Successful pregnancy with high BMI

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Dontjumptoconclusions Mon 04-Jan-21 19:46:11

Hi all

Seeing a few threads on here about some women being nervous about their BMI and how pregnancy will go for them. Of course everyone is different, but I'd like to share my own positive experience, hoping to put some minds at rest.

I have a BMI of 51, I'm 29 years old, no health conditions. After being on the mini pill for 5 years, it took 2 cycles to get pregnant.

Due to my weight, I was put on a consultant led pathway. I was weighed several times, provided with healthy eating leaflets, offered the option of meeting with the dietitian (declined). Consultants spent a lot of time talking about the possibility of having a bigger baby, shoulder dystocia and several other issues associated with a higher BMI.

When having scans, the view was so unclear, the sonographers struggled to confirm full healthy development.

I spent a lot of time uncomfortable with the extra weight, looked very fat until 7 months before starting to look pregnant. My self esteem did drop during this time.

Nevertheless, I have gone on to have a healthy baby boy 2 weeks ago via c section. He passed all health checks with flying colours and he's phenomenal.

I just wanted to share this story to all of you so that you can see that as I have, you can also give birth to a healthy baby. Whilst the journey may not be as typical as others, it's your own personal story to be proud of.

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DarcyParty Mon 04-Jan-21 20:00:29

Congrats on your new baby! I also have a high BMI, out of curiosity, why did you decline the dietitian?

theotherfossilsister Mon 04-Jan-21 20:15:05

Congratulations. It sounds hard but amazing ultimately. Sorry your self esteem took a dive x

BabyC21 Mon 04-Jan-21 20:19:28

Congrats on your baby boy. I have a BMI of 44 and I am 8 weeks pregnant. Every few day’s I doubt myself as to whether I can actually have a healthy pregnancy. So it’s great to hear positive stories. I’ve always wanted to lose weight (and did lose 4 stone before getting pregnant). But I can honestly say hand on heart, once baby is here or if something goes wrong in my pregnancy, I will be running my ass off and trying to lose as much weight as possible. It’s a horrible feeling like I’ve failed my child before they are even here.

Loz1093 Mon 04-Jan-21 20:29:47

Amazing to read!!

Currently 40+2, just waiting any day now for this baby to make her grand entrance. Bmi of 52 on booking, similar pathway to yours OP, just curious if you had Csection booked or if you were told you have 'normal' birth? X

VNttc Mon 04-Jan-21 20:37:47

Lovely to read this here!
There is a book (and Instagram) called fat positive fertility which is a good read! Tells you about the risks etc but without shaming smile

Not sure what my BMI is now because I stopped weighing myself a year ago (began becoming obsessive with foods and weighing myself) but definitely in the obese category! 4+2 weeks today smile

FirstPost99 Mon 04-Jan-21 20:39:06

Congratulations OP flowers

@BabyC21 I have a BMI of 43, I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. Obviously all pregnancies are different, but just to reassure you all is going well with mine, the midwives/consultants have to obviously talk about my BMI but other then the first appointment and when they booked my gestational diabetes test they haven't even mentioned my weight. They aren't that concerned. The people I have mainly felt judged by are the the ones doing the ultrasound scans but actually I think that's more my embarrassment then them actually caring what I look like!

You will have to have extra growth scans near the end but that's not a bad thing. I've had 2 healthy (but big!) Babies before although I wasn't as big before.


AntiHop Mon 04-Jan-21 20:39:40

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

BabyC21 Mon 04-Jan-21 20:59:33

Thank you @FirstPost99 honestly I would prefer they are honest and say it to me. When I went to my gp to confirm my pregnancy I was annoyed that she didn’t weigh me, I know I need to keep myself accountable but felt it would have been useful to have on record. It took me bringing up my weight and asking questions for her to even discuss the subject. Not too worried about people judging me as honestly I think I’m the one probably judging myself the most sometimes.
Great to hear you are having a positive experience and congrats on soon to be #3 smile xx

BabyC21 Mon 04-Jan-21 21:11:01

Can I ask how all of you are feeling about covid? Has anyone had it?

Dontjumptoconclusions Mon 04-Jan-21 21:25:12

@DarcyParty I declined the dietitian because I knew what would be said. Typical eat whole foods, cut out sugars etc and I just didn't want another person telling me what I already know. I know how to eat healthily, its just actually doing it which I struggle. And no meetings are going to change it.
@Loz1093 I was ready for a natural birth, but during labour, my baby's heart rate was dropping each time I had a contraction. So it was said best to go through via section. Nothing to do with my weight at all thankfully.

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Dontjumptoconclusions Mon 04-Jan-21 21:27:50

@FirstPost99 yes I chose to see the additional growth scans as an excuse just to see the baby again! So it's all about being kind and positive to yourself.

No need to feel embarrassed with the sonographer. I did feel embarrassed on the first scan as I had to lift my tummy so she could get a scan of my womb, but just be positive about it, and focus on the baby!

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Loz1093 Mon 04-Jan-21 21:31:49

Thank you for the reply, I'm just so chuffed for you! X

Dontjumptoconclusions Mon 04-Jan-21 21:34:14

Also my baby weighed 8lbs 5. So not exactly the "bigger" baby to be honest!

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Namechange8471 Mon 04-Jan-21 21:55:05

Thank you for this thread!

I started my pregnancy with a bmi of 40.7, due to sickness i am now 38.7. I am also consultant led due to high starting bmi.

I had my 12 week scan last week and i was mortified, the picture was rubbish due to my big belly and stretch marks from previous baby.

They also couldnt do the down syndrome/edwards check beacuse baby wasn't keeping still 😳, I was so embarrased.

Can i ask, did you manage to find out the sex if the baby? I have a private scan booked when im 17 weeks and im worried we wont be able to tell.

Due to having an episiotomy last time and baby being 8lb 6oz, I've been asked to speak to a consultant in regards to c section vs vaginal birth.

Were you given enough information to make an informed choice?

Dontjumptoconclusions Mon 04-Jan-21 22:14:07

@Namechange8471 congratulations on your pregnancy!
Yes sometimes the view isn't clear. But it doesn't mean that things aren't going well inside. Like I said, they couldn't see my baby too much in the scan but he was perfect!

I did a private scan and did find out the (correct) sex, so there's no reason why you can't either.

I was given plenty of information for my decision. It was an emergency c section due to the baby being distressed during each contraction, so it was quite an easy decision, but everything was talked through with me. If you are unsure, please speak up and say something to them at the time. Come prepared with questions for your consultation and don't leave the room until they are answered.

One thing that's been difficult for me is the healing of the incision because my tummy overhangs. So I have to lift up my tummy to air the wound. I also struggled a lot more than the average person to get out of bed etc when the wound is healing because I'm carrying extra weight. But nothing I can't handle and nothing you can't handle either! smile

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DarcyParty Sat 09-Jan-21 02:13:15

Just a little update for anyone reading too- after two normal growth scans they've discharged me from consulatant care at 35 weeks and I'm now midwife led. So this is possible if you are consultant led for high BMI only smile

VNttc Fri 22-Jan-21 11:49:05

@darcyparty so pleased to hear this. Only just started the journey really but already had the online form saying I'll have to have a weight management consultation. Which is a bit annoying. I do eat healthily enough but it's years of yo-yo dieting that have lead me to this weight!

Hoping I can be discharged from consultant lead at the end as well!

LittleTiger007 Fri 22-Jan-21 12:54:19

Congratulations on your little one and thank you for this encouraging post. flowers

Sophiederuges Fri 22-Jan-21 13:43:24

I really needed this thread, thank you so much! It's my second pregnancy. I was BMI 26 with my first but put on a lot of weight (due to undiagnosed condition at the time). This time around, I'm a BMI 40 and worried. I'm 5w2d and eating better that I ever did before. My GP said that I should aim to remain the same weight throughout the pregnancy due to my obesity. Has anyone else been told that?

VNttc Fri 22-Jan-21 15:10:06


I did read that you're supposed to gain LESS weight than someone with a "normal" BMI but not none! That seems dangerous!

Sophiederuges Fri 22-Jan-21 17:30:45



I did read that you're supposed to gain LESS weight than someone with a "normal" BMI but not none! That seems dangerous!

That was my first thought! Surely not putting on weight actually means losing weight since a baby + amniotic fluid + placenta can reach 12lbs! I'm going to ask the mw at my booking in appointment.

Baker0104 Sat 23-Jan-21 23:21:28

Such a lovely thread, thank you ❤️ I'm 13+6 today and got pregnant on my first cycle. Was so sure my bmi would affect my fertility and I'd struggle but not at all!
I'm consultant led and have been referred to the healthy eating team but I don't mind. I had a starting bmi of 45 but I lost 10lb in the first trimester as I wasn't eating loads and I went off anything with meat in it.
However I weighed myself this morning and I've put on 2lb but I'm OK with it.
I'm making healthy choices food wise and I want to try and avoid putting too much weight on but I know there will be some weight gain.
It's so nice to hear positive stories as I scared myself silly with all the negative things you read on the NHS website.
Regarding my 12 weeks scan, all went fine however she did also do an internal scan just to get the measurements correct and that was due to baby's position and my bmi. Just be prepared for that to potentially happen and you'll be fine. Good luck to everyone here who is early on xxx

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