Sharing Pregnancy News Early?

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AGB10 Tue 12-Jan-21 15:07:16

I found out last week I was pregnant, from dates I am around 5 weeks.

I have an 18 month little boy and prior to my pregnancy with him, I had a miscarriage.
I think everyone has the same worries and concerns, but I am unsure this time round whether to tell my Parents I am pregnant this early?
With my little boy, we had an early reassurance scan, and told my Parents once we had the confirmation it was a viable pregnancy.

My ideal situation would be to tell my Parents once we have had a scan, so we know we can get excited with them - rather than tell them now and for them to be SO excited when we still aren't quite at the "safe stage".

At the moment, I am living with my Parents as we are having renovation works completed on our house. I am wondering whether to tell them, so I have the support and help with my little boy whilst I am here. I am already feeling quite nauseous and VERY tired.

I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts are on sharing the news this early on really?

Thank you xx

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jamie980 Tue 12-Jan-21 15:22:55

It’s just totally up to you really - I told parents and close friends as soon as we found out, I figured if I was to miscarry or the pregnancy didn’t go smoothly I would want to have their support. But it totally depends how you feel and on your relationship with them and whether it benefits you more for them to know now or not

Mimba1 Tue 12-Jan-21 15:26:13

Entirely up to you and your circumstances. I have had 2MC and no children. With the 1st PG I didn't tell anyone because I thought you were "supposed" to wait until 12 weeks. It was really hard explaining what had happened and didn't really tell anyone. 2nd PG I told my Mum after we saw a heartbeat at 8 weeks. It was a lot easier explaining we'd lost the baby when she knew about it. Although she was really upset it meant we could grieve together (as much as you can in lockdown). This PG I told her at 3 weeks as soon as I found out. I knew I'd need her if anything went wrong and my anxiety has made me a bit distant which she wouldn't have understood. Pros: it has been good that I've been able to discuss what is going on, haven't had to hide my anxiety, tiredness or sickness and haven't been so alone. Cons: she worries too and that has brought me down sometimes when I need to feel a bit more confident. I had this idea that I would feel excited after the 12 week scan, but I was still worried. Then I thought I'd feel confident after 20 week scan, but I was still worried. Now I'm in 3rd trimester and pretty much resigned to the fact I am never going to have a carefree pregnancy after experiencing losses. So overall I'm glad I told her early but recognise my situation is a bit different to yours!

nemumx Tue 12-Jan-21 15:28:10

I am 9 weeks with an 18 month old and haven't told either parents yet for this same reason. A lot of people like to tell their parents either way so they have their support if anything happens but I didn't want to give good news then bad news around Christmas/new year especially after the year we had all had so decided to keep it to myself. I don't think I would of been able to if I lived with my parents though as I have been bad as a dog! But we have an early scan booked tomorrow due to some of my symptoms so if all is well I plan on telling them this weekend smile

Embracelife Tue 12-Jan-21 15:29:36

If you will need your parents help in event of miscarriage eg to look after other dc then tell them

AGBSILVERHILL Tue 12-Jan-21 15:35:37

Thank you all for replying!
It's such a hard one isn't it... I would love to tell them for their excitement, but my Parents like to think everything will be fine, so will start constantly talking about the new baby and making plans before we have even had a scan.
If anything goes wrong, I would obviously tell them - so it's the choice of giving them the hope and excitement now, or later on down the line when we know things are going well... argghh! xx

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