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kittenpeak Sun 10-Jan-21 12:45:21

Hi - 31 weeks pregnant with my first and have an anterior placenta. I have been in three times already for reduced movements but know it was just my anxiety, as the baby was tiny when I went in (think I went between 22-27 weeks). Baby is obviously bigger now, but so is the placenta...) I’m feeling fairly regular kicks, but they are so so light. Is this what it’s meant to be like? I’ve never had a “big” kick which has taken me by surprise, like others have said, eg a kick in the ribs or bladder.

I find it so hard to know what’s normal (and yes I know “normal” is different for everyone). They’re so light, sometimes I don’t feel something for hours. What is everyone else’s experience?

And yes I’m sure there will be a lot of replies saying “if you’re concerned or if your pattern has changed go in” and I’m fully aware of that, but I just want to hear what other people with anteriors experience.


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rhowton Sun 10-Jan-21 12:49:04

I had an anterior placenta with both my pregnancies. I was in constantly for reduced movement as after 32 weeks, I couldn't feel any movement. It saved my eldest daughters life as my placenta was failing fast, and she was measuring huge with no LV. She came at 36 weeks via section as she was breech as she couldn't turn due to having no fluid. If you cannot feel movement, just go in. You'll always regret it if the worst was to happen. 💕

SnowFields Sun 10-Jan-21 12:49:17

I’ve had two babies with anterior placentas and two with posterior. I actually think it’s the baby’a position that has more to do with how the kicks feel in terms of strength.

Light kicks are still kicks. What you need to go into hospital for is a change (reduced or increased) to the pattern. Do you have a Count the Kicks band? If you are anxious, that might help.

E1ffelTower Sun 10-Jan-21 12:52:45

I was in nearly every day with my anterior placenta. Was my second child but I just could not feel a thing.

Holsbear Mon 11-Jan-21 17:16:41


I have an anterior placenta, I believe mine is right in the middle across the belly button area! I do my self get into a panic if I don’t feel her as much as I think I should. But as I’m getting bigger I’m 24 weeks I’m feeling her more, sometimes big strong kicks, sometimes little jabs and sometimes I can feel her rolling around in there! Please try not to worry. But if u are ever worried please check it out. All babies are different some more active than others. When are u due?

Aurora791 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:21:29

I also had an anterior placenta, and was in for reduced movements. The midwives are so used to it please never get out off going in if you’re anxious or worried. I had to have daily monitoring and an extra scan after one episode and it really put my mind at rest because I honestly couldn’t feel anything. As I got later in my pregnancy I still couldn’t feel many kicks but my belly sort of rippled when she moved, so it was easier to tell all was well even if I couldn’t feel much! X

serialplanner Mon 11-Jan-21 17:28:13

I have an Anterior and I am 31 weeks. My placenta is at the top so I feel baby lots of the side. It is starting to take my breath away but apparently my child is huge!

I haven't had to go in yet but I wouldn't hesitate if I did. I have had two occasions when I had a worrying thought, concentrated and then felt kicks.

Based on everything I read before I was 20 weeks I didn't expect to feel the baby at all!

When you do go in ask about the positioning of the placenta and your baby so help it make sense to you?

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