Pregnancy food cravings or combos

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M24L Tue 12-Jan-21 22:34:24

After being put of any form of food between 4+5 and 9 weeks due to morning sickness an nausea.

I am now 12 weeks and still not 100% back in love with food, can't remember the last time i had a proper hot home cooked meal. The thought of cooking a meal or eating really turns my stomach (not literally but it does make me feel queasy) so any slight cravings or "good food combo" ideas i get i act on them.

Hit me with your weird and wonderful cravings or combos.

Last week it was salted chips dipped in soy sauce and salt and vinegar crisps dipped in garlic mayo.

I'm currently enjoying a tortilla wrap pizza topped with cheese and spicy noodles 🍜

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WeavingWandering Wed 13-Jan-21 18:52:01

Veggie/mushroom pho.... but there’s no Vietnamese place near me sad

My mum walked in on me reading Vietnamese menus to the baby grin desperate times!!

M24L Wed 13-Jan-21 19:23:32

@WeavingWandering oh no 😪 that must have been hard for you not being able to get it.

Had you tried pho before? I've heard of it but never tried it myself.

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SingingSands Wed 13-Jan-21 22:19:22

When I was pregnant I was really horrendously ill for the first 29 weeks. I didn't eat properly until 30 weeks. And then I was addicted to satsumas, I could eat an entire bag in one sitting. My manager told me she was concerned I was going to give birth to an orange baby grin

M24L Wed 13-Jan-21 23:16:02

@SingingSands 29 weeks 😮😓 that must have been very hard and draining for you. At least satsumas are good for you haha.

My first pregnancy all i craved was green beans, I would have a nice meal and a large bowl of green beans at the side, green beans for breakfast, lunch, along with dinner and supper 🤣

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WeavingWandering Thu 14-Jan-21 08:09:57

I lived in Vietnam previously- worked overseas for most of my life so many cravings have been frustratingly specific and unattainable for the most part, but at least when it’s ‘soup I once I had in tiny village’ I can sort of talk myself out of it because I know it’s not happening . Pho feels like it’s something I should be able to get (there is a Vietnamese place near me it’s just not doing takeaway) so my body isn’t responding to the same logic!

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