Something I Ate?

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MintGreenLife Mon 11-Jan-21 15:49:54

@Suzi888 thank you smile

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Suzi888 Mon 11-Jan-21 15:29:18

They’re pretty resilient in theresmile OP. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

MintGreenLife Mon 11-Jan-21 15:00:29

@Suzi888 thanks so much smile it just seemed to happen out of nowhere! Am absolutely fine now so really not sure what that was about. Was just worried if I ate something dodgey enough for my body to react like that could it of harmed baby.

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Suzi888 Mon 11-Jan-21 14:30:24

Giving you a bump as I don’t know for sure, I very much doubt it though.
Even things we are advised not to eat in the U.K. are pretty normal in other countries, doesn’t sound like you ate any raw meat /fish so I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Have some fibre to firm things up maybe! smile hope you are ok now.

MintGreenLife Mon 11-Jan-21 08:36:09

I had a bit of a rollercoaster week last week after I started spotting on Tuesday at 10 Weeks. Finally got seen by EPU Saturday morning and everything was fine with baby and was even measuring 4 days ahead, so am now 11 weeks.

At around 5pm last night I started getting an awful tummy ache - definitely digestion related as I had gas and my tummy was making a lot of noise. By 7pm I had a couple of bouts of diarrhea. Once I had been to the loo my tummy stopped hurting and haven’t had any issues since.

Because it came on quite suddenly and then stopped again, I’m thinking it was something I ate? If this is the case, could this have done any harm to baby?! Everything I ate yesterday I had eaten in the previous days also with no issues. A few hours before the tummy ache hurt I had home made leek and potato soup that I made a couple of days earlier and was fine when eating it previously, and grapes which I washed 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just need some reassurance that whatever caused the tummy problems won’t have bothered baby!

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