9 weeks pregnant & symptoms are easing?

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loz94 Mon 11-Jan-21 13:01:24

Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences to me as I’m driving myself insane with worry!
I had a mmc back in June and am now around 9 weeks 4 days pregnant again. I had an early scan at 8 weeks where I saw heartbeat etc. It was lush!
My symptoms over the past few days have really eased. I was never sick but had almost constant nausea, I now have none, boobs aren’t really sore anymore (only sometimes slightly on a night) and I don’t feel tired. I basically feel back to normal. I have my 12 week scan on 4th feb but gonna be filled with worry until then!!! Has anyone had this before? Tia x

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EllyNC Mon 11-Jan-21 13:19:20

So sorry to hear about your mmc, and I can see why you’d be feeling anxious After it. With my ds I felt much better by week 10. Not back to normal, but I had appetite again and my nausea defo was wearing off and my
Boobs were more bearable. It’s hard I know but Try not to worry, every pregnancy is different, you’re coming up to the second trimester so just enjoy that you’re reaching the part where you feel better ☺️

loz94 Mon 11-Jan-21 13:39:43

Thank you @EllyNC ☺️ I just need to stop googling everything as obviously that’s making things 10x worse. I’ll try wait it out until my next scan and try and be thankful I feel human again! X

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Mccarthyknight Mon 11-Jan-21 13:59:22

Hi, I’m the same. I’m 10 weeks today but my symptoms have eased up however I have a slight bleed too but only very light. My doctor advised it is most likely ok. But I have to wait for my scan until the 2nd feb. As this is my first I’m feeling so anxious and just hope all is ok. I hope your scan goes ok too.

ShalomToYouJackie Mon 11-Jan-21 14:03:09

This is totally normal, the placenta starts to take over the hormone production from week 9 so you start to feel a bit more human again.

Same thing happened to me when I was 10 weeks and I was really freaked out thinking it meant another MC but neatly everyone in my due date FB group experienced the same between 9 and 11 weeks so I wouldn't worry xx

loz94 Mon 11-Jan-21 14:42:42

Ahh @Mccarthyknight fingers crossed for you, I also had a small bleed when I first found out I was pregnant (around 5 weeks!) and went on to see a heartbeat etc so I hope your scan goes ok and that the time flies over!

Thank you @ShalomToYouJackie that’s actually one thing I never found out when I googled (only hear of the bad things 😂🙈) thanks for the reassurance xx

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c24680 Mon 11-Jan-21 21:33:24

Same thing happened with me but at almost 8 weeks, I had nausea, sore boobs and it all just stopped, midwife said it was normal and it happens to some women. I too went for an early scan, it doesn't stop the worry, you get over one milestone and your onto the next! I'm now 32 weeks.


swiftt Mon 11-Jan-21 21:38:15

I felt pretty much absolutely fine from around 9 weeks onwards. I had had a MMC previously too, so completely understand the worry. I’m 19 weeks now and everything is fine so far. The odds are greatly in your favour, try not to worry - I know it’s harder than it sounds x

Illy605 Mon 11-Jan-21 21:46:37

Hey, I honestly could have written this post OP. My symptoms all but disappeared around 9 weeks. I was so worried and had to wait 3 weeks for my next scan. Everything was fine, baby growing away perfectly ☺️ Around 12 weeks I became unbelievably exhausted, food aversions came back and slight headaches. Symptoms come and go throughout. Be glad the nausea has gone, it makes the world of difference!
Congratulations 💕

Sohe Tue 12-Jan-21 06:51:20

Hi OP. Yes me. My symptoms felt like they where settling last week. However this morning sickness of back with force. I have a private scan booked for Friday so I’m just praying everything will be ok x

Gemmaemilyx Tue 12-Jan-21 08:43:07

Same happened for me... was so nauseated week 4-5 then nothing until week 7-8 then completely stopped! Still have food aversions mind. Scanned myself in work could see a little baby and heartbeat flickering away and now 9+5 my Doppler picks up hb. Just take it and run!! It may all come back and worse grin

loz94 Tue 12-Jan-21 12:24:49

Thank you everyone! Hoping I’m just one of the lucky ones 😁 xx

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