Ovulation without any ewcm

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Rachyb87 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:30:38

So I've posted here a few times regarding when af arrives after a miscarriage and mentioned that i was still getting faint positive fr... all other brans negative.

Anyway it's been nearly 9 weeks on wed since my mc. I got my first af after 33 days even though i was till getting positives.
I'm now on cd 15 since first proper af and yesterday i got strong positives opks (am&pm) with 2 different brands.

My question is, is it possible to ovulate without any ewcm? I haven't had that at all despite the positive opks. I've done nothing but spot since my af, sometimes fresh blood, other times with cm. Cm has consistently been milky even with the positive opks...also still spotting slighly.

I've no idea if I've ovulated or about too or if my body is trying but isnt quite there because of no ewcm. I plan to temp etc next cycle and hopefully that will give me a better idea.

Has anyone had anything similar after mc? I'm usually a text book 26-28 day cycle 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I'm definitely obsessed with my cycles/ovulation and get pregnant 😂😂

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2Cats3Kids Mon 11-Jan-21 17:22:15

One thing I've learned is that female biology is very variable, and you have to learn what's normal for you.

I can only tell you my own experience, as that's all I have to offer...

Bear in mind that I have PCOS, so my cycles are not normal anyway. Like many PCOS women, my cycles contain multiple LH surges (and therefore positive OPKs), but most of those surges are unproductive and do not result in ovulation. It is seldom that I get an LH surge resulting in ovulation without using medication/specific supplements. I have noticed, however, that when I have a productive surge and ovulate that I have a lot more EWCM, and I also usually have a POD (pre-ovulation basal body temperature dip). I'm quite lucky to get a POD, as only a few women actually have this, so if you don't get one then that's totally normal, too.

Personally, I've never had a true ovulation without plenty of EWCM, although others may tell you differently!

Rachyb87 Mon 11-Jan-21 18:29:38

Thanks for replying. It sounds like its quite unpredictable have pcos. I guess you just get on with it and kind of get used to it?

I'm a healthy, slim 33 yr old and no medical issues like pcos. Like i said regular textbook cycle so generally lucky. I usually get all types of the cm throughout my cycle prior to mc which is what has thrown me. I took a few opks once my af had finished and they were very negative. So with he ones being very positive yesterday and now fainter (although still quite dark) I'm presuming something is happening. I'll keep testing for a few more days just to see if they gradually get fainter.

It's so frustrating not knowing where i am in my cycle. I've practiced FAM (fertility awareness method) for a while now so it's handy to know if I'm fertile or not.

I'm also going to take another first responce test tomorrow and hopefully I'll finally get a negative. Last week it was very faint but still visible 🙄

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2Cats3Kids Tue 12-Jan-21 01:34:33

@Rachyb87 Ah, well, if you're doing FAM then that's more accurate than OPKs in any case, IME! That's what I've always used to distinguish a genuine ovulation from an unproductive LH surge. With the unproductive surges then your BBT goes up and down like a yo yo... you only get the sustained rise and elevated progesterone after a proper ovulation.

I'd say your chart will tell you everything you need to know over the next week or so!

Rachyb87 Tue 12-Jan-21 16:36:17

Well I'll have a better idea next month as i don't actually chart my temp but I'm going to next month for sure. Thinking back to a few days ago i did have abit of ewcm mixed with blood but at this point i hadn't taken an opk and was still unsure where i was in my cycle. Next month will definitely give me an accurate view of whats going on.
I just want to go back to my normal.

I also took a fr test and the line was barely visible, i had to hold it up to the light etc to see 😂

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