Searching for big maternity knickers, cotton over the bump ones & no luck so far!

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BumpGrowingAndINeedPantsPlease Tue 05-Jan-21 10:01:56

Good morning,

I’m struggling to find the following........

• Big knickers! I’ve always worn Bridget Jones type, full coverage, I know, I know, but someone has to buy them surely!
I have fat legs and a big bum as standard and I’m assuming they will expand a bit more soon.

• Over bump style - I’ve never been able to handle tiny knickers and I think under bump ones will irritate me to the point of distraction.

• Cotton (or mostly cotton).

• Not astronomical price - Why are some companies charging £20 for one pair of maternity knickers? I will need several pairs obvs, I’m not planning on wearing them inside out, etc. I would like a few pairs to wash after each wear on rotation!

I have ordered one set and they were too tight around the leg unfortunately so they had to go back.

I have done lot’s of googling and can’t seem to find anything fitting the profile so far.
I currently wear M&S cotton no Vpl big knickers and they no longer sell this exact type sadly. They are falling to bits but I won’t part with them until they completely disintegrate. They are okay for now at 24 weeks but I’m expecting soon they will no longer fit.

If you have found anything like this recently could you please let me know. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you for reading.

Sorry I didn’t mean for this to be so long 😂

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Whatthedoodle Tue 05-Jan-21 10:25:54

I’ve just bought some high waisted cotton underwear from Sainsbury’s, a few sizes bigger so they don’t sit comfortably over my bump. I’m currently 27+6 and they’re brilliant. Just in a multipack so really cheap for what you get. I got a few packs so that they’ll do postnatally and can fit a big maternity pad in. I have quite a bit of weight on my hips now thanks to this pregnancy and I like how they cover my whole hip, as if the elastic sits on my hip I end up with hip cleavage.

I’m usually a 10/12 and I bought a size 14 I think and they fit really nicely over my bump which is huge for nearly 28 weeks.

husbandcallsmepickle Tue 05-Jan-21 10:37:45

Big knickers were one of the first things I bought when I began getting bigger. I'm usually size 12 but bought Primark's large ones (16-18?) and they're doing me fine. Problem is that Primark is now closed so not very helpful I know!

BumpGrowingAndINeedPantsPlease Tue 05-Jan-21 12:01:42

Thank you both I really appreciate your replies.
I am quite a bit bigger than both of you, I’m around an 18 blush so I will have a look online and see about sizing!
Thanks again 👍🏽

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HungryHippo20 Tue 05-Jan-21 21:09:05

I posted about this last week but didn't get any info so am following with interest!!

Saw some maternity ones on Sainsbury's website they were reasonable priced (I agree they are all so expensive!) but out of stock!

Most people suggested wearing my normal pants under my bump....despite me saying I would feel uncomfortable with this and would prefer over bump!

Currently I'm just wearing a bigger size from Asda but at 31 weeks they're getting a bit tight!

RWK29 Tue 05-Jan-21 21:17:06

@BumpGrowingAndINeedPantsPlease I’m about the same size as you and got some from Asda 😊 they weren’t over bump but came up nice and high.

slv2013 Tue 05-Jan-21 21:26:55

George at asda full briefs I think I got - go up to size 24 and are massive aswell as cheap 👍🏻


princessbananahammock252 Tue 05-Jan-21 21:27:57

I usually wear high leg ones in size 14 from M&S but during my pregnancy I bought their full leg briefs in size 16. Im 36 weeks now and they have seen me through most of my pregnancy! They go half way up my bump and I find them very comfortable. They don't roll down. And my bump is massive!!

Rarwl Tue 05-Jan-21 21:35:48

M&S is your friend. Loads of different types of big granny pants, get the very high waisted and big-bummed ones,
Not a slim cut or high leg. So comfy and no need to special maternity pants. They are also good after the birth if you end up needing a section. Get 2 or 3 sizes bigger than your usual, M&S go up to a 26 in standard ranges I believe.

BumpGrowingAndINeedPantsPlease Wed 06-Jan-21 02:09:38

@HungryHippo20 - I didn’t expect to get any replies either! I saw the ones on Sainsbury’s were sold out too and a couple of other websites where they looked perfect but were sold out! So annoying! I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t keen on the under bump ones, I like big bloomers, always have! 😂 Good luck with your search.

@RWK29, @slv2013, @princessbananahammock252 and @Rarwl - Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. It sounds like Asda and M&S are the places to look. I’ll start with 2-3 sizes up and see what they are like! 🙈

I daren’t even think what will happen in the bra department over the next 4 months! I’ll leave that until I literally can’t breathe in my current ones! I have bought some bra extenders to try in the meantime.

Good luck with your pregnancies or babies if they are already here! Thanks again everyone. 👍🏽

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sarahb083 Wed 06-Jan-21 09:08:00

I have the 'full brief' style of these, they may work for you:

5 pack for £14 and the fabric is very soft

SlipperTripper Wed 06-Jan-21 09:11:58

I'm a size 14, and I bought m&co size 18/20 full cotton briefs for pregnancy. Super comfy. Might still be wearing them occasionally...

Lostthetastefordahlias Wed 06-Jan-21 09:29:18

Asda are excellent when you want real over the bump ones - Think the large ones should work. Agree prices are insane on other sites - who is paying £20 a pair for these items ?!

Esssa Wed 06-Jan-21 09:35:12

Asda full briefs with the lace top 2 sizes bigger than I started. I'm 32 weeks today and they are still fitting comfortably. They are still only an inch or so lower than my belly button, where they started, though they are starting to get lower as the bump gets bigger. I can't stand tight things on my bump and I'm wearing leggings up to my boobs but the lace makes the edge of the pants soft and comfortable.

namesnamesnamesnames Wed 06-Jan-21 09:41:14

I just used to buy larger full ones from supermarkets. Tesco were good. I was a size 10, so bought size 14, then 16, then 18! Cheap and worked well.

Evey43 Wed 06-Jan-21 09:55:46

Honestly, I bought some maternity over the bump leggings and have been going commando 😬😂. I just can’t stand anything resting on my bump at all (21 weeks), so that solves the which knickers to buy issue.

Bra wise, I’m falling out of my normal bras and underwired is uncomfortable, I’ve bought a couple maternity/nursing ones from Asda that come in S/M/L rather than bra sizes save me guessing what I am now (I’ve measured myself but different websites say suggest different things). And obviously no bra where possible 😅


caringcarer Wed 06-Jan-21 10:02:21

I used bra extenders as I always have a really firm support with three hooks at back and they were really good, had 3 different sizes you could use. If you are normally a size 18 ho for a size 24, just high wasted cotton ones. Sainsbury's pants are quite nice, closed but maybe order online.

BumpGrowingAndINeedPantsPlease Wed 06-Jan-21 23:20:52

Thanks everyone for your replies, I really appreciate it. I’ve ordered some different types today in big sizes so I’m hoping at least one sort or the other will be suitable!

Evey43 - The thought of going commando fills me with horror (no offence!) even worse than under bump pants would be for me anyway!!
I certainly couldn’t let my chesticles loose, quite frankly it would be dangerous! 🤣 I’m hoping the bra extenders will work when I am fit to burst through my normal bras! I’m glad to hear the bra extenders worked well for you @caringcarer.

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Evey43 Thu 07-Jan-21 19:19:02


It did me at first (and not sure I could go commando in jeans, 😮😂) but honestly in leggings I’m so comfortable I’m not sure I’ll go back even when I’ve had baby!! And I do have to be careful when the ‘chesticles’ 🤣 are free roaming

Wishing you luck in your on-going knicker quest

BumpGrowingAndINeedPantsPlease Mon 01-Feb-21 17:55:03

Just a little update in case it’s helpful to anyone else searching for the holy grail of stretchy comfy granny over bump pants! I’ve found some - see pic! Glamourous aren’t they 🤣
They are from a company called PatPat, I was a bit unsure because I haven’t used them before but they were good and arrived quickly. They are comfy and stretchy and don’t dig in at 28 weeks. I’m hoping they will continue to be comfy as my bump grows but who knows! The main thing is they stay up and don’t keep sliding down underneath my bump which was what was driving me mad with my pre pregnancy granny pants!

Thanks again to everyone who gave advice.

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peachypetite Wed 03-Feb-21 11:01:59

Patpat have awful reviews so you’re lucky. Supermarket knickers have been fine for me!

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