Faint positive and brown bleeding

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Noahedward12 Sat 09-Jan-21 20:27:13

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks on, and this would be my first cycle since. I did a pregnancy test and it showed a faint positive, but at the time I would get my period I am getting brown discharge. I feel like I am slowly going crazy! Any ideas, could this still be from the loss?

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SoonToBeMrs91 Sat 09-Jan-21 20:34:41

First of all sorry you're going through it. How long ago was the MC? And have you tested until it was negative after it? Unfortunately it might still be left over hormones if it hasn't been long. Some people test positive for 4 or more weeks after mc.

Noahedward12 Sun 10-Jan-21 18:21:03

It was the 10th of December, it’s so hard to tell!

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SoonToBeMrs91 Sun 10-Jan-21 18:46:42

The not knowing is awful. If it is a new pregnancy your test should be getting darker. Try testing in next couple of days with first morning urine. It could be left over hormones or new pregnancy. Right now there's not much you can do to tell the difference.

SirVixofVixHall Sun 10-Jan-21 18:48:21

That is a fairly dark positive, I agree to test again soon and see the trajectory.

Noahedward12 Sun 10-Jan-21 19:07:37

I did take a test 3 weeks after and it was negative, as I worried I might need a H&C like last time.

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Forest27 Sun 10-Jan-21 19:21:12

How confusing for you! Sorry you’re going through this OP! sad

As you’ve had a negative test and now a positive, it could be a new pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage end of November, tested negative a week later and tested positive 4 weeks after the miscarriage.

I would test again to see if there’s any line progression. This is what I did with clear blue digital to see if the weeks increased.

If you’re worried, I would contact the GP. They should be able to do bloods and see if your HCG levels are increasing.


Noahedward12 Sun 10-Jan-21 19:26:19

Thank you! I think I am just being hopeful!

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