Feeling low - 10w bleeding - baby fine

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MintGreenLife Thu 07-Jan-21 21:02:26

@22ELF22 thanks for your advice. It was the midwife that referred me, but then they called me to discus symptoms. I just accepted it when they said they wouldn’t see me, but will put my foot down now. Midwife is going to contact them again tomorrow to try and get me seen. I’ve booked a back up private scan for Monday morning in case they still won’t see me, so I guess at least at the very latest I should know what’s going on by then. How are you feeling now? Hopefully a little better? X

22ELF22 Thu 07-Jan-21 18:36:22

@MintGreenLife so sorry to hear that. Maybe call them again tomorrow and see what they say? When I saw the gp in triage yesterday, what I was verbally saying wasn't matching physically what she was seeing. I was verbally under playing it without meaning to or realising. When she spoke to EPU to refer me, she was a lot more detailed and descriptive. Had I spoken straight to EPU, I doubt they would have seen me.
I'm by no means saying you're under playing your symptoms, I didn't even know I was, but might be worth being as full on with your descriptions as possible when you speak to them?
Or if they still won't, and you're in a position to, maybe consider a private scan to make sure all is ok?
It is mad that they aren't even going to see you at the moment, hopefully they will soon without anything getting worse x

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introv3rt Thu 07-Jan-21 18:05:28

Yes hearing the heartbeat is surreal!! I didnt hear them at my NHS scans but heard it for first time during a 17 wk private scan smile and recently heard it again at my 25 week midwife appointment! It's a lovely sound smile

introv3rt Thu 07-Jan-21 18:04:12

They didnt mention anything at my 12 week scan to do with cause of the early bleeding, and not had a scan since my bleed at 22 weeks, the doctor at the hospital said it was likely a burst blood vessel near the cervix!

MintGreenLife Thu 07-Jan-21 17:44:09

@22ELF22 my spotting has started again, after I thought I had got away with none today. Surely EPU can't leave me over the weekend having been bleeding for three days with no answers. Really hope they agree to see me tomorrow. Hopefully your bleeding stops soon and all will be looking good on Monday xx

22ELF22 Thu 07-Jan-21 17:11:14

Thank you ladies. Hopefully it will start to pass shortly, once I'm out of the first trimester crazy hormone phase too!

@MintGreenLife that must be really hard not being able to be seen, but I guess you can also take some comfort in knowing that they don't think it's serious enough that there could be a problem. No pain is always a good sign I think!
I've got my 12 week scan on Monday, so hopefully all is still ok then. I think that worried me even more as well, that they still wanted to do a scan, even knowing I had my 12 week one soon.

@introv3rt that must have been hard having 2 bleeds, but a gray relief knowing all was well. Did they ever locate what caused either of them on scans? I bet it's amazing first hearing baby's heartbeat! I can't wait for that. They didn't have sound on yesterday's scan.

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introv3rt Thu 07-Jan-21 15:19:25

It's horrible seeing blood. I had bleeding at 7 weeks, called the hospital and they said if no pains it was okay. It did stop. But was really scary seeing it when I wiped!

And then at 22 weeks I had bright red blood also with clots, went to MAU to get checked, heard babys heartbeat and got cervix checked, everything seemed fine, still dont know what caused it. Im 27 weeks tomorrow and had nothing since thank god! It took me a couple of days to start feeling better mentally about it!

Hugs, hope you feel better soon and just take comfort from your scan being good news smile


MintGreenLife Thu 07-Jan-21 15:13:07

@22ELF22 sorry to hear you're feeling low after this experience. To be honest it's a pretty nasty shock, so I wouldn't be surprised if you feel a little sad about it for a few days. It might just take a few days for you to get your head round things and feel OK again.

I'm 10 weeks +1 and I had spotting on Tuesday and again yesterday. Both days it just went on about an hour and then stopped again. My midwife referred me to EPU but they are saying they can't see me as trying to limit how many people they bring in due to covid, so at the mo I've just got to sit tight and hope everything is OK until my 12 week scan which is two weeks tomorrow. I feel very blue about it all to be honest x

22ELF22 Thu 07-Jan-21 13:44:31

So yesterday at 10w 6d I woke to heavy bleeding with large clots. Naturally I started to freak out. I waited an hour and it didn't seem to slow any, so I called my midwife who told me to go immediately to A&E, which I think freaked me out even more!
At A&E, my DP wasn't allowed in (covid obv) which made it all the worse for me, and I could barely talk to the nurse through the tears. I was eventually referred to the maternity unit for a scan (DP again not allowed in) and was luckily told that baby was fit & well and wriggling loads ☺️
Obviously I was over the moon that everything was fine, but I can't shake still feeling low. I don't know if it was because my DP couldn't be there for it and missed our first proper scan and seeing baby (I did get some pics though) or if it's because I'm still bleeding, or if I'm just still worried that something is still wrong.
They couldn't find any reason for the bleeding at all, and they had a good look around to make sure there wasn't anything. Maybe it's the worry they missed something?
I dunno, but either way I'm still feeling pretty down, when I should be overjoyed that everything is ok. Has anyone else felt like this after what could have been bad news but turned out to good news?

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