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Bubbles1st Wed 13-Jan-21 13:11:58

Hi all, I know each trust area will differ but I am struggling to find any information on what actually happens now I have self referred to the local antenatal team.

It's my first pregnancy so I'm unsure if anything happens before you get booked for a 12 week scan.

Can anyone offer some information or reassurance what happens first and are these services affected by Covid at present?
I'm 5 weeks, soon to be 37 and over weight. So I am conscious that my pregnancy may be treated with caution due to age and weight 1 anyone with similar experience in that area also welcome.

Guess I'm just nervous and clueless! Thanks

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Bigdreamer9 Wed 13-Jan-21 13:15:10

Hi smile

I’m 5 weeks and it’s my first too. I called my GP and they have booked in my “booking appointment” with the midwife for 8 weeks, this will be done as a phone call. Then I understand the next would be a 12 week scan.

You could talk to the midwife about your concerns at your booking appointment and she will advise

peanutbutterandfluff Wed 13-Jan-21 13:18:14

I had my first at 37.
Booking inappointment and scan appointment came through a few weeks after referral, were for 11 and 12 weeks respectively.
I wasn’t treated any differently due to age, it wasn’t even mentioned!

Mimba1 Wed 13-Jan-21 13:28:00

I'm 37 and overweight but not obese (according to the NHS definition). They didn't treat me any differently. First appt is booking appointment (filling in forms) at about 9 weeks. They may take blood at that appt or send you for a separate one after. Then scans at 12 and 20 with MW appts at approx 16, 24, 28 and closer together towards the end. The GP didn't even want to talk to me before 8 weeks!

Have a look at the NHS website on what to eat/not eat as that's important in 1st trimester. Also start taking folic acid and vit D if not already.

Bubbles1st Wed 13-Jan-21 14:04:21

Ok thanks, the self referral said don't chase unless not hear in a week. Our Dr's surgery is currently close due to Covid outbreak so can't call them yet.

I know some services call it geriatric after 35 years old and I had a friend in oz at 37 who was treated as such.

So good to know @peanutbutterandfluff and @Mimba1 you haven't been.

It's just a waiting game I guess the first few weeks !

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TooManyDinosaurs1 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:17:37

Im 37 and expecting my third child, I was 32 and 33 when I had the first 2 and I’m not treated any differently to my other pregnancies. It’s over 40 that you might have more involvement/appointments, age isn’t even mentioned at 37. My mum had my younger sister at 38/39 nearly 30 years ago and her age was made into a big deal, you’d have thought she was 55, it wouldn’t happen now.

glassacorn Wed 13-Jan-21 14:20:01


glassacorn Wed 13-Jan-21 14:21:29

Don't know why it isn't posting the infographic but:

leftitlate37 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:36:06

hey and congrats @Bubbles1st! im same age as u - and as previous poster said they defo havent treated any differently cos of age!
I rang my GP practice and spoke to someone who then referred me to the community midwife from local trust - they called me and took some brief details, and booked me in for 8 weeks for booking appointment. imagine will get letter for scan through the post at some point in future.
some places you dont need to ring your GP and can refer yourself directly online - guess if gp cant help, try your local NHS trust website for their antenatal info?

Mimba1 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:37:04

@Bubbles1st waiting a week doesn't seem unreasonable as nothing will happen for a couple of weeks anyway. It is weird though when it's something so momentous in your life and no-one else seems interested!

I think being over 35 is seen as a risk factor but it is just one factor and they aren't worried until there are several. It seems to be a judgement as well. In my first PG I was going to be consultant led because of mental health history (sadly lost that baby) but this time not consultant led even though I'm older and my mental health has not improved. I'd say you just have to ask for the support/care you think you need - I definitely found it useful taking a list of questions to my appointments.

Once you've had your booking appointment you will be given a book of notes which has all sorts of stuff recorded in it including various risk assessments, medical history etc and sets out what happens next. The only place the book even mentions being over 35 is under "venous thromboembolism assessment" where you need 3 or more risk factors for anything to change.

Other thing you can do now if you want is to get a flu jab. I did mine at the GP but I think you can go anywhere if you tell them you're pregnant. Not sure how it works with paying for it before you get your exemption certificate but definitely worth doing.

Any support you need before 20 weeks they say to contact GP or A&E. Obviously a bit more tricky in COVID!

Honeydukesmum Wed 13-Jan-21 14:39:42

It will be over 40 re age and depending on extent of your bmi will be offered glucose test , growth scans, continuous monitoring in labour and review with an anaesthetist x

Bubbles1st Wed 13-Jan-21 16:05:08

Thanks everyone for your words and information.

I just need to be patient and wait to hear, the self referral process was very straight forward so hopefully the rest that follows will be too.

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Bubbles1st Thu 14-Jan-21 16:44:12

Me again.
So the community midwife rang - yay!

She wasn't interested in potential implantation bleeding and just wanted the last bleed date as the start of my period as usual regardless of my thoughts - despite me saying I was 5 days early.

Is that normal, or is it just better for me to further along not far enough when they see me? I wasn't tempted by a private scan before but now I am.

Am I just having an irrational first time pregnancy moment? The fact I suddenly look and feel 6 months pregnant isn't helping when I am apparently only 5 weeks grin

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