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22 weeks- long walk- pressure down below

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3rdtimemomma Tue 05-Jan-21 12:27:50

Hi everyone!

Just after any thoughts/ similar experiences!

I'm 22 + 3 today and yesterday I went for a walk ( just over an hour).
When I got back, into the evening/night I had awful pressure down below in the vaginal region. Eased a bit this morning but I still feel a heaviness.

Is this normal?! Is it just from working the muscles and having a good walk?! Or something I need to speak to someone about?

Thanks everyone xx

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SH2021 Tue 05-Jan-21 12:48:58

Hey @3rdtimemomma I'm 22 weeks also, due 7th May and have the exact same thing.

I've had pelvic girdle pains from very early on and noticed the pressure after walks. I've started to limit my walks to around 30mins and will rest a day in between. Not ideal but seems to manage it better. Also using a maternity pillow between my knees at night.

Obviously always call the midwife if you have any manjeri concerns smile

3rdtimemomma Tue 05-Jan-21 12:59:56

@SH2021 yes I was going to also invest in a good pregnancy pillow as I plan to breastfeed too so it will be handy then aswel!

I feel like Iv popped now so the weight I can really feel and it's my 3rd baby.
I say popped but my bump Is tiny but for me it's a bump!

Yes it's eased a lot today but with 4 children off school ( 2 of my own 2 step) we make a conscious effort to go for a walk a day 🥵

I think like you say rest in between and limit it slightly!

Hope your pregnancy is going great otherwise ☺️

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SH2021 Tue 05-Jan-21 14:09:12

@3rdtimemomma yes, fortunately I've avoided any sickness etc.

I got the bbhugme pillow which has been amazing. I know it's expensive but I did try some from dunelm which I just found to be too firm. Plus, I'll use it for nursing and hopefully another baby (first time mum here!!)

Yeah I imagine it's hard for you to rest with 2 other children to entertain! Good luck 🤞🏻

JustAnotherUserinParadise Tue 05-Jan-21 14:14:22

Could be that baby has changed position? I definitely felt mine go head down at just over 27 weeks, during a walk!

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