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Anyone else feel like shit?

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macaco Sat 27-Oct-07 10:37:44

I'm 14+4 and really having a shitty time of it. After enduring really horrible ms from week 6 to week 13 to the extent of being signed off for 3 weeks, I now have the worst indigestion ever. (and I'm still throwing up regularly every morning). The indigestion is almost worse than the puking as it makes me feel sick 24/7. I wanted thist (1st) baby but I'm really feeling down and I can't seem to get excited about the pregnancy, I just feel like a long term invalid. I'm really worried I'm going to feel like this for the whole 9 months and I'll never be able to ahve any more kids as I 'd be terrified of feeling this shit again.
Whinge over. Anyone else?

mindalina Sat 27-Oct-07 11:05:40

Hello, congrats on your pregnancy. I'm not pregnant now, ds is 9m, but I hated the misery of pregnancy, I felt uncomfortable and poorly all the way through much like you've described - my doctor ended up signing me off work for vast swathes I was so fed up.
The good news is, now it's over, I can hardly wait to have another baby, and even though I remember how crap I felt first time round, I just don't care, cos DS is so wonderful I can't imagine not doing it again iyswim. It is worth it, I promise. I know it really doesn't seem like it now!

Try Rennie and Gaviscon for the indigestion, and if that doesn't help ask your doctor, I was prescribed Acidex. God it was grim, but it did the trick.

JARM Sat 27-Oct-07 11:11:49

yep. almost 36 weeks here and feeling VERY rough.

Was sick sick sick at the beginning, and starting to feel sick again this last week. The indigestion and heartburn are horrid, and Im swallowing rennies like they are sweets.

Am seeing doc on tuesday to ask for something stronger because I just cant cope anymore - i go to bed feeling sick and wake up feeling sick!

Sympathies - but i did find 20-32 weeks the best bit.

crokky Sat 27-Oct-07 11:15:57

macaco I really sympathise with you, it's really hard I know. My 1st preg was a horrible nightmare for the whole time (baby very much wanted, had sickness and other problems, felt like I was going to die - literally) but trust me when you get the baby in your arms you forget the whole lot!!! I wanted to have another baby a few weeks after my DS was born shock. Anyway, the memory of the illness faded and I even forgot how bad it was because I am now pg again and had the same horrendous shock with the illness, I really had forgotten because my DS was so beautiful!!! I am in a similar position to you now (16 wks) hoping that one day I will feel like a normal human being again. It will be OK in the end, you just have to endure it, and soon you'll have a beautiful baby.

TheDucHearseOfCorpseBride Sat 27-Oct-07 11:39:43

Huge sympathies macaco, I too loathe being pregnant - I always have really bad morning sickness until around 16 weeks, indigestion, I can't sleep, twitchy legs, can't breathe properly etc etc. And, unusually, I don't like feeling the baby move either - makes me queasy!

But the end result is worth the suffering. I wouldn't be having my 4th otherwise! <only just manages a weak smile>

fortyplus Sat 27-Oct-07 11:43:06

Funny how some people love being pregnant - I've never worked that one out! No - it's the pits. But wait till you get that little baby - you'll definitely want another one!
I even went to hospital in labour with ds1 thinking - very grumpily - 'Well I hope I'm going to like this thing when it comes out!'. Not an ounce of maternal instinct. But the minute they handed the slimy blue thing to me and I looked into those 'moon pool' eyes, that was it... SMITTEN! smile

macaco Sat 27-Oct-07 13:44:29

thank you all for you kind messages, so, looks like I'm in for the long haul with the indigestion? I'm soooo disappointed cos I really thought once the ms stopped i'd feel ok. I had ONE day where the ms stopped and I felt great and then indigestion since then. I'm still hoping the indigestion will wear off in a couple of weeks hmm
A friend said it might be cos of puking for so long that my stomach acids are out of kilter so I'm trying to eat things like probiotic yoghurts and I've got some acidophilus. I suppose I just didn't expect to feel so shit for so long.

TheDucHearseOfCorpseBride Sat 27-Oct-07 20:27:13

Your friend might be right Mac. In which case you may get some respite until the baby gets big enough to squash all your innards upwards - that's when most pregnant women start suffering from indigestion.

Not painting a good picture here, am I?

Well, tis nearly Hallowe'en! grin Woooooo!

christie2 Sat 27-Oct-07 21:48:11

I feel awful too and I have done this many times before. Everything tastes awful, when I am not vomiting, I have indigestion (and I agree it is worse as it goes 24/7 with no relief). My only consolation is that anytime I didn't feel this sick, I miscarried so I feel like my suffering is for something. I was told ginger helps. I never figured out how to ingest it but found ginger ale ( I think you call it ginger beer in the UK) did give a bit of relief from the indigestion. Someone told me to drink ginger tea but I don't have clue how to make it.

macaco Sun 28-Oct-07 10:36:29

You put a slice of fresh ginger in boiling water for about 5 mins (with a slice of lemon if you want) and let it steep and then drink it. I found it helped with nausea, although i haven't tried it for indigestion.

daisynova Sun 28-Oct-07 13:13:04

I am 17+4 and also feeling very rough - just look at my thread called "Am I A Bad Mum Already" where I complain a lot!

I have had permanent morning, noon & night sickness, severe geadaches/migraines, high blood pressure, type 1 diabetes and breathlessness. I have been off work pretty much for the last 5 weeks and it is really getting me down to the point where some days all I can do is cry. And I know once the baby is here I will be happy and hopefully forget about the illness but it just doesn't feel that way now.

Big hugs to you honey. Maybe try natal hypnotherapy morning sickness hynosis CD which does help me a little. The only other thing that has worked for me is milk - the only think that I can keep down. x

nana70 Fri 19-Dec-08 13:39:45

I am 10 weeks pregnant and i feel so miserable and down, iam costantly feeling nauseaus and always bloated that sometimes it affects my breathing and feel out of breath. just wondering how i will cope for the rest of the pregnancy. iam not enjoying it at all, alot of the time iam crying cos i feel like a prisoner and i done enjoy anything any more, have become very careless, dont do much housework, dont look after myself all i want to do is lie down and sleep it off, it s driving me crazy!!!

redtabby Fri 19-Dec-08 13:58:57

I am 14 weeks with a very very much wanted baby, after three m/cs, and I am guilty about admitting that I feel terrible all the time, because I should feel so happy! I have a constant headache and the nausea lasts all day on most days. I was also rather tired but think that have been more down to a flu I had last week, which is better now. I have lost instead of gained weight because eating is such an unpleasant chore. I try to keep eating but nothing appeals. Several people have told me that the nausea will get better around 16 weeks, so I live in hope. Don't know about the headache! The ginger thing didn't really work for me.

Sorry to be so moany but I don't want to moan too much in real life!

elkiedee Fri 19-Dec-08 16:06:37

I felt awful throughout first pregnancy but am still doing it again rather less than 2 years later - amazing how broodiness can kick in.

smallorange Fri 19-Dec-08 16:23:42

I hate being pregnant. And now I'm 15 weeks with number 3. Am just gritting my teeth and getting on with it but I feel utterly crap most of the time. And can only eat shredded wheat at the moment. You will all feel so much better when baby is out.

dannyg Sat 20-Dec-08 18:36:40

Hia I'm approx 10 weeks(still waiting for scan to confirm) with 3rd baby first son 12yrs 2nd 18 mon, I have felt sick since doing a pregnancy test back in November, its unbearable my heart races and then i feel sick. I cant eat any meat apart from Chicken or I'm sick, Ive had to change my washing up liq cos the smell sets me off too LOL, I'm hoping it eases off soon, cos I'm finding it really hard to cope. It definitely gets you down. But it makes me feel better I'm not alone in feeling this way.

brettgirl2 Sat 20-Dec-08 18:41:39

Heartburn is definitely something doctors can and will do something about. There is medication that really can put you back to normal.

erica89 Tue 13-Jan-09 00:44:41

im in my 6th week (4th from conception) of preganncy and i dnt know how i am goin to deal with it sad i feel sooo tired and i basically sleep all day, then at 3am every mornin i waske up with the urgeeee to throw up,but as i have nothin in my stomach its terrible, but i wont be able to go bak to sleep till 9 and it happens every night, its really terrible and i dnt know what to do anymore, especially when i kno this will last a few more weeks at the least, and the the home nausea remedies arent working for mw either.

lynlee Wed 02-May-12 12:32:57

Aw I am glad I am not alone because I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first and according to the rest of the females around me - friends family etc I am whining all the time and surely it 'cant be that bad'. IT IS - I feel sick, indigestion, headaches, blocked sinuses, constant colds and run down, no energy WHATSOEVER! I really dont know how people can enjoy this sad

CupsofTeaAndHandfulsOfCake Wed 02-May-12 12:47:14

Thank you thank you thank you for starting this tread.
I do feel like shit.
Having baby number 5. I am a horrible, miserable cow. I feel like the worst mum and wife for being tired and grumpy. I am usually one of those people who is very happy and appreciates my lovely family sad
I have indigestion, a spot the size of my head, an infected tooth that needs to be removed my general anesthetic, piles and I am very tired.
I also look like shit as well as feeling like it.
Its annoying you are meant to be nice and 'glowing' while you are pregnant. I may punch the next person that touches my tummy.

chipsandmushypeas Wed 02-May-12 14:33:14

Yep feel like shit here too. Only 6 weeks but feel wiped. sad

Olivetti Wed 02-May-12 15:21:17

Same here. 7 + 2 and feel rank. And have 17 month old! And at work! Permanently starving and knackered.

ViolaCrayola Wed 02-May-12 15:30:45

YES! I am so glad you started this thread too, but not glad you are feeling so bad sad

I am 23 weeks and have a bad UTI, on top of a cold and horrible SPD. Yuck yuck yuck yuck.

It WILL all be worth it in the end but it's so hard feeling rubbish all the time.

PickleSarnie Wed 02-May-12 15:46:24

Don't suffer with the heartburn. Get yourself to the doctor because it will only get worse as your stomach gets smaller. Last time I was prescribed ranitidine (same stuff as zantac) which worked hut this time the heartburn started right from the beginning and the ranitidine was doing nothing. I've now been prescribed omeprazole and its brilliant. It's not cured it completely but I only get heartburn after a big meal as opposed to constantly.

milk Wed 02-May-12 16:00:54

I'm 18 weeks and I am counting down the weeks!

I love this baby so much, but I just want this pregnancy to be over asap!!!

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