every couple of hours to use the bathroom and then cannot get back to sleep.
The last couple of nights I've slept better so I'm hoping this lasts!

casade13 Sun 14-Feb-21 14:25:09

Hey all! Sleep has mostly been ok when I can get to bed 😂 I went through a stage of getting up for a wee but that's slowed down in the last 3 weeks or so! Has anyone had any cravings? My two have been jacket potatoes with melted cheese and lemon curd in plain yoghurt 😂😂 x

GWhiteley Sun 14-Feb-21 17:47:57

Hi @AdventuresAwait, of course you're welcome to join, I was also on the same thread you mentioned & as it's my first pregnancy being able to chat randomly to other mums to be really helps.
I'm 10+5 so we're really close!
I didn't know you could have private scans, do you mind me asking how much you paid? I think if the lockdown rules haven't eased for husbands coming in with you for scans then I might consider that as an option.
Ever since I found out I'm pregnant I wake up at around 4 & just can't get back to sleep for ages. Then manage to nod off right before my alarm goes off for work! Soo tired all the time!

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GWhiteley Sun 14-Feb-21 17:49:33

@casade13 I've currently got a thing for cheese & ready salted crisp sandwiches, but have tried to curb that & now have cheese & tomato. Other than that it's more what I don't fancy than what I do! 🙈

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AdventuresAwait Sun 14-Feb-21 18:04:09

@GWhiteley, our first was an early scan (from 6 weeks) and was £70. Last week, we had a dating scan which was £45. We got to see and hear the heartbeat and could see the limbs moving! They gave us 18 pictures and videos by email. I was really glad to have heard the heartbeat for the first time with my husband there. Where I am, partners cannot come to the 12 week scan. We will probably have a 16 week scan to find out the gender as I can't wait to know!

GWhiteley Sun 14-Feb-21 18:17:59

@AdventuresAwait I did have to have a scan at 6weeks as I had severe cramps & some bleeding & they thought it might be an eptopic pregnancy & she gave me 3 photos then & I heard the heartbeat. My husband won't be able to come to my scan in 2 weeks either, which is sad, but he's already got a young daughter from his previous relationship so not sure he minds as much as I do. Might suggest to him about a private 16 week scan so he can come too, I'll have to have a look into it & see if it's viable here in Somerset.

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AdventuresAwait Sun 14-Feb-21 18:44:49

@GWhiteley, I hope I get the date of my 12 week scan soon. It's exciting isn't it? I'm both excited and nervous at the same time!

GWhiteley Sun 14-Feb-21 21:05:56

@AdventuresAwait After a mc last June I've spent much of my pregnancy so far fearing something will happen like it again & so looking forward to the 12 wk scan in the knowledge it's got more chance of staying put this time. But then knowing it's sticking is scary in itself as I'm 38 so this is going to be a massive shock to the system when he/she does arrive!

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RadDarwazeh Sun 14-Feb-21 21:09:31

Hi all I'm.gonna join this too if that's ok. Sometimes forums close when they reach 1000 posts. It's an odd thing really, OP haha!

I'm just over 7 weeks girls

DressyGerbera Sun 14-Feb-21 23:01:29

Hi all would love to join, FTM due mid August!
@AdventuresAwait - I went for a private scan too but did a harmony test at the same time so that costs more ( £400).

@gwhiteley have been having salt and vinegar crisps! Have really gone off garlic and onions at the moment.

Choclover89 Sun 14-Feb-21 23:11:42

Hey can I join too? Second time for me with a 1 year old daughter already - was not planning another so soon shock
In my first pregnancy I had awful sickness until 16 weeks so really feel for you ladies suffering with it - it felt like it would never end. This time around I'm exhausted and feel crap, gone off pretty much all food but weirdly barely any nausea.
We won't be finding out the gender because I like the surprise - it is tempting at the scan though!

AdventuresAwait Sun 14-Feb-21 23:25:04

Sorry to hear about your previous mc @GWhiteley and the worry.
I remember you said our dates are close.. Well I'm 39, so we're close in age too!

casade13 Mon 15-Feb-21 07:23:32

Morning all, it's rubbish you can't have your partners at the scan! I have mine today at 13 weeks and partner can come thankfully but that recently changed! Feel a bit nervous as when I had my scan with my first son (he is now 10) and there were all these issues and it was stressful! He is a perfectly crazy boy and all was fine in the end! Age wise I'm 38- we ain't old 😂😂Will let you all know how the experiences was! Xx

GWhiteley Mon 15-Feb-21 09:28:21

@casade13 good luck today, I'm sure it'll be fine.

@AdventuresAwait Haha, no way! Can't believe we have 2 things in common 😊

@DressyGerbera what's the harmony scan you mention? YES! Can't stand the smell of raw onion or garlic at the moment. Also, brushing my teeth has now become the point where I retch & throw up. Every time now 🤢

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DressyGerbera Mon 15-Feb-21 11:05:23

@gwhiteley I have to leave the kitchen each time DH cooks anything with garlic - I have stopped using it in any of my dishes now! I hope it goes away soon for you, I noticed it's gradually got better the past week or so.

The harmony test is a blood test - they check for fetal dna from your blood and then run tests on some genetic abnormalities. If you want, they can also check for the sex of the baby too because it's DNA based. I did it quite early when I was just over 10 weeks - because I haven't had any scans yet, they did a scan first ( to confirm pregnancy) followed by the blood test.

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