3 weeks late with negative pregnancy test!

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Cute94 Mon 11-Jan-21 14:23:44

Sorry this is a bit of a long one!!

I am usually spot on with my period every month but am now 3 weeks late with no noticable pregnancy symptoms and 2 negative pregnancy tests! I took one on the first day of my missed period and one about 10 days after. It has now been another week without any sign of my period.

I miscarried on 20/09 and had my period on 21/10 and 22/11 and should have started the same time in Dec but no sign. I did however experience some very light spotting which lasted for 2-3 days (around the time my period was due, when I took my first pregnancy test)and would only be visible if I would wipe but not enough to show up on my underwear (sorry for TMI). From what I've found on google, it sounds like implantation bleeding possibly.

With my last pregnancy it also took quite long (6 weeks late period) for the test to show up positive and I also never experienced any symptoms then either except for sore boobs, but even that was about a week after my positive test.

My husband and I have been TTC since the miscarriage so it is a possibility that I could be pregnant but have also been more stressed than usual this month too so think that could also cause me to miss my period?

The only other reason I think I could be is because of what I'm reading about the 3 day spotting and how it could be implantation bleeding because I've never experienced that before. I also have been getting some cramps like twinges and pulls, especially in the right side of my belly which google also says is a sign of early pregnancy. Other than that I'd say I've been more tired, get these random hot flushes which make me feel kind of faint and also been feeling super thirsty and getting headaches. I've read that these could also be unusual pregnancy symptoms but haven't actually heard it from anyone before. I'm 26 btw I case anyone is wondering lol.

I do wish I am pregnant but don't want to get my hopes high and also am dreading doing another test as I don't want to be disappointed again sad

Help! Has anyone experienced the same thing?

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Hellobuddy111111 Tue 12-Jan-21 23:16:48

Hi Cute94!

You must be anxious and stressed! It can definitely impact your menstrual cycle.
I think the best thing to do is call your dr and get a blood test and they will be able to confirm whether you're pregnant.

I hope it all goes well xx

Cute94 Wed 13-Jan-21 17:43:07

Thanks for your response! Spoke to the doctor today and he printed my blood test forms for me. Only thing is, I can't do them right away as I'm in quarantine and have to wait till end of next week to be able to leave the house and do it!! Till then I will be going out of my mind 😣😣😣

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