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June 2021 - part 4!

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swiftt Mon 18-Jan-21 20:45:39

We filled up the other thread already!

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Nesski Mon 18-Jan-21 20:53:17

Thank you @swiftt for starting the next thread! How are you doing?

@MimiDaisy11 I've got a rather large fibroid so they need to do 3 growth scans (28,32 and 36) to track size as measurements are unreliable!

I'm still hanging on to the idea of a babymoon abroad at 29 weeks, am I being unreasonable or selfish? I'm just sad about my first pregnancy being so different to what I'd imagined it to be, like the experience was stolen from me. I wanted to go away with DH before it was no longer the two of us for a veeeeeery long time

Mackie2020 Mon 18-Jan-21 21:01:17

Thanks @swiftt Just jumping back on board.

lucieloos Mon 18-Jan-21 21:21:19

@Fightingtobepositive I had the same in my second pregnancy but the good news is the majority of the time the placenta does move later on in the pregnancy so the number actually needing a csection is relatively low.

@MimiDaisy11 I also need extra growth scans because they classed my first born as small (6lbs8oz). Didn't seem that small to me but apparently she was only born on the 7th percentile. Every subsequent pregnancy I've had to have extra scans to check growth but I just try to see it as a chance to get an extra peek at baby.

swiftt Mon 18-Jan-21 21:41:25

@Nesski could you look at a wee babymoon in the UK instead, as a back up? I’m hoping the restrictions will start to ease over the next few months, so hopefully it won’t be totally out of the question for you!

I’ve got my 20 week scan tomorrow and I finally feel more excited than nervous at the prospect of a scan!

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Nesski Mon 18-Jan-21 22:05:09

@swiftt ooooh 20 week scan! Let us know how it goes, I bet you're dead excited to see baby again! And the babymoon might have to be in the UK, I'm trying to convince DH that we will be going abroad when baby is 4 months, i.e. when we don't need to constantly keep an eye on him running around! Compromise, but he doesn't want to go anywhere abroad until he's one for some weird reason, it's not like I'm thinking safari or backpacking, just a hotel with a swimming pool grin

swiftt Mon 18-Jan-21 22:14:13

@Nesski I can’t wait! Just can’t believe it’s halfway already though. It’ll be June before we all know it! I’ve heard that it’s easier to take wee ones abroad when they’re younger, before they’re running around really so definitely see where you’re coming from.

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Fishingforhappiness Mon 18-Jan-21 22:20:28

Just grabbing my spot grin.
20 week scan and consultant appt next wewk. Since telling my mother at 16 weeks i have learnt that she had a stroke at 36weeks with me, due to DVT and large post partum haemorrhages with me and my brothers. They are now saying i may need to start heparin injections. I hate to be rude my mum was obese, unfit, ate poorly and made some poor life choices whilst pregnant. Im fit, exercise daily, have a healthy diet and a pre pregnancy BMI of 20. I feel that im being tarred with the same brush and my midwife led water birth ideas are going out of the window. Anyone in a similar boat?

PinkPlantCase Mon 18-Jan-21 22:28:36

@Nesski my DH had a job that he can do from anywhere and I’m trying to convince him that we should go away for a month when baby is 4/5 months grin whilst I’m on mat leave.

When else will we be able to go and live abroad for a month! I don’t think he’s buying it yet 😂

PinkPlantCase Mon 18-Jan-21 22:52:39

@Fishingforhappiness not quite the same boat but I want a home birth but live with several chronic conditions including one that can make breathing difficult.

My health issues are well controlled but generally not well understood by your average doctor. I had a lot of unnecessary medical treatments in the past because doctors didn’t know enough about how to treat me until we found the right specialists.

At my booking appointment it was agreed that I needed to see a consultant at 20 weeks who would give their opinion on how they thought my body would deal with birth.

I then had a very frank conversation with the lead of my local Homebirth team. I am confident that I understand my body more than any obstetrician that will see me for 10 minutes having likely never heard of the conditions I have and regardless of what conclusions they reach I still want to try for a home birth. The Homebirth lead agreed with me and was very clear that i need nobody’s permission to give birth where I want to. Nobody needs to say if I’m ‘allowed’.

If later on in pregnancy if something happens with baby or there’s a complication then I will of course listen to medical advice and consider my options. But for now I’m not going so miss out on the way I want to give birth because doctors could make blanket decisions about my health.

Hope that helps smile

Nesski Tue 19-Jan-21 07:42:33

@PinkPlantCase @swiftt I'm glad we are on the same boat about holidays, mine can work from anywhere and completely agree with the month away thing!!!! I was actually thinking some mini eurotrip but one step at a time grin after I saw somewhere a couple took a year out to do south America, we're not asking for that! I probably will put a PowerPoint together with the pros and cons as well as assumptions together for him I reckon (he's a hardcore consultant haha)

@Fishingforhappiness all very frustrating, I'm currently consultant led, hopefully during the 20 week they can determine whether I can go back to MLU and I can have a chance of a waterbirth!! They just make these assumptions before doing all the tests to really see, I reckon it's just a worse case scenario and want to get you mentally ready, push them hard to see if you can get the outcome you want!

swiftt Tue 19-Jan-21 07:59:38

@Nesski @PinkPlantCase I used to live in NZ and the amount of couples I met who were travelling in campervans with toddlers and newborns just amazed me! They were literally doing their gap years later with their kids. Not for me but they made it look so easy!

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Aggy106 Tue 19-Jan-21 13:29:44

Hey everyone, do you mind if I jump on the June bus? I’m 17 weeks pregnant, we have a son already and I’m due on 29th June. Hope you’re all doing ok with the second trimester!

Fightingtobepositive Tue 19-Jan-21 13:59:09

Thank you so much for your kind words ladies 💜 these groups really are a support that’s needed.

So I’ve accepted the cesarian but made the huge mistake of googling placent prevea I am now absolutely terrified and can’t get the worst case scenarios out of my head! I have been an absolute wreck honestly. I feel awful for not being ecstatic at the good news about baby 💙 x

Edelweiss2020 Tue 19-Jan-21 15:50:25

Jumping back into this thread smile 20 weeks exactly today - how the hell are we half way already!

Got my 20 week scan tomorrow, and my husband can come which is hugely exciting! Just need to tame the scanxiety now 😂

Crossing everything for everyone having scans this week smile

swiftt Tue 19-Jan-21 18:57:07

Had my 20 week scan today. She was being so awkward (as she has been for every scan!) and wouldn’t show the sonographer everything she needed to see, so we’ve to go back in a few weeks.

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Nesski Tue 19-Jan-21 20:10:35

@swiftt a stubborn baby knows what they want, she clearly didn't want to be disturbed so want having any of it grin at least you can see her again, did they ask you to wobble around? I had to do it for my 12 week so they could see his back; all I could visualise was a snow globe, poor kid.

@Fightingtobepositive don't bother with Google, just listen to your consultant and midwife who will reassure you with realistic scenarios and metrics, find things to keep your mind preoccupied in the meantime (like talking to us hehe)

@Edelweiss2020 eeeek let us know how it goes!!!

swiftt Tue 19-Jan-21 20:58:10

@Nesski hahaha yes, definitely! They had me empty my bladder again, do some starjumps, lay on my side, wiggle my hips etc. She would not budge. Must be comfy in there! Nice to get another glimpse of her though in a few weeks!

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Edelweiss2020 Wed 20-Jan-21 12:31:30

Scan went well, all is healthy! We found out we are having a little boy! I had no feelings either way but everyone else predicted a girl. We are very excited 🥰

Fightingtobepositive Wed 20-Jan-21 12:46:49

Thank @Nesski I’m sure you will all hear a few more meltdowns off me soon enough. Feeling slightly better today. Just have to think it’s something I can’t control and hopefully won’t need to worry just yet. I’ll get myself prepared for hosp but think about it if it comes.

So glad scans are going well 🥰 they are stubborn on times aren’t they bless them.

How is everyone feeling?

Nellle Wed 20-Jan-21 12:57:02

Woo new thread! Jumping back on.

20 week scan today. Can't wait to see him again 😍

BlondePotter Wed 20-Jan-21 15:44:00

Oh yay thanks @swiftt I thought I'd lost you all 🤣
Had my John Lewis appt yesterday and really useful to discuss car seats and prams as a FTM. We had narrowed down to 4 prams, and she disregarded 2 for us, and suggested a new one we hadn't considered. So Bugaboo Fox, Uppababy vista and Icandy are our shortlist now based on our love of walking and need for off road usage. I prefer the icandy personally as hoping to have a second with a fairly short age gap, and this converts to a double.

Baby's room is also decorated as my dad did it whilst decorating the rest of upstairs. We have Harry Potter wallpaper and yellow paint and I love it!
Hope you're all ok 💛

BlondePotter Wed 20-Jan-21 15:45:19

@tatty1987 tagging in case you haven't seen new thread as you asked about JL appt

Bella678 Wed 20-Jan-21 16:04:58

Hi, im due 30th June... can i join in?

Tatty1987 Wed 20-Jan-21 16:12:45

@BlondePotter thanks smile glad you’ve managed to narrow it down and our advisor helped us cut the shortlist. I might book another after my 20 week scan to discuss things like monitors etc as also FTM.

Love the Harry Potter theme too! We’re waiting to hear if it’s a boy or girl to start deciding on nursery themes - so exciting.

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