Could this be labour?

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LikeIDo Sun 10-Jan-21 09:34:08

Im 36 weeks, at a midwife appointment earlier in the week I was told babies head was now engaged, all looking good. She commented that my tummy was extremely tight.

Since then on and off I've been having episodes of tummy tightening throughout the last few days and it's really uncomfortable although not painful, until this morning / last night.

I was woken up last night by period like pains but I fell back asleep however this morning they are still there. I've not yet noticed a pattern or been able to time them but they seem to be lasting quite a long time.

I've read about Braxton Hicks and think this could potentially be them but at the same time I'm worried about ignoring it if it's the real thing as I'm obviously a bit early for it!

No water breaking or bleeding.

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Gunpowder Sun 10-Jan-21 09:39:34

I think the ‘rule’ is if you can sleep through your tightenings they are usually either braxton hicks or latent labour. I was in latent labour for about three weeks with DD2, it did mean a very easy real labour though.

That said, increased BHs and pain in pregnancy can be a sign of a UTI. You might want to get your urine tested just in case. And drink lots of water!

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