Maternity bra - does this exist??

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Keyboard91 Sun 10-Jan-21 07:33:32

So in my last pregnancy I resorted to non-wired maternity bras from M&S. I’m a 40DD so I just looked shapeless and unsupported.

Is there such thing as a soft wire maternity bra? Or a maternity bra that will be comfy and hold up the boobage?

Normal bras are getting tight and uncomfy already so willing to invest as is gonna be a loooong pregnancy 🙈


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Poppins2016 Sun 10-Jan-21 07:36:43

This website was recommended by a friend, it has everything from underwire to (gasp!) sexy nursing bras!

Poppins2016 Sun 10-Jan-21 07:39:23

Sorry, just saw that you specified maternity, not nursing... but I think these bras may well meet your requirements regardless.

Hollywhiskey Sun 10-Jan-21 07:51:18

Yes. Go to bravissimo. They can even fit you online.

linerforlife Sun 10-Jan-21 07:55:09

Freya flexiwire is what you need O!

DemolitionBarbie Sun 10-Jan-21 08:12:02

Hot milk do a load, or Freya one is good. Sure like ample bosom, bravissimo etc can help.

Bear in mind that your boobs will almost certainly go up a couple of sizes so don't buy loads now.

DemolitionBarbie Sun 10-Jan-21 08:13:02

Also check you've got the right size - measure and use boob or bust website.

Luna bra from Royce is not wired but good. They do mat ones.

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