AIBU - Keep Being Given Unsuitable Hand Me Downs

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Wanderlust20 Sun 10-Jan-21 11:17:48

Just that really - this is my first and everyone has been so kind! But... I think most of it will go to the charity shop, and not just because of the style!/season.

3 times now, people have given me premature baby clothes hmm. Is this odd? My husband (always the diplomat) thinks maybe people just think I'll have a small baby because I'm very petite but that's not how it works, obviously!

Maybe I'm just being sensitive but I hope I won't need to use them, and I'd never give premie baby clothes to someone who's only half way through their pregnancy. I'm more cynical and think they just wanted rid and saw their chance!

Obviously, the charity shops are shut right now so it's just piling up in our small house!

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Findahouse21 Sun 10-Jan-21 11:20:35

My dd was 10 days late and spent time in tiny baby clothes - newborn stuff comes up huge, so you might be grateful to have it ready to go - it's hard to deliver stuff as baby is born, as you will be in hospital/covid/prioritising family visits, so I wouldn't be offended at all.

BlondePotter Sun 10-Jan-21 11:29:08

You don't have to accept the offerings, just politely decline.
We've been offered bags of neutral clothes which we are accepting without seeing, and anything unwanted will go on to others/donated.
Also been offered a car seat which we've accepted as a spare for parents car
And then offered 2 jumperoos which we've declined
I think a.lot of people just want to get rid of stuff easily, and they'll find another route if you don't want it

bunhead34 Sun 10-Jan-21 12:05:17

Oh god my in laws have a mountain of clothes and toys from a family baby they are planning on sending us - I don't want it 🙈

JemimaTiggywinkle Sun 10-Jan-21 12:06:03

I think they probably didn’t end up using them for their own babies so they’re in good condition and no sentimental attachment... so yes, they probably just want to get rid of them.

firstimemamma Sun 10-Jan-21 12:12:35

Is premie the same as 'tiny baby'? If so I'd hang onto it op as you never know if your child will need the clothes. Always best to start with stuff in tiny, newborn and 0-3 m as u never know which size baby will need to begin with. My niece was born needing tiny baby and no-one had anything so there was panic buying aplenty! Niece was a perfectly healthy baby and her big sister went straight into newborn so there's no rhyme or reason to it sometimes!

Ds was born at nearly 9 pounds but I don't regret having the tiny stuff in the drawer as when I was pregnant it made me feel prepared.

Dinosauraddict Sun 10-Jan-21 12:17:11

I kept being told on all my scans baby was huge (and I had GD), so the smallest size we bought was 0-3 months. We were then frantically doing a Sainsbury's dash as 0-3 was absolutely huge on my fairly small baby when he was born!

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