Guess the gender!

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AnxiousAnnie86 Fri 08-Jan-21 22:29:04

@Chardot94 I don't know how you tell 😂😂 I have a feeling boy and other people have said boy from the scan ohoto but I have symptoms they say are common with a girl! Like acne etc baby's heartbeat is fast! Who knows!!!'

Do you have a preference x

Chardot94 Fri 08-Jan-21 20:58:21

These are my scan photos:
It won’t let me post a photo. I think girl for me!

Hopefully it comes round fast for you!! So exciting xx

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AnxiousAnnie86 Fri 08-Jan-21 20:51:16

@Chardot94 I think boy! But everyone has said girl!! I find out Thursday evening feels Ages away!

What do you think you are having??? X

Chardot94 Fri 08-Jan-21 20:48:21

@AnxiousAnnie86 ooh I reckon boy! I have been looking up the nub test but it’s soo hard to tell. I can’t wait to find out it’s difficult to buy things without knowing! I find out on the 1st of February, can’t come quick enough! grin xx

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AnxiousAnnie86 Fri 08-Jan-21 20:12:36


This is mine for 13 weeks! We find out next week! Any guesses??? Xxx

Chardot94 Fri 08-Jan-21 20:06:36

Hi everybody,

I had my 12 week scan in December and thought it would be fun for people to post their scans and guesses. I am currently pregnant at 16 weeks and 5 days smile

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