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WhatsErFace2020 Sun 10-Jan-21 06:29:33

Early stages of my last pregnancy my super smell was ridiculous- to the point where even fresh air Smelt like egg shells to me - vile! It went away around the 2nd trimester thankfully!

Year2021 Sat 09-Jan-21 17:42:05

I don't think it should be anything to worry about

LP15132 Sat 09-Jan-21 17:24:35


So my super smell was INSANE!!! It drove me up the wall!!! I'm now 17+4 and my morning sickness has tailed off (still don't feel great though where's this 2nd trimester energy boost?!) and I feel like my super smell has calmed down a little bit, but now I'm worried should it have calmed down? A lot of people I know who have been pregnant say there's didn't go away....

I don't think it's back to normal (pre preggo) but still seems a little bit more bearable.... did anyone one else's calm down in the 2nd trimester? Should I be worried?

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