Skull theory boy or girl?

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Mamatobe072021 Sun 03-Jan-21 16:53:59

What’s everyone’s guesses on skull theory for my little one? Baby would not keep still so couldn’t get a picture of the nub!

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SnooperTrooper12345 Sun 03-Jan-21 17:29:41

Maybe a boy? It's hard to tell with it not being the clearest.

Mamatobe072021 Sun 03-Jan-21 17:59:02

@SnooperTrooper12345 I know I’m so eager to find out! If it’s a boy it will be the 14th boy in a row on my partners side. We are guessing it will be!

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popcorndiva Sun 03-Jan-21 17:59:53

Forehead looks like a boy

Holsbear Mon 11-Jan-21 18:51:49

Boy I think

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