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Due mid/late May part 2

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lucymagoo Tue 19-Jan-21 09:30:46

New thread because we ran out of room smile

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mouldygrapes Tue 19-Jan-21 10:09:26

Thanks @lucymagoo!

RustyCat Tue 19-Jan-21 10:42:42

Ah wow! 🤣 Lots of chatter on the other one!

Catisa Tue 19-Jan-21 12:07:47

Oh thank you for that. Regarding NCT I got the email yesterday saying that they are definitely moving it online which means there is a discount of 15%, so it will end up costing 272. Still expensive for something online but I am considering it. It's not like there is any other that is as popular as that one for less. Also interested in the one from positive birth company for 39, I've heard good things. I expect it to be more focused on labour, which I think I need as I am super scared. I am looking at the first aid for babies too, I think it could be very helpful if something happens, to know how to act and it's only 35 I think. A lot of courses I know!!!

mouldygrapes Tue 19-Jan-21 12:14:32

@Catisa not sure where you are in the country but this is the one we’re doing and the locations they work in

Baby first aid is one of the classes - although due to covid they can’t do it face to face but there is video teaching on it. I think it was £200 in total

lucymagoo Tue 19-Jan-21 12:37:12

@Catisa definitely do the positive birth company, I can't recommend it more. It's more about labour but tells you exactly what to expect, all the science behind what your body is doing, how best to make labour easier, quicker, a more pleasant experience. I feel very prepared and actually excited for it! It helps you make informed decisions about your care also, rather than just accepting everything the midwives/doctors suggest you can question what's right for you and your baby a bit more

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Catisa Tue 19-Jan-21 12:55:02

@mouldygrapes oh that one looks interesting, they have one close to me for April. I will definitely have a look this weekend with DH. Thank you for letting me know about it
Also @lucymagoo now I am totally convinced to do the positive birth company course smile

mouldygrapes Tue 19-Jan-21 22:55:04

I’m on another group with mums due in May and others have highly recommended the positive birth company. I think I may do that one too

RustyCat Wed 20-Jan-21 10:57:18

I'm having a snoop at the positive birth company too, lots of people recommend it, can't hurt to be nosey!

Catisa Wed 20-Jan-21 12:32:06

For the ones who bought the course with the positive birth company, did you buy the full package including post partum course or just the one that is antenatal?

lucymagoo Wed 20-Jan-21 12:38:57

I just have the ante-natal one at the moment @Catisa but the post natal one is on offer so I'm tempted?

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Catisa Wed 20-Jan-21 12:59:05

@lucymagoo yes I am also tempted but not sure if I will feel like looking at it after birth, baby will keep us busy enough I think...but having said that I am still considering it

RustyCat Mon 25-Jan-21 09:09:28

Officially 24 weeks today! I also have a growth scan for the twins. I am feeling super large! How are you ladies doing?

Catisa Mon 25-Jan-21 09:39:59

Ohh good luck!!! Let us know how it goes!
I was 23 weeks on Sat, also feeling like I am getting quite big! However I guess nothing like carrying twins! Feeling quite good overall, feeling the baby moving sometimes is definitely reassuring. Positive overall

lucymagoo Mon 25-Jan-21 12:41:46

Exciting @RustyCat! I'm also 24 weeks today, just had my phonecall 24 week appointment, she just asked how I was doing and said to report any change in movements from now on. Will start measuring my bump from 28 weeks smile

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RustyCat Mon 25-Jan-21 13:47:29

Thank you ladies, I certainly will keep you updated.

Excuse the bathroom clutter behind me but this is me and bump today!

RustyCat Mon 25-Jan-21 13:48:38

Hit send too soon 😂. The movements are lovely aren't they @catisa

Ooh that's good! I don't have my next midwife appointment until nearly 26weeks! But I don't mind, they obviously know what they are doing.

mouldygrapes Mon 25-Jan-21 22:43:04

It’s all so variable isn’t it! I haven’t actually seen a midwife since 12 weeks. 23+3 today.
Next midwife appt is 25 weeks, by phone.
I’m not sure after that but I have a growth scan at 28 weeks and will pop in and see the doctors after.

@RustyCat lovely neat bump!

Finallybfp Tue 26-Jan-21 18:15:43

Hiya I’m due may 27th 2021 , hope you all don’t mind me joining in this group . When I first found out I was pregnant back in September I did join the June 21 group as I was given due date 3rd June on my early 8 week scan , but most people in it are due the end of June .
Does anyone have any advice about if you need to stop working earlier with the pandemic etc going on . Few friends have been saying to me do you not need to shield from 28weeks .
I did have in my head I want to try and work up until 37 weeks , I also work in a nursery with babies.
I’m 22 weeks +5 days now
Any ideas anyone ?
Thankyou smile

mouldygrapes Tue 26-Jan-21 19:36:53

Welcome @Finallybfp, congrats on your pregnancy.
The official government guidance is here, you should read and then discuss with your employer. Good luck!

Finallybfp Tue 26-Jan-21 19:44:35

Thankyou@mouldygrapes, I have had a risk assessment done at work and with me not being able to really social distance I have decided myself to wear a face mask while working to keep me and baby safe.
Are you all feeling baby much ?
I’m 22+5days and only starting to feel flutters now and then . I was told at 20 week scan though I might feel movement a little later as my placenta is at the front so acts more of a Cushion to movements. But just to be in safe side I did book in with my midwife at the doctors to listen to o babies heartbeat on Friday as I was a little concerned. Good strong heartbeat so I was quickly reassured.
Hope everyone is well . smile

hereforallthehelp Sat 30-Jan-21 09:32:05

hey everyone! Hope you’re all feeling good - I’m 24 weeks on Monday and starting to think of nursery - we’re pretty much sorted and know what we’re getting when shops open but can anyone recommend a good nursing chair? I’ve actually seen a lovely one aldi did last year and wondering whether they’ll bring it back!

Finallybfp Sat 30-Jan-21 09:48:01

@hereforallthehelp - funny enough we’ve just had our rocking chair delivered yesterday . I’ve gone for a tutti bambini one. I love it I would definitely recommend it ☺️.

hereforallthehelp Sat 30-Jan-21 15:38:10

Ooh I really like that one! @finallybfp the legs are lovely aren’t they? I’m hoping we can fit one in!

Finallybfp Sat 30-Jan-21 15:43:13

@hereforallthehelp - yeah I loved the legs on it as they match the doors in our house lol . It’s very easy to put together aswell and looks perfect in our little nursery. Fingers crossed you find one . Took me ages to find one I really liked. X

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